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In Deep: Miles To Go

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP123
Blake Harper , Buck Meadows , , Christopher Scott , David Bradley , , Johnny Rider , Karl Tenner , Kevin Miles , Kevin Pearce , Kyle Becker , , Tristan Paris , Tyler Hill
Kink / SextoysHunks

In Deep: Miles To Go

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Gregor Yelson and Kevin Miles really get in deep

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In 1999, the Falcon family of stars included two very noteworthy blondes from Europe's Eastern Bloc, the Russian Gregor Yelson and the Slav Karl Tenner. Karl Tenner's films followed several appearances in Bel Ami. Gregor Yelson, who speaks with adorable broken English, only graced four movies from the Falcon/Jocks studio.

In Deep: Miles to Go stars Gregor Yelson (Hot Wired), but fortunately the movie offers a great deal more. All fourteen models are fantastic of face and physique, and the sex is sensational.

Karl Tenner between Kevin Pearce and Nicholas ClayWatch on or Watch VOD
Karl Tenner between Kevin
Pearce and Nicholas Clay
Kevin Miles learns at the last minute that a boyfriend from Europe is coming to visit. He scrambles to find a big house and showy motorboat to impress his visitor, which takes us through all the movie's sex scenes.

He first calls his buddies Buck Meadows and Johnny Ryder to see if he can use their home. Meadows, who possess a jackhammer, uncut cock and low German accent is in the middle of an anal assault on the blond, boyish-looking Johnny Ryder from Mo Betta Butt.

Beneath that boyish exterior heart the heart of a wild sex-crazed animal. Meadows proceeds to stuff everything but the kitchen sink up his boyfriend. After pounding him with his cock, up go dildos, an enema and his fist. Just watching Ryder handle this while maintains a state of constant bliss is riveting.

Yelson soon arrives - with unexpected friends. Karl Tenner and Kevin Peace tell of a very hot three-way they had while hiking that involved the masculine Nicholas Clay from Up for Grabs. After sucking, Tenner plays tops on Pearce, who bottoms doggie style.

Pearce and Tenner flip-flop while sucking Clay. A great scene, but it would have been better seeing Clay be more active.

Miles borrows Tristan Paris' speedboat to take Yelson out for a spin. Reunited and alone, they nuzzle and kiss on the water. They move to sucking each other, with lots of great attention paid to Yelson's gorgeous eyes and face. After the suck each other to money shots, they turn back to boating and enjoy the water.

Watching Johnny Rider handle huge dicks and dildos is riveting.

Tristan Paris hosts a sex party

Meanwhile we learn why Tristan Paris did not need his boat. He is in the midst of hosting an all-out sex party with six of hot buddies. First arrival is the hairy sexpig Blake Harper. They are soon joined by Christopher Scott, Kyle Becker, Tyler Hill, David Bradley and Cameron Fox (No Way Out). Fox is particular has a over-sized dick, which easily finds its home up Paris' butt.

They engage in a full-round suck and screw orgy highlighted by David Bradley banging Harper all over the couch, who clearly loved getting tossed around by macho men. They finish by showering Paris, who is lying on the floor, ass up, with their hot loads. Everyone performs great, and their loads are copious.

Last, we see a final, complete sexual episode with Yelson and Miles. They are now by the pool, and they proceed with lots of romantic kissing and foreplay. Yelson happily sucks on Miles' mile-long tool. Yelson is sexually versatile, but he is naturally looking his best when he's taking it from Miles.

The Russian boy is a real noisemaker. He moans, groans and trembles to the touch, clearly having the time of his life.

Yelson's brief career in movies thankfully was not wasted. In Deep: Miles To Go is a first-class showcase for this sensational actor. It also includes a full cast of great guys, and the orgy scene hums. John Rutherford and crew missed no detail in making this film.

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In Deep: Miles To Go Photos:

Gregor Yeltsin tops Kevin MilesWatch on or Watch VOD
Gregor Yeltsin tops Kevin Miles
Chrisopher Scott sucks Blake HarperWatch on or Watch VOD
Chrisopher Scott sucks Blake Harper
Buck Meadows and Johnny RiderWatch on or Watch VOD
Buck Meadows and Johnny Rider (seated)

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