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Hot House Backroom, Volume 4 (Kyle King)

Robert C. Drake
Hot House Entertainment   BE004
Movie Series
Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos
Dillon Crow , Jed Willcox , , Kyle King , Malik Sharif , , , Ryann Wood , , Travis Scott
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Hot House Backroom, Volume 4 (Kyle King)

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Dillon Crow Nests in Kyle King's Throne

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot House throws their fans another juicy bone with this fifth DVD of their Backroom series, a collection of six episodes filmed originally for their membership website, the Hot House Backroom.

The videos tend to have no setup at all, the action starts immediately and their time duration is shorter then usual. These scenes all feature some very hot moments, especially the final scene bringing the gorgeous Jed Willcox out before the camera for another time, flip-flopping with sex maniac Rod Barry.

Another guilty favorite: watching the now notorious Nickolay Petrov perform a delicious solo.

Watching these scenes on DVD benefit from the fact that they are filmed in impressive wide screen detail, and we personally prefer the convenience and instant power of the DVD player remote control options superior to those found watching online. However, the trend is clearly going towards watching everything on the Internet. Either way, Hot House's quality and eye for models should satisfy everybody watching.

Dillon Crow fucks Kyle King in the Backroom

Director Robert Drake starts things off by casting two familiar Hot House studs together for a rousing one-on-one session: Goateed boxcoverboy Kyle King and Dillon Crow, the tattooed sexual dynamo from Head Hunters, Inc.

This is what happens when two established bottoms attack each other with unleashed abandon. King pushes himself back into Crow's cock. After this, they switch positions so King can lick on Crow hole before fucking it. In a hot finish, King leaps back onto Crow's hard, rubber wrapped pole for a final ride.

Travis Scott (Just Add Water) returns home from jogging to find boyfriend Ryann Wood as he blends a protein shake. Scott is horny, quickly pulling down Wood's shorts to reveal his Go Softwear jock strap. Scott has just the thing to put inside him, a monster of a dick.

Watching the young looking, thin Scott wield this massive thing is clearly one of the movie's best images. Fans of big dicks will have ample time to study his tool, because Drake takes his time capturing it for the camera. Wood has always had success at fishing for big dicks. (See Trouser Trout from Raging Stallion Studios) Wood gets on his knees giving him a long blowjob. Soon his aching asshole is taking its full length, as Scott bangs him still wearing his jock strap. Scott cums on the bottom's chest, quickly followed by his own thick, white money shot.

Next comes the movie's first of two solos, Steve Cruz slowly reveals his hirsute body, seductively disrobing out of his tighty whities and blue jeans. Cruz's frequent knowing looks into the camera tell the viewer that he is one crafty bottom, who is prepared at this point to show off his goods like a cat in heat.

After lubing up a fat butt plug and sitting on it, he gets himself off, his butt literally ejecting it as he cums.

It's amazing, but Hot House still has unreleased footage (on DVD) of the late Kent North. In this episode, insatiable bottom North works over the giant black cock of Malik Sharif, sucking him until he gets hard, and turning right around to display his hungry ass.

Nickolay Petrov jacks off to his image in a mirror. Sharif rams his meat inside North, whose butt takes it easily no muss no fuss. Both guys shoot nice, splattery loads.

Next, Nickolay Petrov saunters into an empty room containing nothing but a full sized mirror. Since working in the gay porn industry, the heterosexual Russian immigrant was famously tried and convicted for some vicious mob-style crimes. (Read the news stories on J.C. Adams' excellent Gay Porn Times blog)

Knowing this now probably makes watching Petrov all the hotter to many viewers. Petrov's signature sex scene is fucking red head Blu Kennedy in Jet Set's Code Violators.

Here Petrov walks in, caresses the muscles in his arms and squeezes the package in his jeans. Slowly he undresses himself, constantly staying focused on his own image in the mirror. In a most indulgent sequence of narcissism, Petrov masturbates until he blows a copious orgasm up the length of his flat abdominals. Acting like a simian primate, using his hand, he wipes his own cum off of himself, and flings it at the mirror.

Jed Willcox in the Backroom

The movie ends with another rousing session of versatile sex. Here is one more opportunity to watch the stunningly beautiful Jed Willcox doing it on screen, who sadly is now comfortably retired from the industry back in his home country of South Africa. Wilcox is paired with Rod Barry, whose famous aggressive sexual activity makes for a memorable match with Willcox.

The guys flip-slop sexually, and for those not used to seeing Barry bottom - he's almost always cast as a powertop - it's interesting to watch him swoon taking it up the ass. Barry has visibly aged a bit since his golden days several years ago, but he still has a ton of fans out there, and watching these two guys paired together is another one of the movie's high points.

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Hot House Backroom, Volume 4 (Kyle King) Photos:

Dillon Crow fucks Kyle KingWatch on - Watch VOD
Dillon Crow tops Kyle King
Travis Scott and Ryann WoodWatch on - Watch VOD
Travis Scott above Ryann Wood
Nickolay PetrovWatch on - Watch VOD
Nickolay Petrov
Steve CruzWatch on - Watch VOD
Steve Cruz
Kent North and Malik SharifWatch on - Watch VOD
Kent North " Malik Sharif
Rod Barry and Jed WillcoxWatch on - Watch VOD
Rod Barry & Jed Willcox

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