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Hot House Backroom, Volume 9 (Ethan Wolfe)

Robert C. Drake
Hot House Entertainment   BE009
Movie Series
Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos
, David West , Ethan Wolfe , Johnny Gunn , Jude Collin , Kai Ford , Robbie Ireland , Turk Mason , Ty LeBeouf
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Hot House Backroom, Volume 9 (Ethan Wolfe)

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Kai Ford steals the show!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We've skipped over reviewing several recent Hot House Backroom DVDs, but the burning high levels of heat in the ninth volume has grabbed our interest. The Backroom DVD series always makes for enjoyable sittings. So what has happened over at America's famously filthiest movie studio since Hot House Backroom, Volume 4?

Hot House has recruited this total hottie with a shaved head and a beautiful, big dick named Ethan Wolfe, who receives star billing in their film Masterpiece. However, the big news from Volume 9 is about how the tattooed sex-pup Kei Ford really steals the show.

Ford appears in two of the DVD's action sex scenes. Here he looks like he's thrown off all inhibitions, obviously looking like he's enjoying himself. This special, enchanted energy starts from the very first frame of the film. We first see Ford slowly jacking himself off, peering directly into the camera, which slowly pans back.

Ethan Wolfe and Kai Ford
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Ethan Wolfe sucks Kai Ford

He's quickly joined by Wolfe, who walks up fully-clothed. Immediately reaching out to touch Ford's body, Wolfe deep throats his cock. Wolfe gets behind a bent over Ford, sliding his cock into his bodacious rump. Ford rocks back in rapt pleasure.

Suddenly he gets up and flips Wolfe over onto his back, throwing him an equally enthusiastic screw. Ford holds the boxcover model's long legs apart in his hands as he thrusts. He follows this by pounding Wolfe excitedly on his stomach, going full bore until he easily reaches a rich climax, dumping his load onto smooth butt cheeks.

Just when you think Ford has completely stolen the show, Wolfe rights himself up, grabs his cock and shoots a high flying five star money shot that leaves his chest drenched.

Ty LeBeouf Solo

After this comes a first-class solo from Ty LeBeouf. With the picturesque backdrop of San Francisco in the background, he's just delighted to share his body with his fans, opening things with a most warm and inviting smile.

Wearing a brown cap and a dog tag necklace, he strips down to a black jock strap, playing with his dick. He delivers a sensuous and inviting solo performance. If this Hot House Exclusive has not won you over before, he will now.

Next comes a rousing duet between two highly charged, sexual figures: Turk Mason and Jude Collin. Collin has been in real hit on the recent porn website circuit, and it is easy to see why. He's a total stud. One of the scene's high points occurs when Mason opens Collin's blue jeans releasing his big fuckin' cock.

Wearing a gray wife-beater, he fucks the younger Mason in lots of hot positions including a riveting doggie-style sequence. Later, Mason impales himself atop Collin's torpedo in a position so hot it clearly takes Collin to his bursting point. He barely has enough time to move the bottom aside and pull off the rubber. They cum simultaneously.

Turk Mason releases Jude Collin's big cock. Next comes a pleasant surprise - a solo from Cameron Fox. Fox retired awhile ago, so this episode must be the one filmed in 2004. Fox always packs a huge wallop, stroking that giant dick of his. He's still just an expert as using it as in his first Falcon hits, No Way Out and In Deep: Miles to Go.

Kai Ford's Backroom Encore

Next, the randy Ford returns for an encore performance, which is just as good as his first. He's sunning his buns floating on a raft out in the pool, where he attracts the attention of the cute, young David West. (A completely new face to us.) Perhaps filmed around the time Kai Ford starred in Trunks 5, he quickly gets very sexy and serious with the his doe-eyed partner.

Ford gives West's hole a massive rim job. This is followed by another one of his surprisingly energetic top man performances, completely losing himself in his work like a rutting puppy. West remains very passive here, but Ford's exuberance easily makes up for it, having a splendid time fucking his ass and coating it with jizz.

So where have the real men been during all of this backroom action? For the final scene, two of them appear - Johnny Gunn and Robbie Ireland. Both hairy guys with scruffy faces and and clipped chest hair. They go to town. Gunn works over Ireland's big, long dick. Then he turns around spreading his butt checks as Ireland takes his time working over the heavy bulls eye.

Ireland hits it at length, drilling the bottom in his white jock strap, which culminates with these hung guys flip-flop fucking. A fine, satisfying finish to a most well-rounded and filling Hot House meal. With an unleashed Kai Ford, wild boy fucking, great solos and a manly finish, there is something in Hot House Backroom, Number 9 for everyone.

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Hot House Backroom, Volume 9 (Ethan Wolfe) Photos:

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Jude Collin sucks Turk Mason
Cameron FoxWatch on - Watch VOD
Cameron Fox
Kai Ford fucks David WestWatch on - Watch VOD
Kai Ford behind David West
Robbie Ireland and Johnny GunnWatch on - Watch VOD
Robbie Ireland tastes Johnny Gunn
Jude Collin and Turk MasonWatch on - Watch VOD
Jude Collin and Turk Mason

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