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Houseboi Discipline

Keith Miller
Spank This   ST45
Jeff Sterne , John Deere , Shane Stone , , Skyy South , Ty Riggs
Twinks, AmericanSpanking

Houseboi Discipline

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What happens when Jeff Sterne leaves?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The film opens with Jeff Sterne announcing to houseboy Skyy Lee that he'll be away for three months. Lee is in charge of making sure things get done around the house. Lee promises he won't let Sterne down, so Sterne leaves with an ominous You'd better not. When Sterne returns it seems that things are not quite up to his standards, so discipline needs to be handed out.

Sterne is still a little stiff in front of the camera and has a tendency to look into the lens, but the man sure does know how to spank a twink butt!

The first real action scene takes place with Sterne and pool boy Shane Stone. Sterne invites the young man inside to discuss his bill. He decides to impress upon Stone that for the money he pays he expects better performance. After Stone admits he's never been spanked before, Sterne decides that might be exactly what the smooth Stone needs. He bends him over on the couch and proceeds to spank him with his palm. Stone tries to put his hands in the way but Sterne quickly grabs and holds them. Convinced that the red faced Stone isn't feeling it through his board shorts he pulls them down followed by the pool boy's black bikini underwear a short while later.

The cheeks begin to glow some nice redness to them when Sterne pulls out a wooden paddle. It's obvious that Stone feels it now; his face is nearly as red as his cheeks, glistening with sweat and he's almost anticipating the blows that fall on his bare suffering ass. After switching back to his hand and then the paddle once more, Sterne lets him go with a warning to get out there and do a better job.

The rest of the scenes go about the same way in varying positions and dialog.

Skyy South, who provides the yard service, is forced to pick up his own instrument of instruction from a table of several. At the end he's reduced to tears as he counts out the last twelve strokes from Sterne's hand; one for each week that Sterne was gone. Stone, eyes still red and puffy, is then directed to get himself hard and cum while Sterne gets his payment ready. It takes the tall, dark haired boy man a few minutes of manipulation by his digits to get started, but his well-sized dick doesn't seem to care about any pain the ass may be feeling as it spits up a very nice load. Yummy carpenters Ty Riggs and John Deere learn the importance of not being a smart ass when being chewed out for their shoddy work on the fence. At first the guys smile and whisper to each other while bent over the sofa. Sterne doesn't have any trouble doing double duty to two sets of firm white globes. Once again we're treated to a jack off session but with both sexy guys seated on the couch.

At last Skyy Lee gets his punishment for failing to do a better job of supervising the workers. Despite his tears and assurances that he's learned his lesson, he too gets the full treatment with a strap.

This movie is all about the spanking, as it should be, with the importance of sex far behind. On the technical side the volume of the actors word's sometimes drops out if they're facing away or just too far from the camera, which is often shaky. On the plus side there's no annoying background music so every swat and whack, every tremor and crack of the boy's voices can be clearly heard. There are great close ups of the action and cum shots, zooming in at just the right moment.

All of the models are clean cut surfer types who work hard for this one. While the cheeks don't end up a dark purple like in some of the movies, you know that these guys are going to remember these spankings for a while.

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