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Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story

Stephane Moussu
Raw Entry Club  
, Joe Kean , Leo Cooper , Luke Anders , Martin Dejdar , Sancho Sun
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Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story

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At last! Jay Renfro gets a major role in a movie.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Czech superstar bottom Jay Renfro puts in a blue ribbon star performance in Raw Entry Club's enjoyable film Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story. Directed by Stéphane Moussu, this is a repackaged movie sold in Europe as 100% Pur Jus. (In fact, you can watch scenes from this movie playing VOD in their Best of Sascha compilation. "Sascha" being Clair Productions' credit for the curly haired blond Sancho Sun)

The film includes several very hot scenes, culminating with cum pig Renfro receiving a seven man open mouth cum facial. So, there's lot to see.

However, the American packaging has nothing to do with actual events in the movie. It looks like it was filmed on the same familiar location as Bareback Academy. There's certainly no love story.

Jay Renfro in Internal AffairsWatch VOD
Jay Renfro on his knees in his fantasy
It begins with boxcoverboy Sancho Sun, a Moussu favorite, hitchhiking his way to the familiar estate. Once inside, he hooks up with delectable brunet Leo Cooper and muscle bottom Martin Dejdar.

Dejdar is always fun to watch get passed around, and this three-way is no exception. Cooper looks exceptionally cute with several days of stubble on his chin. Cooper and, next, Sun, take their turn plowing Dejdar. Cooper pulls out to cum in Sun's open mouth, which apparently gives him new energy to bareback Dejdar with his bigger cock.

Fans of Dejdar will enjoy seeing him in the much more sophisticated Lucas Kazan romp The School for Lovers. Sun's lengthy ass plowing of Dejdar looks especially satisfying, ending when he feeds a thick cum load into the bottom's mouth.

Jay Renfro Dreams-up Big Cock

What goes on in the dreaming mind of Jay Renfro? We get a pretty good idea when we see Renfro alone in bed, masturbating to a nicely filmed fantasy. Next to a lake, where other folks seem to be enjoying their recreation, Renfro spontaneously hooks up with a mystery man with a humongous, thick cock.

He immediately gets on his knees to service this stud, who never removes his dark sunglasses the entire time. After getting sucked, mystery man pushes Renfro onto a convenient picnic table, where he opens his hole and shoves his cock inside. This is the first of Renfro's three highly enjoyable film appearances. If you found Vlado Iresch's rather abrupt film episodes starring Renfro in Eurocreme movies unsatisfying, Moussu's movie really does him far better justice.

Renfro was mercilessly drilled in the famous interracial scene of Raw Recruits. Here he's taking another massive piece of meat very hard, and appears to be much more into it. The fantasy ends with the top ejaculating in Renfro's mouth. This is followed by a return shot of Renfro in bed, cumming himself a very heavy orgasm, and so hard his balls visibly twitch to each spurt of cum.

Sancho Sun licks Jay RenfroWatch Now
Sancho Sun licks Jay Renfro
After this is a nice hook up between Luke Anders (Luk Anders) and Joe Kean. Their outdoor frolic may have occurred late in the afternoon, as some of the lighting can be distracting, but otherwise we must say watching Kean bottom on screen for the first time looks pretty darn good.

Kean is a hot, very handsome stud, who has illuminated any movie he appears in with hot top man skills. (Especially the opening scene of Bareback Road Trip)

They suck on each for awhile, followed by Kean bending over and stabilizing himself with one hand on the ground as Anders goes for the gold. Anders is your standard issue "blond with a big dick," screwing him hard, followed by oral cumshots.

Sancho Sun bareback fucks Jay Renfro on the comfortable couch. After this cums a quick episode where two slim, not too remarkable guys play around followed by oral sex.

Jay Renfro's raw moments with Sancho Sun

The high point of the film arrives with Sancho Sun walks in on Jay Renfro, who lounges on a couch wearing nothing but a tight pair of revealing gym shorts. Sun and Renfro enjoy a long opening of gentle kissing and caressing, an impressive build-up to the predictable sexual conclusion.

Renfro here looks especially good, also sporting some Leo Cooper-style stubble on his chin. Sun begins a long and deep exploration of Renfro's awesome ass. The bottom curls up so his feet and legs are positioned high in the air, giving everyone a beautiful, long view of his nether region.

Sun tongues and fingers him at length. Finally, Renfro sits down on his friend, his ass swallowing up his cock. Sun throws a very hot and hard fuck into Renfro. Their peak moment occurs with Sun screwing Renfro doggie style, his hands firmly gripping the bottom's perfectly formed ass cheeks.

Sun also provides the film's solitary cream pie, pulling out, squirting on Renfro's hole and sticking it in with his fingers. Renfro squirts another notable money shot here.

As mentioned earlier, the final episode of the movie shows the cast of the film uniting to jack off above a passive and receptive Renfro. It is disappointing that there was not a gang bang here, but everyone does cream the blond's mouth. The final shot of the film shows Renfro bending himself up to jack off into his own mouth, with a parting shot of him smiling back at the camera.

At last, a very nice movie built around Jay Renfro! Why did it take so long?

It is also worth a mention that the movie contains a unique "Euro disco" sound track from "Dalex, " who as of this writing still maintains a MySpace profile. See, why go naming this movie something meaningless like Internal Affairs, when they could have just called it The Day of the Dalex?

Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story Photos:

Luke Anders barebacks Joe KeanWatch Now
Luke Anders barebacks Joe Kean
Joe Kean sucks Luke Anders Watch Now
Joe Kean sucks Luke Anders
Martin Dejar, Leo Cooper and Sancho Sun Watch Now
Martin Dejar sucks Leo Cooper and Sancho Sun
Jay Renfro and Sancho Sun Watch Now
Jay Renfro rides Sancho Sun

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