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In The Jeans (Jason Harley)

Mike Donner
Studio 2000  
Brad Slater , Christian Owen , Jason Crew , Jason Harley , Jason Kingsley , John Marcus , Niko , , Ty Walker ,

In The Jeans (Jason Harley)

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Jason Harley's ripped and torn bluejeans

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Accomplished director Mike Donnor left All Worlds studios several years ago. Today he makes his mark with some not-to-be-missed features at other venues, including Studio 2000. If In the Jeans signals a trend, these are excellent portents.

With an international cast spanning four continents, the film producers assemble an impecably beauteful crew. Exclusives Rafael Alencar and Jason Harley (Weekend Blowout) lead the all star cast along with great supporting models to include Christian Owen, Jason Kingsley, Viktor Perseo, Ty Walker, Jason Crew, John Marcus, Brad Slater, and Niko.

Niko opens with a narration of why Eastern Europeans are so in love with blue denim. Clad only in a pair of jeans he uses his recently purchased cache of denim to carrass his beautifully sculpted body. This is the hook into all of the movie's four sexual episodes.

Olive-skinned smooth and uncut French-Canadian, Jason Harley relaxes in bed with a magazine as boyfriend Jason Crew (Flesh) enters wtih a pile of donation intended denim. As they rummage through, they run across a pair of cutoff shorts reminiscent of Footloose genre.

Jason Crew bottoms

NicoWatch Now
Solo Performer Niko
Harley lays a challenge betting that Crew can no longer fit in his shorts. As crew changes we get a first glimpse of Crew's attributes. Harley pulls Crew into bed and compliments on the fit of an old pair of shorts as Harley playfully slaps Crew's denim clad ass. When Crew turns over he sports a massive hard-on. Harley goes to town as he laps up every inch. Crew shares in the action in 69 fashion before he flips Harley and penetrates missionary. The hot action continues with a side straddle as both Crew and Harley sweat to the beat of each stroke. Flip flop turns top man Crew into a receptive bottom with a powerful Amish pounding. Crew shows his power bottom status as he rides Harley only to be flipped again as Harley pummels him into climax while Harley sprays all over Crew' stomach. They vow to not get rid of their favorite pair of shorts.

After this, Niko reappears, seductively removing his jeans and teasingly shows a sneak preview of his penis without showing all that is available. He speaks of how name brand labels have made tons of cash as he shows his hairless ass. Niko's smooth muscled body entices and tantalizing in anticipation of his next narration.

Rough trade bar tender John Marcus reads as lone patron Viktor Perseo sips a beer and eyes Marcus. Perseo quietly rounds the bar and approaches Marcus from behind. Perseo finds a hole in Marcus' pants and spreads the seam. Marcus allows his ass to be manhandled then submits to an ass rimming galore. Perseo continues the disrobing of Marcus by finishing the rip job then swallows Marcus' tool. Marcus removes boots and jeans from Perseo and returns the oral flavor. Perseo lays himself on the bar to allow Marcus to top him missionary then doggie style. Marcus then lays the caballero on his back to ride his horse cock. In preparation of final climax Perseo tops Marcus missionary style allowing Marcus to explode with a goo gusher. Perseo shoots his load with a somewhat comical facial expression that is sure to surrender a giggle.

Positioned in front of an oval mirror with jeans folded on a chair Niko lets us know the only thing that comes between him and his Calvin Kleins is his big huge cock.

Boyish, rosy cheeked, dirty blond Christian Owen cums upon a yard sale sponsored by good ol' southern boy Ty Walker. Owen finds a pair of jeans he likes and goes inside to try them on. As he disrobes he becomes a bit aroused and gets comfortable on Walker's bed. Owen drapes the jeans caressingly about his body as he masturbates. In the meantime, Walker wonders what's the hold up and heads in to check things out. He walks in quietly and leans in to perform oral on Owen. Owen looks up in surprise and goes with the flow as he finds his way into Walkers pants. Owen and Walker work their way into a 69. Owen seems to have the better oral technique but Walker is no slacker. Walker turns on his hands and knees to allow Owen to rim a delicious bubble but sure to make a black man jealous. Walker orders Owen to don a condom allowing Owen to pound him hard doggie style. Little boy big top Owen pounds an ass only a seasoned top can. Fair skinned Owen flips Walker and pounds to massive puddle. As Owen climaxes you can actually see his head swell as he unloads on Walker's penis. Owen, out of breath collapses on Walker.

Niko, now dressed in jeans once again, brings us new insight into the effect of a good fitting and good looking pair of jeans can do to you. Panning to the next scene Niko caresses his masterpiece of a body.

Rafael Alencar Rips His Jeans

California Latino blonde Brad Slater, Brazilian Rafael Alencar and South African Jason Kingsley movers. Alencar compliments the amenities of the home they are moving boxes into. Both Slater and Kingsley mock Alencar. Alencar bends to place a box and rips his new pair of jeans. This sudden rip is probably the hottest wardrobe malfunction to transpire ever on televison!

Embarrassingly mocked by the other two he becomes defensive. Slater pulls Alencar towards him for a deep kiss as Kingsley tears the rest of the seam from Alencar's ass. Alencar halfheartedly protests as Kingsley caresses and eats his ass and Slater unbuttons and commences to blow Alencar's large uncut penis. Slater and Alencar switch back and forth oral for Kingsley. Kingsley and Alencar lay on a couch with legs intertwined as Slater rides back and forth between cocks. Dick hungry Slater delivers a stunning performance. Due to be a cum load classic, Slater, who nowadays is Barebacking with Jack Surf, receives a cum bath to remember. First with three huge gushes from Kingsley, followed by his own load. Finally, Alencar gushes twice followed by some oozes of cum.

Niko, fully smooth but for a small patch above the base of his penis, is sprawled over a bed of jeans as he caresses his abs and chest and continues to his large uncircumsized rod. Niko kneels over a pair of jeans and masturbates until climax. Niko with his shoulder length hair framing his beautiful face as he shoots a small spray then a thick load followed by oozing jizz all over his pair of jeans.

A well deserved nomination for Niko for best solo performance by the GAYVN represented in an outstanding performance. Mike Donner and Studio 2000 excellently cast international crew offer a little of every type of man including the boy toy, muscle man, foreign and southern boy performances.

Extras include cast bios as well as production slides and individual photo galleries for Niko and Jason Harley.

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In The Jeans (Jason Harley) Photos:

Jason Harley and Jason CrewWatch Now
Jason Harley sucks Jason Crew
Rafael Alencar and Brad Slater get In the JeansWatch Now
Rafael Alencar and Brad Slater gaze up at Jason Kingsley

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