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Hustle and Cruise

Chad Donovan
Falcon Studios   FVP177
Antonio Madiera , , , , , , Ryan Wade , Tristan Mathews ,
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Hustle and Cruise

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Johnny Castle and Tristan Matthews hustle up a storm.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of the reasons Falcon consistently lands on the top of the porn heap is the studio's uncanny ability to pick eye-popping cover models. That's Johnny Castle beckoning the viewer from the DVD sleeve of Hustle & Cruise, a muscular amuse bouche who does a bang-up job of selling this flick to those of us hungry for something new.

Hustle & Cruise delves into the art of the hustle, something guys like Castle can do without even thinking about it. Not so with Albert Long, a goateed lad working the streets for the first time. While Long gets some pointers from another, more seasoned hustler (Jason Adonis), we're invited along as Castle services his latest client, a business type who stays hidden from view during the encounter….all but his shoes. Castle gives him the full treatment, a sultry striptease and jackoff.

Tristan Matthews fucks Albert LongWatch on or Watch VOD
Albert Long tops Tristan Matthews
Sadly, that's all Castle does in Hustle & Cruise (Falcon, too, is skilled in the art of the tease) but I imagine if viewers squawk loud enough, this won't be Johnny Castle's final performance.

The balance of the film is four, more traditional vignettes with man-on-man action. In the first of these, Long gets to try out some of his new skills on client Tristan Matthews. The setup is deliciously seedy, taking place in a trash-strewn alleyway (apparently Matthews has just enough cash to pay Long, and not a penny more). Long is certainly unconventional street trade, a stocky frat type with interesting birthmarks.

Matthews could care less, getting off on every inch of Long, from stem to stern. And what Matthews is truly aching for is a slippery fuck while bent over a filthy trashcan. Long is obviously taking pleasure in accommodating his client, licking his lips slyly while he puts it to the Latino twink.

Chad Hunt fucks Roman Heart

Also working the streets is Falcon fave Roman Heart. It's not clear if he's looking for cash or just a good time when he follows donkey-dicked Chad Hunt into a conveniently abandoned tearoom. Heart is starting to shed some of his girlish good looks, letting his hair grow a little longer, the bones in his lovely face more pronounced.

He convinces Hunt to stick his monstrosity through the open gloryhole, then feverishly gets to work slathering it with his spit. After all these years and dozens of appearances, Hunt's cock is still a showstopper, and director Chad Donovan makes sure to give viewers the gift of as many close-ups as possible. Heart, too, has got a hankerin' for trashcan sex, so the guys flip the restroom receptacle on its side, making for a very awkward and unsteady fuck.

Poor Roman Heart - it's one thing to have to take Hunt to the hilt, let alone balance his pretty frame on a rolling garbage can. But you definitely won't hear him complaining.

Ryan Wade, a brand-new Falcon studpup, cruises Antonio Madiera (Down the Drain) the old-fashioned way. The young men make eye contact, smile warmly, and head back to an empty apartment for a midday shag. Neither one is in a particular rush, indulging in some intense frottage and petting. It's several long minutes before the first hard prick makes an appearance (Wade's) and it looks like Madiera could spend the rest of the afternoon servicing it.

After swapping impassioned rim jobs, Madiera gives it up for his new fuckmate, keeping his wood for the entire encounter. By all accounts, Wade has found Madeira's sweet spot, and when the spunk flies, it really flies.

If you still have the energy, a very buff Eddie Stone (Ari's Place) plays the john to Jason Adonis' hardworking whore. (Interestingly, Stone plays a corrupt vice cop in Lookin for Trouble)

Adonis, his bush completely shaved, his pubis branded with the mysterious initials "M.S.W." turns in his typical gay-for-pay performance. Don't expect to see him offering up his ass again any time soon (see: The Farmer's Son). No worries - it's still knockout sex, Stone determined to get his money's worth.

Hustle & Cruise demands that the viewer keep a pile of fresh cumrags handy. It's impossible to get through this film without dropping a few loads. Frisky Fans recommends repeat viewings to get the full effect; there's simply too much to savor here with a single pass through.

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Hustle and Cruise Photos:

Jason Adonis fucks Eddie StoneWatch on or Watch VOD
Jason Adonis tops Eddie Stone
Roman Hart and Chad HuntWatch on or Watch VOD
Roman Hart sucks Chad Hunt
Antonio Madiera tastes Ryan WadeWatch on or Watch VOD
Antonio Madiera tastes Ryan Wade
Tristan Matthews and Albert LongWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Matthews tops Albert Long

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