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Hungary For Men

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Akos Matyas , , Attila Sipos , Ferenc Botos , Marko Nagy , Rezso Farkas , Robert Domotor , Tibor Mokany , Tomas Kruc , Zoltan Korma
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Hungary For Men

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Akos Matyas Whets His Appetite

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

At the time, in 1996 Hungary for Men was Kristen Bjorn's most professional work to date. His first foray into Eastern Europe was the gothic Vampire of Budapest. A very hot film, Bjorn apparently learned some lessons in filming in a new country because this second effort hits an even higher note.

Bjorn also uses some of the actors in Vampire for this one, and this time they are even better -- notably the sultry brunet Tomas Kruc, the blonde Marko Nagy and the sexy Zoltan Korma.

Set in Hungary, the film is about two lovers, Akos Matyas (A World of Men) and Tibor Mokany who must deal with the conflict of their love vs. the pull of sex from the outside. After enjoying dinner and wine in a field, a restless Mokany walks off. Matyas, who was asleep, suddenly awakens without Mokany. Two farmers offer him a ride, and they stop at a barn where the engage in a hot three-way. Each actor shoots four loads of cum during the scene.

Later on, Mokany has cooled-off, and goes back in search for his lover. All he finds is a trail of his lover's clothing, which he follows. Matyas passes by a field where Zoltan Korma and Ferenc Botos (Manwatcher) are cutting wood. The two woodcutters start having sex in yet another fine scene. Zoltan, who just topped in Vampire, gets screwed by Botos outside. They go inside where Botos bottoms for Zoltan. In all, Botos cums four times and Zoltan thrice.

Blond Bombshell Rezko Farkas

Matyas stumbles upon the blond demigod Reszo Farkas, who has a young face, smooth body and big dick. (Farkas still looks great in later movies in Sarava's 2005 Hangar) Matyas is soon hammered by Farkas. However, Mokany's search on the clothing trail leads him to three guys who are playing strip poker.

Tomas Kruc, Arpad Miklos and Robert Domotor eventually start sucking each other, and soon Mokany is in on the action. Kruc is a very hot guy to watch get fucked. In this scene he is sprawled on a table and fucked by Miklos and Mokany while getting sucked by Domotor. The guys are rearrange a lot and we are treated to a waterfall of heavy cum loads throughout.

Remembering his mission, Mokany continues on. He eventually finds Matyas at Resko Farkas' place. They apparently resolve to stay committed while having sex with others. They immediately engage in a hot three-way with hot blond Resko Farkas. This time Farkas bottoms for us, and the two lovers remain engaged as well in their joint lovemaking.

The title of the film is a clever play on words regarding the film plot - lovers who are nevertheless hungry for other men. And not to mention the setting in Hungary further adds to the pun. Hungary For Men is another top-notch film from Bjorn.

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Hungary For Men Photos:

Reszo Farkas, Tibor Mokany and Akos Matyas
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Reszo Farkas, Tibor Mokany and Akos Matyas
Tomas Kruc and Zoltan Korma
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Tomas Kruc and Zoltan Korma
Hungary for Men
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Reszo Farkas, Akos Matyas and Tibor Mokany

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