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Inside Israel

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Baptiste Bremont , Bruno Jones , Carlos Caballero , Hugo Martin , , , Jordan Fox , Martin Passoli , Max Schutler , Michael Lucas , Naor Tal , Sasha Dov
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Inside Israel

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Hugo Martin and Jordan Fox enjoy the best filmed seaside sex ever.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The past few years have brought many significant changes to the adult industry. Some of these, unfortunately, have not been good. An avalanche of filmed material, mostly basic "paint by numbers," bland one-on-one sex scenes have over saturated the entire genre. Many of these get labeled as amateur because no one involved is particularly talented. Additionally Lots of this stuff, filmed for the Internet, is pockmarked with boring interviews with models who have the personalities of paper cups.

The result is that in many ways, the years 2008/2009 became one long, dull eternity where we were entombed in the snake-filled Well of Souls from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Suddenly Michael Lucas takes us to Tel Aviv, Israel, a very controversial part of the world which most people know little about. Bullwhip in hand, the man single-handedly seems to be pushing open the heavy doors, crashing through the walls so we can escape from the dank snake pit and breathe freely again.

Whenever porn movie companies write marketing language describing their product as "the next event in gay pornography is here," expect hyped loads of crap. Fortunately watching the two disc DVD Inside Israel from Lucas Entertainment reveals everything that the company promises is not only true, but actually excels expectations.

Jordan Fox and Hugo MartinWatch Now or
Jordan Fox above Hugo Martin
Porn star Jonathan Agassi welcomes the cast of Inside Israel to his high-rise apartment, a classy dwelling with a balcony view of the Mediterranean Sea. Agassi seems enthralled to be his country's new ambassador to the world, all via gay porn. Throughout the movie, and during the DVD extras, he's constantly presenting yet one more reason why we should all go right now over the Tel Aviv. (We saw a lot of this coming in the related Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions movie)

In short, Inside Israel contains some of the finest on-location filming of sex we have seen in years.

Bruno Jones Fucks the New Guy

First up, sexual powerhouse Bruno Jones, a Kristen Bjorn model (Skin Deep), takes newcomer Martin Passoli aside from a photo shoot for some spontaneous outdoor fucking. They appear to be doing it amongst some old ruins. This is the first of many beautiful locations that remind us of the classic George Duroy sexual locations that graced early Bel Ami movies, like the ruins in Accidental Lovers or in the exotic caves and beaches of Frisky Summer: Sebastian)

Passoli is a noisy bottom, pleading with the top of fuck him harder, gripping the sides of the stone building walls. He actually cums in this position after which Jones fills his mouth with cream.

After this choice appetizer, the guys continue with their outdoor photo shoot. The rugged, beautiful countryside inspires them to pair up for their own sex sessions along the banks of the raging Jordan River. Lucas reclines in the rushing water, soon enjoying oral sex from Baptiste Bremont. Nearby, Jonathan Agassi sucks a load out of Passoli. Welcome to Israel!

The escapade at the rushing river culminates with Jay Roberts (Paris Playboys) fucking the returning Jones along the riverbank against a strong tree. Here they are observed by dark haired Sasha Dove. The lengthy voyeuristic sequence is nice, and so is watching Jones taking it up the ass. Dov eventually makes it over to the couple who by this time have finished fucking. But they let him suck them until they both cum into his hungry mouth.

Sex in the Luzit Caves

Next we journey to the remote Luzit Caves, which paint themselves into the marvelously atmospheric backdrop for the subsequent sex scenes. Here, Jones photographs Lucas and Agassi along with Argentinean Max Schutler and Spanish stallion Carlos Caballero. (Manville: City of Men)

Lucas pulls off from the bunch with Schutler, where they engage in one of the movie's high points. The surprisingly engaged Lucas fucks Schutler's brains out against a massive rock. Naturally, both models have performed many times for the camera, but watching them here is like seeing them sing a completely new song.

Carlos Caballero fucks Jonathan Agassi spectacularly in the illuminated grotto. After working over his ass and licking his armpit, Lucas screws Schutler, his own dick rock hard from the excitement. After several hot sequences showing the bottom fucking himself on Lucas' long dick, they both shoot their loads.

Meanwhile darkness falls, and dozens of tea candles and tiki torches illuminate the grotto. It is in this setting that Caballero gets into his own spelunking of Glass' warm cave. Agassi sprawls out of the ground as the Spaniard spreads his cheeks wide for a massive inspection. They sixty-nine on the floor.

Lengthy foreplay builds the anticipation between both the bottom and the top. Caballero fucks Agassi spectacularly on his back, who matches every thrust with his own lovely body and strong verbal taunts. After this, Agassi decides to flip roles, fucking Caballero standing doggie against the wall of the cave taking the scene to its amazing height. The sex between these two is absolutely magnificent.

Best Seaside Sex Scene Ever?

Just when you thought it could not get any better, Inside Israel moves to the Ga'ash Beach, a clothing optional beach near Tel Aviv. It is amongst this sand and sea that we reach the film's piece de resistance. Brunet Hugo Martin and blond Frenchman Jordan Fox make love atop a raised bed perched just over the rolling ocean waves.

Underneath a thin canopy, the wind and water whip by, transforming their sexual experience into one fluid, majestic painting. They leisurely trade blowjobs to the sound of waves lapping the shoreline. Fox, one of the movie's strongest talent discoveries, looks exquisite. He's a pure sex machine driven by the rolling Mediterranean to a full episode of man sex.

We pondered this episode and ultimately concluded that such shoreline sexual exotica has not been so finely photographed since John Rutherford filmed the landmark Absolute Aqua in remote Australia for Falcon Studios back in 2000.

How does one follow that? The movie still has one more episode to go, and although it does not rise to the sheer heights of the Martin / Fox oceanside coupling, it's still fantastic. Agassi comes home to find the the naked Naor Tal horned-up on the apartment balcony. On a high floor, these two suck each other against the amazing backdrop of urban Tel Aviv, a city that is growing more and more enticing by the minute. Finally Agassi fucks him rapid fire in lots of positions all over the place.

Tal, whose backside stands out on the DVD boxcover, easily has the best butt in the entire film. Actually, he may be porn's newest, most voluptuous bottom for the entire year. (Also: Do not miss Tal's two great scenes in Auditions Vol. 32) But that only would be just one of many landmarks that Michael Lucas, along with co-director Mr. Pam, has achieved with Inside Israel.

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Inside Israel Photos:

Bruno Jones and Martin PassoliWatch Now or
Bruno Jones looks down on Martin Passoli
Michael Lucas and Max SchutlerWatch Now or
Michael Lucas behind Max Schutler
Naor Tal and Jonathan AgassiWatch Now or
Naor Tal sucks Jonathan Agassi
Jonathan Agassi and Carlos CaballeroWatch Now or
Jonathan Agassi sucks Carlos Caballero

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