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Hot House Backroom, Volume 11 (Blu Kennedy)

Robert C. Drake
Hot House Entertainment   BE011
Movie Series
Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos
Adam Herst , , Ethan Wolfe , Jasper St. John , Kai Ford , Lucas Knowles , Luke Cassidy , Ross Hurston , Rusty Stevens , Shane Frost
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Hot House Backroom, Volume 11 (Blu Kennedy)

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>Blu Kennedy Lurks in the Backroom

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who probably thinks he's got the best job in the world? Possibly porn star Kai Ford when he's unbuttoning Blu Kennedy's tight, faded blue jeans. The charming, red-headed twink who started his career in 2005 with CitiBoyz' Real and Raw Las Vegas has matured into a strapping hunk of a man. His hair shaved tightly around his head, he's clearly been working out, and it shows in all the right places. (His curved ass... his defined back.)

Ross Hurston fucks Ethan Wolfe Watch on - Watch VOD
Lukas Knowles, Ethan Wolfe, Ross Hurston

Tumblr: Luke Cassidy presents lunch
Ford carries his own sweet innocence, amazingly, considering his already storied career in porn. The look on Ford's face betrays clear wonder that he on the set doing it with this famous ginger stallion. Similarly, Kennedy is so eager to get the anal action started that within minutes he turns revealing an open bottle of ID lube in his hands. He greases up his own engine, priming it for fucking.

It does not take long watching this dance to predict that it's only a matter of time before they flip-flop. Ford throws his own lubed ass in the air for Kennedy's thick hard-on, burying it all the way up to his red pubes. Coiling together like two enraptured snakes, they begin this special DVD off on the highest possible note.

It's probably time to mention that this movie, Hot House Backroom Volume 11 continues the great DVD series, pulling together five torrid episodes from the Backroom on All filmed in the same living room set, or perhaps it's a hotel suite, things never get tired thanks to the volcanic sexual energy of the cast, a great collection of Hot House regulars, guest stars and new faces. Speaking of new faces, one new face will really trigger excitement if you like military jar heads getting fucked.

Luke Cassidy Comes out of Nowhere

In the second episode, the wiry Shane Frost (Hot House Backroom, Vol. 10) struts out to show off his top man skills. Frost has popped un in numerous movies this year, usually playing a rather ravenous bottom. Studded with tattoos, lean and thin, he's got the body for it, but how does he stand up to pumping butt?

Happily, Frost passes this test with flying colors! He gets to to ram his cock into a most arousing bottom boy named Luke Cassidy, who looks like he might have just gotten released from serving in the military, a place famous for honing up one's bottoming skills. Watching his round ass getting gunned is beautiful. In a high moment, he's on his back, long legs in the air moaning and groaning to Frost's steady fucking. He also spews a great gusher when he cums.

Things reach the boiling point for the next scene, when Lucas Knowles brings a new friend home to Ross Hurston from Paging Dr. Finger for a fantastic three-way. This friend is Hot House horndog Ethan Wolfe, and between the three of them it's a bonanza of masculine meat. Wolfe, who carries a huge sausage between his legs, has shown a penchant for happily bottoming. Here's he seems to be in the same mood, and both Hurston and Knowles are happy to oblige.

Knowles drills him on his fours, followed by Hurston fucking him on his back. Once again, the sex is so hot, the models clearly look into it. In a fitting climax, Knowles rains a long river of cum down onto Wolfe, who is getting plowed by Hurston, never missing a beat. They adjourn to the couch for their own sensuous climax.

Next we find Rusty Stevens stepping on screen to do it with Adam Herst. Stevens, ever since he first popped up in bareback movies like Hot Men Barebacking from SX Video, has always been rather stoic. We've never seen Hurst before. Both guys put on a respectable show of manhood. Their flip-flop fuck is decent, but obvious filler.

Not to worry. Hot House Backroom, Volume 11 ends on a great note with the welcome return of Luke Cassidy. Cassidy's encore performance is just as enthusiastic as his first. Walking into a sun lit room, he discovers Jasper St. John dozing on a couch wearing nothing but Calvin Klein tighty whities. Cassidy here is fully hard and ready to fuck.

He throws a great screw into St. John, who turns into a ravenous bottom. At one point he pretzels his long legs back behind his own head, using his free hand to push Cassidy's moving body harder into him.

The scene makes for a perfect finish, ending with another one of Cassidy's hot money shots. Congratulations to Cassidy for coming right out of nowhere to steal the thunder of the movie with his two scenes.

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Kai Ford fucks Blu KennedyWatch on - Watch VOD
Kai Ford behind Blu Kennedy
Ethan Wolfe in a three-wayWatch on - Watch VOD
Lucas Knowles, Ethan Wolfe, Ross Hurston
Shane Frost fucks Luke CassidyWatch on - Watch VOD
Shane Frost behind Luke Cassidy

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