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Hotel Italia 2: The Innkeeper

Lucas Kazan
Lucas Kazan Productions  
Eric Flower , Giorgio Salieri , Mamo Vallicelli , Matt Van Dorn , , Max Veneziano , Michele Luppo , Paolo Tarantino , Sasha Byazrov , Vilem Cage
Euro-Muscle GuysSolosItalians / Italy

Hotel Italia 2: The Innkeeper

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Love makes a fool of Sasha Byazrov

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Viewers seeking romance in their movies go directly to Lucas Kazan Productions. His movies drip with the sappy stuff from beginning to end. Clearly the movies' creators hail from the same gene pool that invented dramatic operas, like Tosca or La Boheme. This goes beyond just the story. The colors throughout The Innkeeper are vibrant and specific. The musical accompaniment accents the mood. Finally, peopled by a cast of incredible picture-perfect models, this film wraps everything up into one dreamy package.

The movie's star is Russian model Sasha Byazrov, a trim brunet with handsome Slavic features. He operates a local inn, and in the story all the men residing there worship him, all except one. Byazrov has no interest in any of his suitors, except for the one who could care less, Michele Luppo. Byazrov weighs the benefits of what men want, and if by taking their love he limits his freedoms.

Hunting Matt Van Dorn

In the first sex scene, hotel steward Matthias Vannelli leaves his hotel in frustration to go find anonymous trade on the streets. Large and nicely built, Vannelli also carries a big cock around like it is worth its weight in gold.

Matthias VannelliWatch VOD
Matthias Vannelli
He quickly finds Matt van Dorn, an immaculate blond with piercing eyes and an ass of death. Van Dorn (Deep Plunge) plays the passive bottom, taking everything Vannelli needs for his self-centered pleasures. Echewing kissing, Vannelli lets the blond eat his ass. Then after they each blow a pair of foreplay loads, Vanelli hammers him doggie style. Van Dorn's butt takes the intrusion with ease.

They go through two complete rounds of anal sex. In the second sequence, Van Dorn shoots a hand-free money shot, his cream spilling all over the bedsheets. Vannelli never even slows down.

Throughout the movie, Byazrov broods over whether to win over the reluctant Luppo. Meanwhile the hotel guests must entertain themselves, certainly not difficult considering they are all amazingly gorgeous. The second scene is a beautiful solo sequence with Mamo Vannelli and Paolo Tarantino standing some distance apart in their rooms. Their mutual arousal increases as they observe each other slowly, methodically masturbating. Both men have beautifully proportioned, muscular bodies and delicious looking cocks.

There is no touching, except with the eyes. Their bodies are delicately kissed by director Kazan's lighting which illuminates their inside torsos, or butts in ways that draws the eyes right inside. Hard white light illuminates Tarantino's backside as he rubs his barge-like muscular butt. Here is a fine example of how skilled direction and lighting can turn something as simple as jack-off solos into an intoxicating display of memorable visuals.

Eric Flower's Hot Sex with Vilem Cage

The movie's pacing is perfect. After this comes a searing duet with Eric Flower (Backstage) and the sultry Vilem Cage. Ducking onto a staircase, Flower jams Cage's big snake into his mouth, blowing him until it spits creamy goo all over his broad chest. Cage then sinks down to slurp on Flower's hefty package, his balls pulled tight up against his own blond pubes.

In what is probably one of the hottest screw scenes of the year, Flower sinks his muscular ass down onto Cage's erection. Flower's own rigid rod waves around as he humps it. Perched on the staircase, the camera drinks in their thighs, legs and the simple rhythms of their moving bodies. Flower coaxes out his second load in this position.

Before the viewer can catch their breath, Cage is pushing his cock into Flower's musclebutt, this time standing doggie. Gripping the rails on the wall, Flower's butt gets an all-out banging, and ends with Cage's cock exploding burst after burst of juice.

Max Veneziano's beautiful body ripples with muscles and tattoos. The movie ends with two more sex scenes: a beautiful three way, and a final one on one. Arriving shirtless, Max Veneziano, Vilem Cage and Giorgio Salieri step into a homey and warm guestroom and begin pawing each other. Veneziano, his massive body rippling with muscles and tattoos, never looked better. On his knees, Cage works over the shaved top's gorgeous torpedo-dick with his mouth. They all blow a first round of money shots during the sucking. Following this is great footage of the smooth Salieri on his back with the two brawny tops plowing his ass. They hose close-cropped musclebottom's pec and glutes down with jetstreams of hot jizz.

The one on one finale shows the unreachable Lucco succumbing to the offerings of the Innkeeper, Sasha Byazrov. After releasing a set of money shots, Byazrov shows why his ass is one of the hottest ever captured on film. With Byazrov's stomach down flat on the bed, Lucco drills into his wide-open cheeks. Byazrov gets pounded hard, their legs and feet entwined. In one of the final highlights, Lucco pounds out a hands-free money shot from the Innkeeper. The ultimate result is a final set of white hot blasts, and a coda to the story.

Hotel Italia 2: The Innkeeper combines elements of romance and sensuality with five hot scenes of sex to make this remarkable film a keeper. Kazan based the story on a 1752 Italian play named La locandiera by Carlo Goldoni. The overall themes examining the powers men have over each other, and how they weigh committment as mutually exclusive to freedom is thought provoking. These are clearly themes one would expect from across the Atlantic.

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Eric Flower
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Matthias Vannelli and Matt Van Dorn
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Michelle Luppo (above) and Sasha Byazrov (below)

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