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Hot Times In Little Havana

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Andriano Sabroso , Antonio DiMarco , Arpad Banfalvi , Bruno Diaz , Buddy Jones , Byorgy Toth , Enrique Rodriguez , Fermin Ortega , Jadson Pirocao , Jean Le Beau , Joao Pauzao , Jorge Martinez , Julio Duran , Lajos Czene , Louis Chanceur , Marcio da Costa , Marquinhos Duarte , Pietro Rosselli , Victor Garanon

Hot Times In Little Havana

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Julio Duran Flees Cuba Seeking Lost Lover

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

An expertly crafted film with perfect models and hot sex, Kristen Bjorn is in top form with this tale of lost love from the streets of Miami, Florida (a.k.a. Little Havana). For this reviewer, Hot Times in Little Havana is probably Bjorn at his finest at caputuring the latin body. The two stars, Julio Duran and Jorge Martinez, enjoy fully built, smooth Latin bodies. They are both completely sexually versatile.

We begin with Julio Duran stranded in Cuba longing for his love, Jorge Martinez, who has gone to Miami, Florida. Possessed by love, Duran floats over to the United States in the vein hopes of somehow finding his lost love.

Alec Martinez Jorge Martinez (aka Alec Martinez)
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Once arrived, two policemen, Bruno Diaz and Buddy Jones (Thick as Thieves) pick up Duran. The two men completely dominate the Cuban. They make him suck their dicks, and then they suck his. The scene has lots of rimming, anal sex and an astonishing number of cum shots. All actors cum multiple times, often while another's face is right next to the spurting cock. The two policemen relent and allow him to enter the country after this amazing sexplay.

The next scene has Jao Pauzau (A World of Men) and Jadson Pirocao following Antonio di Marco into his very attractive house and having a three way. The scene is great, but it is tough to compete with all the hot scenes with Duran and Martinez.

Safely in the country, Duran looks for Martinez. He goes to his last-known address, which is another well-appointed mansion. Wearing just a towel, Fermin Ortega tells him that Martinez no longer lives there. Declining sex, Duran moves on. However, Ortega meets Arpad Banfalvi in the house and the two begin working their hard erections. They orally service each other, rim extensively and screw.

Soon three friends join in, Pietro Rosselli, Louis Chanceur and Jean LeBeau. All these guys are very hot, toned and muscled. As in all Bjorn films, the cocks are always erect and there are multiple cumshots.

The guys divide up. Ortega and Chanceur bottom for the others. Ortega is a very hot bottom too. This scene alone features a dozen cum shots.

Next we find Martinez, who is rollerblading in the streets of Miami with his lover Adriano Sabroso (Manwatcher). Standing still, a youngish skater (Marquinhos Duarte) loses control and falls into them. The two take him home. Martinez is coaxed by Sabroso to join in on a three-way. Once persuaded, we are treated to another hot scene. Duarte drills Martinez. Sabroso drills Duarte. There are more cum-shots galore.

Meanwhile, Duran continues on his search for Martinez. Checking the address given to him, he finds the back yard full of five body builders splashing around the pool. They inform him that Martinez has moved, but they will reveal to him the new location if only he sucks all their dicks. Duran smiles and says okay.

Duran goes down on all their cocks and they jack-off in a circle around the kneeling Duran. They give Duran the information he wants, and the five guys promptly go into the house where they engage in screwing each other. The scene is a two-way and a three-way on a couch. It again features lots of sucking, rimming, anal sex and money shots.

Finally, Duran rings the doorbell of the house and Jorge opens the door. Reunited at last! However, Duran sees that he has been living it up in America with a lover and gets jealous. Martinez tells him that Duran is his one true love, and he proves it by pulling down his pants revealing his hard nine-inch uncut cock. The two make love in a very sensuous scene.

The film ends on this great note. If you have not seen a Bjorn video, this is one of our personal favorites.

Hot Times In Little Havana Photos:

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Marquinhos Duarte holds open Alec Martinez for Antonio Sabroso
Jorge Martinez and Julio Duran Watch on
Jorge Martinez inspects Julio Duran

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