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Husband by Day Hustler by Night

Jet Blakk
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, , Carter Rhodes , , Fyerfli , Joe Sarge , John Marcus , Marco Pole , , Sebastian Cole , Ulizes Carpelli
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Husband by Day Hustler by Night

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Fyerfli's secret life.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

How well do you really know someone, like your own husband?

Director Jett Black further explores this hidden person inside us all in his nicely done Husband by Day, Hustler by Night. The name may give the impression that the movie is goofy and trite. However, at its heart beats five hot, energetic sex scenes well-performed by eleven horned-up models. In the center of this story is Fyerfli, a rapacious sparkplug who tops and bottoms with ease.

He's also married to a woman, who he nighty orders to have dinner alone while he turns tricks. Fyerfli is a fun guy to watch, and the model clearly enjoys this movie role. Not overly hairy, his body fur trails down from the goatee on his face, down his chest to his crotch.

Employee Marco Pole asks him for a recommendation. The request turns into an event where Pole gives up his ass to the bossman. Marco Pole looks his best bent over the desk getting his smooth ass eaten. Shaved head moaning, Pole takes Fyerfli's tongue up in there, and then his dick. Fyerfli throws him a hot plowing in two positions. To finish, he jacks the bottom off while screwing him.

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The scene ends with Pole pulling money out of his wallet, and paying him. The scene was a paid fantasy for escort Fyerfli.

After dressing, Frerfli ends up at his next appointment, the home of Bo Knight and Carlos Morales. These two want to simply be watched.

Knight and Morales are, of course, blue ribbon sex pigs, and put on a most entertaining show. They begin with a nice sequence of kissing in their clothes - a rare sight to see Morales dressed, and he looks great. The lovers strip each other while kissing and sucking. Out comes Knight's hard on with a black cockring wrapped around the base.

Morales sticks his tongue into his lover's ass. The two wrap around into a sixty nine. Knight seems to love going down on Morales' hefty cock. Then the bottom has his legs up, showing off his muscular thighs and ass. Knight proceeds to top him in several positions, and getting through all this in one single sitting will be difficult.

This is a hot scene. Morales' abs, pecs and legs are on full display as Knight gives him a lengthy ass pumping on his back. Then before he finishes, Morales gets on his fours sticking that bubble butt way out to meet the meat. During this Fyerfli stands before their bed and beats off.

All three come in unison.

After this, Fyerfli is discovered hustling by his brother in law, Sebastian Cole, a cute, pierced Australian. Getting in the car, Cole says he won't spill the beans to his sister, but would rather help market him for more business. Then Fyerfli blows his new business partner in the front seat of the car.

They had stopped in an alley. So during this exchange, their oral adventure grabs the attention of Nick Piston (Down Right Dangerous) and Carter Rhodes. After jacking out Cole's load, the action spills out into the alley. Cole goes and transacts for Fyerfli, and then emotionlessly tosses him over to his new clients.

Piston is a shaved headed, tattooed skinhead-looking stud. He pushes Frerflyi's head into Rhodes' ass as he eats it. Both guys make short work of the hustler husband's butt in the alley, all the while his business partner silently looks on. Both of these scenes are accented by the inclusion of a person who stands to the side silently watching the action.

Rhodes screws Fyerfli standing doggie. Then Fyerfli sits his meaty butt down on the pierced Piston. After more sex with the film's star sprawled over the red hood of a car, they cum on his face.

Sebastian Cole gang bang

Time passes and the two have enjoyed frequent, profitable business. Cole takes his prize whore to a special team of four horny guys who intend to ravish him. The top men are Joe Sarge, John Marcus, Dillon Press and Ulizes Carpelli. However, the prize bottom turns out to be Cole, who turns out to have a winning booty that pleases everyone. Director Blakk wisely saved this delicious boy toy for the end. Even Fyerfli gets a piece of it.

The guys all fold Cole up down and around like a slinky. Then he sucks all their dicks in chorus line fashion. The rest of this hot gangbang shows the languid Cole filled at all ends and from all sides by the guys. Naturally these guys shower down gobs of spooge onto the newly minted whore.

Blakk always creates imaginative stories for his movies. Here he has taken this, and cast a hot set of sex animal models to make one of the year's nicest little diamonds in the rough. This a great starring role for Fyerfli, as well as opportunities for Sebastian Cole and Carlos Morales to shine further.

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Sebastian Cole gang bangWatch Now
Dillon Press, Joe Sarge, John Marcus and
Ulizes Carpelli around Sebastian Cole
Sebastian Cole in Husband by Day Hustler by NightWatch Now
Sebastian Cole on his knees

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