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In His Dreams

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1127
Chad Savage , , Emilio Sands , Jan Fischer , Johnny Hazzard , Luca DiCorso , T.J. Young , , Trent Atkins
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In His Dreams

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Who's in Johnny Hazzard's Dreams?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One can only imagine the sorts of sordid fantasies that run through Johnny Hazzard's pretty little head when he's not actually living them out in front of the camera. Porn mistress Chi Chi LaRue serves up In His Dreams, a sweet and salty bonbon that dares to pry inside the private meanderings of Rascal's favorite son.

LaRue immediately puts Hazzard to bed, and his head barely hits the pillow before he's deep in REM sleep, the naughty visions unfolding. The first finds Luca Di Corso and Eddie Diaz, two shadows tangled together in a kind of life-sized Japanese lantern. And like a few of the vignettes, this one starts off feeling slightly disconnected and gauzy, though the action soon enough transitions and reveals sharp edges. Di Corso (No Cover) shows up lithe and lean (he's a huge proponent of yoga in his personal life), encouraging a meatier Diaz to sink to the floor and suck his stiffie.

Jan Fisher holds Troy Mason Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jan Fisher grins holding Troy
Mason (Emilio Sands left)

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Diaz turns it into a complete sensory experience, not only sucking his buddy but grazing Di Corso's piece with the stubble of his shorn scalp. After getting some reciprocal tonguing, Diaz moves to Di Corso's naturally hairy (and very sweaty) hole for a little snackin'. And the yoga definitely comes in handy later; Di Corso is able to double himself in half to while getting plowed. He shoots one of the biggest loads I've seen in some time, his load thick and creamy on the dark skin of Diaz's shoulder.

Tiptoes in My Room Every Night

Hazzard dreams deeper, conjuring up the second (and best) scene in the flick. Porn newbie T.J. Young is young indeed, too young in fact to be so schooled in the art of the tease. But he's a master, slowly stroking his body while Chad Savage (Starting Young 2) takes in the view. His left hand gropes whatever is lurking in his crisp white Calvins while the right traces lines up and down his smooth chest. By the time he pulls his prick out for a full-on wank, the tension is almost unbearable.

Savage is also feeling the pinch and thankfully isn't able to control his urges, crossing the room to get a taste of Young's dick. Young turns the tables, sampling Savage from head to toe, spending several long moments sniffing and nipping at Savage's butthole. It's only when Young gets topped that the viewer's attention is really drawn to his beautiful eyes. Wow! And what a shame he doesn't keep them open while he's blowing his load.

Hazzard's dreams are no different than ours, sometimes taking strange twists and turns. In the third vignette, he lands in the middle of a '50s style soda shop, three pups (Emilio Sands, Jan Fischer, Troy Mason [Brotherhood) nearly stripped bare and in the middle of some peppermint-flavored lovin'. Returning from a lengthy sabbatical, Sands is a cutie who worked seven years ago for LaRue in the hot orgy flick Man Daze.

It's an odd scenario, made stranger by the wild mix of models. Blond Mason oozes so much saccharine, more than your sweet tooth will throb. He sexily wiggles his ass and makes quite a fuss while Sands and Fischer indulge in the sugary confection.

The Rascal line of films tends to have quite a bit of rimming, and In His Dreams is no exception. Rimjobs are the favorite for these three, and what's more, their pristine holes are deliciously smooth and pink. Talk about mouth candy! Mason's versatility, giving as good as he gets, is a definite highlight here.

Go to Sleep Little Johnny

Before the morning breaks, Hazzard inserts himself into his final reverie, letting himself be seduced by Trent Atkins (Hollywood Marine). LaRue adds her arty touches, putting Atkins in a starchy white shirt, then having him dive under even starchier white sheets to suck Hazzard's cock. Skin tones pop and Hazzard's tattoos become flaming works of art against such a stark background. And since both Atkins and Hazzard are remarkable bottoms in films past, it's fun to wait and see who bottoms here. (We won't spoil the surprise).

The cherry on top of this fun flick is 12 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring photoshoots with Chad Savage, Eddie Diaz, and Luca Di Corso, as well as outtakes from Hazzard's scene.

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In His Dreams Photos:

Chad Savage and T.J. Young Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
T.J. Young rides Chad Savage
T.J. Young and Chad Savage Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
T.J. Young licks Chad Savage
Johnny Hazzard and Trent Atkins Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Johnny Hazzard behind Trent Atkins
Luca Di Corso and Eddie Diaz Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Luca Di Corso opens for Eddie Diaz

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