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Hot on the Trail

Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Christian Bridou , David DiLorenzo , Denis Beauvais , Didier Hamel , Dominique Mendez , Frank Harnault , Frederic LeMaire , Frederic Sens , Kevin Kellogs , Mark Sink , Pascal Duvet , Patrick Martel , Serge Laurent
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Hot on the Trail

Cadinot's classic film about French scouts

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot on the Trail first appeared in France in 1984 under the name Le Jeu de Piste. The film had uneven distribution during the 1980's, however. Its original distributor withdrew it in 1987 due to rumors of a possible lawsuit from the Boy Scout of America.

In 1980, Jean-Daniel Cadinot created a little film called Scouts I, which chronicled the sexcapades of a troop of French scouts. This was never released in the United States. Hot on the Trail is essentially his sequel, subtitled Scouts II - Le Jeu de Piste (Trail Game). It continues the tale of a scavenger hunt in the French countryside.

The original French version of Le Jeu de Piste is ninety minutes. Hot on the Trail runs 81 minutes. The deleted nine minutes consists of nonsexual footage. For example, there is an extended scene at the end around the campfire. Since there are no subtitles, and they models are speaking in French, the distributor apparently figured that most viewers would not miss the cut footage.

That is the checkered history of Hot on the Trail. Cadinot fans properly find this to be one of his best films ever.

At the beginning, troop leader Denis Beauvais divides his scouts into two teams: the Blue Team (David di Lorenzo, Serge Laurent and Christian Bridon) and the Red Team (Frank Harnault, Didier Hamel, Frederic Sens and Pascal Duvey).

Frank Harnault and Patrick Mantel Frank Harnault tastes Patrick Mantel
Beauvais has concealed clues along the trail. The first team to find all the clues and reach the final destination point wins.

Pascal Duvey Gets an Eyeful

The sexual fun begins with Pascal Duvey (the spoiled kid from Ski Fever) spys to local boys (Kevin Kellocks and Mark Sink) having sex in a small clearing. Duvey jacks off as he watches the pair. In the anal action, Sink tops Kellocks.

That evening, the scouts settle down in the sleeping bags. Didier Hamel jockeys to position himself close to Duvey. (Cadiot fans will recognize Hamel as the relentlessly bullied bottom in Tough and Tender) They immediately begin to grope each other beneath the covers of the bags. They grope and go through manual action, and Hamel brings Duvey off to a gushing climax.

That morning, the scouts awaken and move around looking for wood and setting up breakfast. Hamel and Duvey sneak off behind to some trees to continue their sexual episode. Here, Duvey blows Hamel to a big climax.

Unsatisfied, Hamel lures Serge Laurant behind the same tree. While the other scouts go romping in the river in their hot underwear, Laurent blows Hamel. Then he offers up his ass for Hamel to top him.

Next the competition begins. The Blue Team finds an abandoned house, where they pause to rest. David di Lorenzo and Dominique Mendez find a private place to engage their raging hormones. Their kissing graduates to sucking, and finally di Lorenzo tops Mendez capped by really hot money shots at the end.

The Blue Team crosses a river on an inflatable raft. Christian Bridon capsizes it, leading di Lorenzo to comfort him, drying him off. This leads to Bridon blowing di Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, the Red Team is in its own set of adventures. They stumble across a small shed in a pasture. Here Hamel decides to tie up Duvey to a post while the other three members of the team have lunch.

After lunch, Hamel returns to untie Duvey, for sexual favors naturally. Duvey sucks Hamel willingly, and only reluctantly opens his ass for him.

Next, the Red Team discovers the same abandoned house the Blue Team rested in earlier. Here Frederic Sens gets down with Frank Harnault. Sens is a great cock sucker, and later Harnault drills Sens in his butt.

Next, Frank Harnault gets the attention of fisherman Patrick Martel. Martel catches him trying to steal one of his lures. As vengeance, Martel feeds the scout his big, uncut cock first in his mouth, then in his ass. Afterwards, as a friendly gesture, Martel gives him the lure.

Over at the Blue Team, Christian Bridonand and Serge Laurent examine a fallen bird. They start plucking his feathers, but a local hunter, Frederic Le Maire, is not happy to find the scouts plucking his bird. He exacts revenge to topping both scouts.

The scouts celebrate together

The final scene occurs after the competition. The scouts celebrate by wrestling in the mud, kissing and groping each other. Here troop leader Beauvais singles out Mendez for some special attention. The go to a nearby cabin where they exchange blowjobs and sixty-nine. Next, Mendez presents his hot ass to Beauvais. Beauvais tops him, pulls out and shoots, reinserts and bangs away til he produces a second money shot.

This end scene is clearly a high point of the film.

Hot on the Trail explores the sexual activity among young men at the peak of their sexual rage. The khaki shorts, young faces and hot bareback sex will keep lots of folks in seventh heaven.

Hot on the Trail Photos:

Hot on the Trail Cast The scouts from Hot on the Trail
Le Jeu de Piste The troops awaken
Didier Hamel and Pascal Duvey Didier Hamel grips Pascal Duvey

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