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Island Daze

Csaba Borbely
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Brian Wels , Dean Edwards , Fabrice Felder , Fred Goldsmith , Jim Danielson , Ray Phillips , , Rick Perry , Sergio Foster , Tim Brensen
Euro-Muscle Guys

Island Daze

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Sergio Foster's Olympic Fucking

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Island Daze, the second of three films comprising Csaba Borbely's trilogy set in the Greek Isles, continues the theme of toy play introduced in the first film, Santorini Heatwave, while more than sating the appetites of those of us who hunger to see massive muscle bottoming aggressively. Fred Goldsmith fans be warned: Lick your lips and fasten your seatbelts!

Once again Borbely thrills us with three blows per actor in each of the four scenes this time set in the lushness of high-dollar garden estates on the island of Corfu. Given the sheer beauty of Borbely's boys and the intensity with which they get after each other, it is not too difficult to overlook the formulaic aspects of Borbely's storyboard sequences.

As you might guess, the first spews follow oral servicing. The second set in each scene are the culmination of some type of toy tinkering. Only serious anal activity appears to finally sate the super sex drives of these Greek gods as they give up their final juices before our very eyes.

The long, lean Fabrice Felder - a master cocksman with thick, kissable lips and eyes to get lost in - has his way with Goldsmith in Scene 1. Borbely's imagination is in full play during the second segment of the scene: a 69 sequence while Felder simultaneously pumps Goldsmith's sweet ass with a dildo.

The last two of Scene 1's three anal workout positions are nothing short of breathtaking and typify the sheer artistic beauty that can be seen in this genre from time to time, and regularly so in Borbely flix. Won't spoil it here with too much detail let's just say that Goldsmith puts Felder's stick shift in every conceivable gear.

Sergio Foster
      Sergio Foster

The Greek Island Trilogy
  • Part 1: Santorini Heatwave
  • Part 2: Island Daze
  • Part 3: Chiseled
  • If you like the Felder look, don't miss him under the name "Robert Kern" in his debut for Roland Dane and Studio 2000 in What Friends Are For. Featured there in two scenes, Felder, aka Kern, responds favorably to Dane's direction. His coupling with George Vidanov is most memorable.

    Sergio Foster's Olympic Fucking

    The contemplation of Scene 2 is not only HOT!, but ironic and disheartening as well, in light of the timing of this trilogy, now served up for your pleasure in celebration of the Olympic Games just underway in Athens. Tight-bodied topman Sergio Foster gives the stunning Borbely warhorse Renato Bellagio all he can handle.

    Foster, a gay-for-pay Hungarian, was his country's premier entry for the 135-lb. weight class in Olympic Freestyle wrestling. That's the irony. But regrettably, the media caught wind of his porn play (illegal in his home country), and hounded him to the point that the Hungarian wrestling coach could no longer afford the distraction and sent him home. Foster is small, but Spartan and gorgeous; and, I've no doubt that he will land squarely on his feet. Whether we will continue to benefit from that or not remains to be seen.

    Scene 3 is this chain's weak link in my estimation. Dean Edwards is energetic and manhandles newcomer Jim Danielson well enough. The scene simply pales in comparison to the other three. Frankly, the toy play and anal action are pure vanilla and uninspired.

    Borbely makes up for it by generating considerable heat in Scene 4, featuring Rick Perry, Tim Brensen, Brian Wels and Ray Phillips. There's no denying it big-dicked super top Phillips is absolutely buff! And watching him 69 with another vigorous, big-dicked super top in the form of Rick Perry is worth the ticket price as is the toy segment!

    These boys are ripped, folks! Even the lovely, twinkish Tim Brensen has 8-pack abs that could hold a pencil crossways. And wait till you see him ride Phillips' meat! This match is a repeat of their prior successful encounter in Sunstroke, the first film Phillips completed for Borbely. If you like 'em here, be sure to go back and watch them work each other over in that Diamond Pictures/ Pacific Sun classic.

    If you're into Borbely films, this one will surely whet your appetite. The first and last scenes are certainly one-way tickets to Salivation City. See for yourself!

    To each his own!

    -Texas Dude

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    Island Daze Photos:

    Ray Phillips and Rick Perry top in Island Daze
    Ray Phillips tops Brian Wels, Rick Perry tops Tim Brensen
    Fred Goldsmith
    Fred Goldsmith

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