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Hung Country for Young Men

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Dylan Wood , , Kyle York , Rocky Houston , , Tommy Blade , Trystian Sweet ,
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Hung Country for Young Men

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Dylan Wood plays a gay sheriff in a dusty New Mexico town

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

John Tegan pens this delightful Western themed porn, telling the story of a hunky gay sheriff in a tiny New Mexico town. The down on his luck sheriff is played impressively by Jet Set's new exclusive model Dylan Wood. Wood's problems start when a drifter (Rocky Houston) blows into town, bringing with him petty larceny and sexual mischief.

Not as grand as Buckshot Productions' Big Rig, nor a true classic like Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking Co., Hung Country for Young Men impressively works at all levels weaving Wild West subjects such as small town jails, gritty saloons, and outlaws into a naked parade of strapping bucks.

Shortly before leaving Falcon, Steele directed the equally entertaining gay cowboy porn Riding Hard. With Hung Country for Young Men under his belt, Steele clearly has a future in producing more movies in this genre.

Dylan Wood pins Rocky Houston Watch Now
Sheriff Dylan Wood pins Rocky Houston
The film starts with Sheriff Wood dragging Kyle York to the holding tank jail cell, which he must share with Houston, who lays in wait like a spider. With just one small bed between the both of them, Houston suggests that they flip a coin for it. Houston wins, but he informs the scruffy faced brunet that he'll share it for sex.

The guys' dick sucking draws the attention of the sheriff, who watches silently as he pushes the bulge of his erection through the prison bars.

He opens the cell door and joins them. While York sucks Wood's dick, Houston sneaks out, locking them together in the room. Shrugging off the humiliation until the morning, he uses the opportunity to fuck York in a lusty opener. York diligently sucks the Sheriff's cock, sliding a hand down to his hole and playing around. Wood returns the favor, blowing York with dedicated verve.

Stripping out of the last of their clothes, York gets on his fours, presenting his ass. Wood slides his dick in, topping him in a rousing show. The guys finish by jacking off laying shoulder to shoulder. York coils up to ejaculate a great money shot that flows all over himself, shooting all the way up his torso. Jailhouse sex has not been so well documented since Catalina Video's Jawbreaker back in 1995.

The next day over at the saloon, bartender Tyler Saint (Hollywood Sex Club) is surprised when he opens the door to unexpectedly find old flame Tommy Blade delivering the beer. Both guys are first rate performers, and their one-on-one together is a perfect exercise in heated man sex.

Saint thoroughly explores Blade's butt with his hands and tongue before shoving his hard dick inside, drilling him excitedly. Both guys show real chemistry together, at one point Blade throwing himself repeatedly onto Saint's erection, literally fucking himself.

After this, Blade holds his torso up high in the air, which Saint responds by pushing down directly from above. Blade actually cums while in this acrobatic position.

Later at the saloon, Trystian Sweet (Strong Will: The Assertion) once again wins his game of pool with Rod Daily. They retreat to the bathroom where they engage in a rollicking three-way with Kevin Cavalli, a handsome newcomer with a hot tattoo that spread across his upper back. He gives Daily some mouthwatering head.

Trystian Sweet wins card game. Fucks Rod Daily. Then, Daily and Cavalli both lay on the backs, legs raised as Sweet switches off tonguing their assholes.

The scene culminates with the guys forming a daisy chain fuck in which Sweet tops Daily, who tops Cavalli. After this memorable visual, everyone's cum leaves Cavalli's torso completely soaked. (Note: This is one of our favorite Rod Daily videos.)

Rocky Houston Outwits The Law

In the last episode, Saint catches the outlaw, dragging Houston over to the sheriff, as he nurses beers over the bar. Wood is determined to show Houston the correct punishment for embarrassing the law in a small town.

All by themselves, Wood pushes Houston down onto his knees to suck his dick. Then Houston lays down on the pool table to receive an ass fucking from the sheriff. Wood throws a hot screw in several positions that keeps Houston moaning to the very end.

Wood dumps a hot money shot, followed by Houston. Unfortunately for Wood, he passes out in a drunken haze after cumming. Houston ties the sheriff up to the pool table posts, fleeces his belongings, and slaps him on the ass goodbye.

The credits roll as a long cargo train ambles into the orange sunset on the outskirts of town.

More impressive technical notables include picturesque camera shots of the New Mexico sky, as well as the town. Steele also incorporates an authentic C & W folk tune from the turn of the century playing as moody musical accompaniment. This is a clear example of how small amounts of vision and inspiration can make a four-episode muscle guy movie into one of the most enjoyable films of the year.

Wood holds up very well in his debut film, handling generous amounts of dialogue, and sex, impressively. The DVD extras include a nice extra in which Wood describes some of his biography, followed by a wet shower solo.

Exploring the Western theme is yet one more area that Jet Set has successfully penetrated this year. Let's hear more tales from Weed, New Mexico. Don't let this be the last picture show!

Hung Country for Young Men Photos:

Dylan Wood tops Rocky HoustonWatch Now
Dylan Wood tops Rocky Houston
Tommy Blade sucks Tyler SaintWatch Now
Tommy Blade sucks Tyler Saint
Kevin Cavalli cruises Rod DailyWatch Now
Kevin Cavalli cruises Rod Daily
Three Way: Kevin Cavalli sucks Rod DailyWatch Now
Kevin Cavalli sucks Rod Daily
Trystian Sweet standing
Rocky Houston sucks Kyle YorkWatch Now
Rocky Houston sucks Kyle York

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