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Huge Cocks in Tight Asses

Ben Baird
SX Video
Alan Gregory, Trevor Triton, Brad Slater, Johnny Law, Drew Peters, Dominik Rider, Chris Neal, Moe

Don't be fooled by the corny title, this movie hums with sweaty sex.

Amateurs / First Timers Bareback Sex Interracial Sex Latinos Horsehung Cum Eating Tattoos

Huge Cocks in Tight Asses

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Reviewed by on Sep-14-2006 - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Drew Peters drums up a huge cock: Chris Neal

Don't be fooled by the corny title, this is a hot movie. The four scenes of Huge Cocks in Tight Asses offer plain, heaping, satisfying servings of bareback buttplay. The guys in it all are all hot. They are not overdone, impossible models but more rather hot pickups one might snag at any bar on Saturday night.

To accomplish this, SX Vide pulls out their entire coterie of fan favorites. Chris Neal fans will swoon watchingg his giant cock plunging into the hungary butts of Drew Peters and Dominik Rider (Raw Ass Fuckers 2). There is also the yummy Brad Slater and wild blond bottom Alan Gregory, fresh from barebacking with Jeff Palmer, who both serve up their hungry asses on silver platters. Plus, there's some new meat.

The first scene introduces an attractive new face, Trevor Triton. This youthful, punkish blond has a wonderful, long penis. Without any setup, the film opens with him smooching with Gregory in bed. Soon he's exploring Gregory best side, his sweet open manhole. Triton tops him in several positions.

Gregory looks picture perfect holding his legs back as Triton pushes in and out, his hefty balls audibly slapping against the bottom's smooth nether region.

Triton ends up blowing his load into Gregory's mouth, creating a nice show of his erection's splendid, full shape.

 Brad Slater and Johnny LawWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Slater readys himself in anticipation for Johnny Law

Next Brad Slater and Johnny Law clean an office discussing typical workplace subjects: Slater expresses profound frustration at not finding a big dick to fuck him. Fortunately, Slater has stumbled onto the set of Huge Cocks in Tight Asses, and he's relieved to find one right there with him.

We've always liked watching Johnny Law (Los Baños Latinos), and his barebacking debut is hot. Slater, predictably, easily inhales Law's very long, downward curved penis.

His hot piece of equipment is accentuated by shaved pubic area and full foreskin.

The third episode is arguably the movie's high point. Fresh from fucking in SX Video's Dungeon, Drew Peters enjoys a kiss filled make-out session with hottie Dominik Rider. Rider is a hot new face with a notable combination of assets - he's a versatile bottom who loves big cocks up his muscular brown butt.

These bottoms occupy themselves with a double headed dildo, which they actually use properly and fully by the way. (Many movies just toss it in as a time filling prop) At this point, Sleaze bucket Chris Neal steps into camera view, politely asking in his Southern accent which of the two wants his dick first.

Neal's tall frame, wicked set of tattoos and cudgel between his legs has attracted a big fan base. Viewers will certainly thrill to him taking turns on his two companions, especially in that Peters and Rider both easily take it.

Neal's comfortable fucking and hot penis pull-outs make many freeze frame, remote control moments to the viewing. And in one high point, Neal, Rider and Peters form a love train generating enough heat to power downtown San Diego.

Everything finishes gushing oral cumshots, all worthy conclusions to the episode.

Drew Peters Easily Swallows Mononamed Moe

It is a relief to say that the last episode of the movie carries the film's momentum. Peters returns, this time to take on a new favorite of SX's top stallions, the mono named Moe (Raw Ass Fuckers). Moe is not a stooge in the phallus department. His dick looks like a mouthwatering foot long hot dog.

Sitting on a couch, they grow aroused watching a video of Bareback Studs. Peters delights in working his cock up to full hardness, holding it like he's discovered a fabulous new toy. Eventually, Peters carefully seats him onto Moe's stiff pole.

In a neat amateur style touch, Moe face stays transfixed on the sight of his cock pushing in and out of the blond's tight hole. The camera cuts to reveal Peters bouncing on this heavy equipment with a full, hard erection.

Moe is obviously hitting all the right areas.

He finishes by squirting a creamy, wet load onto the bottom's buttcheeks.

As quickly as it started, the film finishes. Nothing showy here. What you see is what you get. It's just Big Cocks in Tight Asses.

-Bareback Fiend

Dominik Rider, Drew Peters and Chris NealWatch on or Watch VOD
Dominik Rider, Drew Peters, Chris Neal
Chris Neal barebacks Dominik Rider and Drew PetersWatch on or Watch VOD
Chris Neal decides between Drew Peters and Dominik Rider
Drew Peters barebacks MoeWatch on or Watch VOD
Drew Peters takes in Moe
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