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Hot Wired 2

Chi Chi LaRue Kristofer Weston
Falcon Studios   FVP148
Aiden Shaw , Antonio Majors , Brad Patton , Daniel Montes , , , Steve Hogan , , Trent Atkins

Hot Wired 2

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Nothing is wasted at Falcon, especially if John Weston or Trent Atkins are in it.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Josh Weston and Brad Patton get hot wired

Mr. Josh Weston (Kept) makes one hell of a tour guide. Hot Wired 2 may be little more than a rag-tag assortment of cinematic leftovers, but with Mr. Weston introducing each vignette, you probably won't be griping. Those of you familiar with the original Falcon release, Hot Wired, will recognize Falcon's familiar maneuver when it comes to getting the most bang for their studio buck. I mean, what are they supposed to do with those scenes they've already filmed but can't quite seem to find a place for?

Hot Wired 2 gives us five such scenes, slightly warmed over but tasty nonetheless. Weston takes on an Alistair Cooke-like role as he talks directly into the camera, giving us a three-sentence run-down on what we're about to feast our eyes on. Poor Josh sports a new, very blonde dye job that doesn't suit him at all, but it doesn't really seem to matter after he takes his prick out, playing with himself while he narrates.

Filippo Romano sprays Steve HoganWatch on or Watch VOD
Filippo Romano sprays Steve Hogan
Brad Patton (Heaven to Hell) and Trent Atkins flesh out the flick's first offering. It's hard,ahem, difficult, to get past Patton's appendage when watching him onscreen. I only wonder about his balls; either he's always on the verge of blowing his load or they are permanently located right against the base of his prick. Atkins literally can't get his entire hand around its incredible girth. Watching model after model try to tackle Patton's cock makes me both salivate and wonder where my tape measure is.

Patton licks and sucks Atkins' hole, but if I were Atkins, I'd still be terrified once Patton rubbers up and starts sliding that thing up and down my crack. Atkins doesn't break a sweat, but instead rides Patton into the sunset like the professional whore he is, sporting stiff wood the whole time his ass gets banged.

Filippo Romano orders in

When Filippo Romano is coyly stroking his prick in your hotel room double bed, the last thing you'd probably be doing is checking out the scenery outside the hotel window. It takes a few moments for Steve Hogan to get the message, but get it he does, carting his little gym bunny ass bedside and getting to work on Romano's uncut pole.

It's worth the wait because from the looks of it, Hogan sucks a mean cock, giving Romano's long slow licks before putting it in his mouth. If Hogan knows how to suck, Romano certainly knows how to rim. He's a ferocious rimmer, all but devouring Hogan's white-skinned bubble butt whole. For one electric moment, it almost looks like Hogan is going to take it bareback, but these lovers stop long enough to slip on a rubber before getting to some serious fucking. Romano blows long strings of goo all over Hogan's lovely face, then slowly eats it up.

Trent Atkins returns for the third scene with porn professional (and sometimes poet) Aiden Shaw. These days, Shaw is letting his hair go a bit grey - a bold choice when going up against today's very young models. The two get into it in a scene reminiscent of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost. You almost expect them to start kissing and covering each other with paint. Atkins does eventually put down his paintbrush long enough to pick up Shaw's snakelike British dong.

Atkins gives Shaw's prick the same loving attention he gave Brad Patton's in the first scene before he moves on to some pit worship. Shaw is not shy about giving head, coating Atkins' cock in spit before flipping him around for some rimming. With one leg hoisted up on a sawhorse, Atkins takes it up the ass, again never losing wood. All that dick up his backside eventually makes Atkins spray his belly with boy cream. Shaw then paints Atkins' abs with his white spunk.

In the fourth vignette, lucky, lucky Tommy Brandt gets to feast on both Brad Patton and model-beautiful Daniel Montes. Montes is Falcon's mystery man. I don't recall ever hearing his speaking voice on film, so for all intents and purposes, he could be mute. Montes' stunning Clark Kent-like looks steal the scene every time.

How these guys fall asleep with someone like Josh Weston lying next to them is a mystery.
Here, Montes even sucks cock (Patton's) just moments after some deep romantic kissing. It's a little slice of heaven - two big-dicked studs locking lips while a third is busy blowing them both. The scene goes almost over the top when Montes parts Brandt's luscious asscheeks and dives in with his tongue. I'd pay big bucks to put my tongue in Montes' mouth to get a taste of Brandt's backside.

Brandt can't hold back his cries each time Patton thrusts his prick home. I mean, could you keep your moans of pleasure to yourself with so many inches of thick meat up your bum? While Patton's preoccupied with his fucking, Montes sneaks the tips of his fingers between Patton's ass and gives Patton's hole a good rubdown. The scene concludes with three nasty cumshots. This is Hot Wired 2's only threeway and could easily be the film's hottest throwaway scene.

Weston finishes the film with a scene in which he appears with Antonio Majors. The prelude to the sex may make you cum even before the models even touch. Weston models and flexes in the sunlight before his lover wakes up, making every tendon stand at attention.

When Majors does manage to shake the sleep off (how these guys falls asleep with someone like Josh Weston lying next to them is a mystery), he and Weston quickly get down to business. After some mutual J/O, Majors deep-throats his buddy's pale cock, then gets to work eating ass. Weston's ass-ring is a masterpiece - shaven, perfectly puckered, scrubbed clean and delicious.

Weston then spends several moments chewing on Majors' dark foreskin. The cinematographer also gets some great shots of their two cocks rubbing together in several strange erotic positions. The fuck that Majors throws Weston is stellar, perfectly capping this film. Wrapping up all five scenes, Weston finishes his narration with another cumshot.

Hot Wired 2 gives the horny viewer at least 20 excruciatingly hot, moving snapshots where it's all but impossible to keep from cumming while you watch. Even though Falcon is not putting any outtakes, previews or bonus materials on its DVDs - something they should seriously consider doing - this particular flick is one to buy and watch over and over again.

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Trent Atkins looks back at Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Trent Atkins looks back at Brad Patton
Tommy Brandt rides Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Tommy Brandt rides Brad Patton, Daniel Montes (right)

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