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Hung! Uncut Fifth Edition

Maxwell Barber
Bulldog XXX  
Angel Eyes , Anthony Martinez , Anthony Thomas , Ashley Ryder , Darren Robins , Elixir Erotas , Jake Ryder , Jenson Lomax , Korben David , Lee Jaguar , Richard Vettori , Leonardo (Bulldog)
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Hung! Uncut Fifth Edition

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Anthony Thomas lays down with the bulldogs.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The now famous Bulldog graphic rears its ugly doggy head, taking us to the title screen of Bulldog XXX latest release, Hung Uncut Filth Edition!, with a still shot of submissive cover star Anthony Thomas (RudeBoiz 5: Council Trash), gracing the screen with a HUGE draped cock gently touching his hungry tongue.

Credits roll to a cunning background of internet sexcapades - as the imaginary website "Gay London Sluts" is perused by an unknown protagonist, and the profiles, cleverly, are made up of the cast members who are about to entertain us with their flesh.

Bulldog XXX Hung!Watch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Bulldog XXX Hung!

Afore mentioned naughty little cutie boy Thomas cyber sexes with random online gay suitors, as his two manly working day comrades - Korben David and Lee Jaguar, who appeared in the little seen gem Porn Zone) - stalk the office corridors towards him. They catch him red handed, and in a flash his shirt is off, and he's sucking on a pair of veiny uncut knobs.

The trio stand up, the subordinate geting goosed, spat in and generally humiliated before "desk time", whereupon his pale frame is bent over, rimmed, slapped, and finally rogered by these beefy lads.

And hung they truly are - Jaguar is quick to slide his cockhead up, down and around the boy's ass, and to slap him with it. David sucks on the his ass, glowering from above while Jaguar sticks it to the kid.

Fully caroused into their threesome of iniquity, Thomas lets Lee suck on his prick and David hits up Jaguar's hole, but in the end it's all about the boy.

David holds Thomas' legs wide open so Jaguar can get in deep, and the older guys kiss while Thomas sucks David's cock and gets a deep pounding. He gets it doggy style next with a hot camera shot showing the fuck in all its glory before David takes over from behind and Jaguar gets sucked.

Jaguar unleashes a payday of a load on Thomas' hungry tongue and splatters all over his face. Davis shoots all over himself, and Thomas is next to cum, dumping his creamy load all over Davis' stubbled face while Jaguar nibbles on his ear and works his nips.

Handsome smooth bodied Latino Anthony Martinez (Black n' Blue) stars in scene two, cruising men from his stylish apartment. He hits upon the tattooed and masculine Jake Ryder and invites him over for some real time fun.

Martinez has a sensitive face and this reviewer was mislead into thinking he'd be the bottom, but its not long before these guys are writhing on the floor in his apartment and he's sticking his thumb into Ryder's upturned hairy hole.

His flesh slaps against Ryder, and his brown fat trunk of a penis stretches his hole wide open in a hard and sloppy assault.

Ryder can't take too much more of this noisily super shag and he spurts all over his chest, while Martinez soon pulls out and follows suit.

We're treated to another threesome next, as boy twink Ashley Ryder lays out fully naked on the bed, succulent ass in full view of the camera, as he chats up a duo of skinheads in the form of the salt and pepper bearded Leonardo (not to be confused with the twinkish hottie from Bareback Cum Party 5 - Cumaholics!) and stubbly skin Jason Lomax. "My ass is already dripping," Ryder types.

He heads out on foot to their place, wearing army trousers and a bright red cut off tank top with "Fuck you" emblazoned on the front. He anxiously rings the doorbell of the already snogging duo, and is let inside.

Ryder is instantly sandwiched between the snogging hunks and is stripped off before being pushed to his knees for a pair of hard throbbing pricks that he deepthroats ably, one at a time, and then gets both shoved in his gob at once.

The skinheads reverse positions for him, kissing each other with animal nastiness as spit and precum makes Ryders cock even slicker and filthier for them to devour.

Next, it's a daisy chain of rimming and fingering, with Leonardo offering his ass for the boy, while Lomax gives Ryder a tongue job he'll never forget, before sliding his horny fat erection up his begging boyhole.

Leonardo wants some ass next, with the moment culminates in a spitfuck with Lomax on top. Clearly all three of these guysare totally versatile in this ménage-a-trois,

Bull Dog Anthony ThomasWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Anthony Thomas

Bulldog XXX presents The Filth Edition

But let's not forget the subtitle of this movie - "filth edition".

Filthy it indeed does get, with Lomax' ass getting well greased up and a MASSIVELY HUGE black dildo is slid up inside him, opening him beyond comprehension. Dirty boy Ryder controls the oversized toy while his own hule gets played with by Leonardo's digits.

Lomax manages to squat all the way down on this nasty toy, but all the while Leonardo has been working his own hole magic and now has his hand completely buried in Ryder. He pulls out and Lomax takes a turn himself, working his own arm in there close to the elbow. You can see the precum dripping out of Ryder's excited prick as both guys fist fuck him.

And here's where it gets crazy. Caught in a sexual moment, Lomax slides BOTH his arms up there, in an insane 'see it to believe it' porn sequence. We are talking some serious fisting here, that affords the DVD's front cover claim "worlds first twink double fisting scene'. They ain't lying.

After that there aren't many places to go but with orgasms, and a stunned and sexually sedated Ryder takes both skinhead loads in his open submissive mouth before gushing out a massively powerful orgasm of his own.

Fisting fans - this is a MUST SEE.

Next we have a complete change of pace (well let's face it, you can't really up the ante on that), with Angel Eyes, a dark haired guy with classic French looks, setting up tent in the great outdoors.

Tattoeed and muscled beefcake Darren Robbins (Sweat!) is watching from his camper van, and eyeing some internet porno at the same time.

Overcome with desire he steps out into the wilderness to meet up with Angel Eyes, and begins sucking his cock off in a clearing. Switching out for more oral, it's not long before the slutty Angel is bouncing up and down on Robbins' ample hard-on on the hood of his jeep. Robbins gets behind Angel Eyes and shows this Frenchman what for, banging him with vehemence in the woodlands.

This dirty duo knows the benefits of having two cocks between them, and Robbins gets a hard fucking of his own, before the pair climax noisily as the sun begins to set.

The final scene stars the hot and handsome, singularly named, Exilir hunting for flesh. He finds dark haired Italian Richard Vettori online at the same sex site and invites him over.

Naked, the chest inked Exilir chows down on Vettori's mouthwatering uncut manhood, his eyes closed with a look of ecstatic lust as he eats on his member.

Exilir bends over his desk (ink fans will love the colored flesh of his back) to allow for some tongue access from his new friend, and his cock is as stiff as a board by the time Vettori is done kissing and fingering it, and is now ready to poke at it.

Which he does, quite ably, taking his bottom in all kinds of positions till Exilir is grimacing with pleasure, and his hole has become loose and wet.

Vettori coaxes the cum out of Exilir with a huge dirty grin painted across his face, before exploding an incredibly powerful jet from his own fat uncut prick. The two rest, sated.

Certainly another feather in Bulldog XXX's cap, Hung! Uncut Filth Edition lives up not only to its claim of filth, hung guys, and uncut Euros, but also holds true to its eyewatering claim that it contains the 'worlds first twink double fisting scene'. Not a lame moment in sight.

Dvd extras include some tasty on-the-set still shots with the cast and full scene access.

Hung! Uncut Fifth Edition Photos:

Anthony Martinez and Jake RyderWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Anthony Martinez and Jake Ryder
Anthony Martinez and Jake RyderWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Anthony Martinez tops Jake Ryder
Hung snapshotWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Bulldog XXX Hung!
Darren Robbins fucks Angel EyesWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Angel Eyes sits on Darren Robbins

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