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Hungarian Hunks

Tom Bradford
Falcon International   FIC-030
Alexander O'Connell , Andrew Moretti , , Flavio Valentino , Jose Ganatti , , Leslie Blue , Peter Shadow ,
Euro-Muscle GuysOral SexHunks

Hungarian Hunks

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Welcome Home, Flavio Valentino.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

European director Tom Bradford's movies productions for the Falcon International series continues to be one of the real highlights in their slate of movies. Hungarian Hunks, very blandly named, bristles with a fabulous cast of Magyar hunks.

These are some of the finest muscle guys performing on camera today, with a special nod to Flavio Valentino, a masculine stud who seems to be turning everyone's head these days. (Michael Lucas fawns all over him in Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins)

The script for Hungarian Hunks is actually one of the more interesting ones. Rick Bauer, along with three other buddies, return home after serving in Iraq one year for the Army. Bauer's brother, Flavio Valentino, welcomes them into his home where he and his gay lover reside behind a locked gate. And of course, they have sex separately with different Army guys in their house.

Hungarian Hunks snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Flavio Valentino, Claudio Antonelli
Peter Shadow
After everyone duly arrives and settles in, Valentino is left alone in the living room with sex starved soldiers Claudio Antonelli and Peter Shadow. Let the march to infidelity begin!

In a sizzling opener, Antonelli and Shadow caress and nuzzle their host to the point that he's undressed. Antonelli unwraps his cock, giving Valentino a sensuous blowjob. This leads to all three trading through a delightful gamut of smooching, groping and sucking.

In a memorable visual, Valentino positions himself atop Shadow, taking his cock in upward thrusts, while Antonelli busies himself touching and licking the other two. After plowing Valentino doggie, the guys rearrange for more hot action showing Antonelli getting fucked by the other two.

Antonelli has become such a pro as muscle sexpup. Antonelli perches himself on the arm of the couch demanding to get fucked by the other two. He's a great performer, and a fabulous bottom.

For the scene's end, the guys all explode their wet, gooey cum blasts onto Shadow.

I Fucked Jose Ganetti!

Elsewhere, soldier Julian Vincenzo finishes a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi. Clad in his tight red bathing suit, he steps around the house looking for his bedroom, but mistakenly walks in on the svelte, sexy Jose Ganetti alone in bed. What perfect timing! Realizing that this may be his only opportunity to fuck the host's lover, Vincenzo dives into Ganetti's smooth, tan flesh.

Ganetti peels off his own tight skivvies and suck each other's cocks. They also take turns lapping at each other's spread open butts.

Standing side by side, Vincenzo appears to really have bulked into one hulk of a man. His five o'clock shadow bristles when he grins. And his uncut man meat remains a big, thick sword well suited for plowing ass.

Ganetti has always looked astonishing. And amazingly he looks almost exactly the same way he first appeared back in 2000 in Falcon's world-class blockbuster Out of Athens, although it took him a couple of years to start bottoming on-screen.

Judging by Vincenzo's own first rate reaming, he's long crossed over to the side of musclebottom. Vincenzo twists and turns Ganatti though a wonderful combination of positions, ending with him dropping a heavy load of cum onto the bottom's finely chiseled chest. Yes, foks, these soldiers on leave have turns this guest house into a cat house.

In another room, Bauer waits patiently for his lover (Alexander O'Connell) to arrive. O'Connell is a new face to movies bringing with him pouty looks, an average sized cock and a rather "ho hum" attitude to lovemaking. They have a very standard one-on-one bedroom episode with Bauer on the bottom.

This episode is the weakest link in the chain, even despite the sexual energy of Bauer, who always looks picture perfect on his fours.

Little wonder that Bauer emerges from this still very horny. He seduces two of Valentino's gardeners working out in the yard, the lean Andrew Moretti (Knock Out) and bald headed sex god Leslie Blue, an exciting newcomer. (All three guys are pictured on the DVD boxcover)

Blue steps out of his work clothes revealing a tasty, uncut erection. Bauer quickly throws him on the couch, lifts up his legs and fucks him. Moretti, always a top, gets his turn as well. He buries his long schlong inside both guys, at one point pounding Bauer very hard, gripping down on his ass cheeks with both hands.

Their three-way returns back to its original heated level. Blue and Bauer's versatility are signature trademarks of Bradford's directing style on display here. Such techniques are why Bradford's movies should not be missed.

The recent releases from Falcon International, which we've reviewed, have all been excellent. Hungarian Hunks, despite the cheesy canned music, enjoys white hot muscleguy sex from prominent Hungarian porno studs. Be sure to seek these films out. Because they are imports, they tend to get buried in the back of the catalog.

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    Hungarian Hunks Photos:

    Hungarian Hunks snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
    Peter Shadow tops Claudio Antonelli
    Hungarian Hunks snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
    Julian Vencinzo sucks Jose Ganatti
    Hungarian Hunks snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
    Julian Vencenzo tops Jose Ganatti
    Hungarian Hunks snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
    Rick Bauer sucks Leslie Blue

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