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Hot Bods Hard Rods (Citiboyz Vol. 38)

Steve Shay
Citi Boyz  
Alex Brogan , Alex Lynn , Brent Lawson , Jesse Jordan , Justin St. James , Kyle Peterson , Nathan Brooks , Patrick Grenshaw , Sam Jacobson , Sean Tyler , Shane Stone
SolosTwinks, American

Hot Bods Hard Rods (Citiboyz Vol. 38)

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Citi Boyz Hot Rods Solos

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's difficult to make a film of models jacking off solo without having it turn into a huge snoozefest. The guys over at must be doing something right. Not only have they managed to make a feature length film containing nothing but delicious twinks working out their loads, but they've also snagged a 2005 GayVN nomination for Best Solo Video for Hot Bods, Hard Rods.

Not every one of the eleven models featured in HBHR is going to have you whistling Dixie, but the majority of these sexy twinks have an instant connection with the camera, teasing not only themselves, but the eager viewer as well. The film starts out strong with an innocent-looking Latin pup, Alex. He's a 20 year-old with a sultry gaze and an impressive hard-on. The camera darts in and around a wooden ladder, catching glimpses of Alex turning himself on. He doesn't make the viewer wait long, freeing his fully stiff throbber from his sweatpants.

Alex eventually makes himself comfortable on a single rung of the ladder, waving his cock at us from above and licking his pouty, full lips. Then he's on the move again, working that ladder like a stripper pole. Unable to hold back, he lets fly over one slightly fuzzy thigh. The camera holds still to capture a singular lazy glob of goo just starting to roll down the inside of Alex's leg.

Bret Lawson is the only model in the film who submits to an on-camera interview before we get to sample the goods. He's a tall drink with a subtle attitude. As he sits in front of the lens for his Q&A, he noisily smacks his gum and begrudgingly answers questions. Maybe the interviewer has a knack, but Bret quickly breaks a smile and starts rambling about how much he digs military guys.

No doubt this 18 year-old still has some growing to do. Stripped of his shirt, he's trademark twink. The interview portion here goes on about six minutes too long; obviously the older gent asking the questions wants to flirt with Bret, probing his subject long after Bret has wood. Left to his own devices, it doesn't take much for Bret to erupt into a puddle on his stomach. He's so quiet and understated when cumming that if you blink, you might skim past the big moment.

Kyle Peterson seems like he could care less if the cameras were there or not. His goal is to get off, and if he has an audience, the more the merrier. He eases into it, his right hand diddling one brown nipple while his left hand is buried inside his jeans, digging and groping. His chest is smooth (nearly all of the models in HBHR are smooth) with only a few wisps of hair peeking out from his armpits. He stokes his own fire by kicking off his jeans and flipping over onto his stomach, humping the futon mattress. Lying there bottoms up, he's delicious, especially when he flexes the muscles in his ass. He's shaved his crotch completely bare and this denuded look makes him look especially vulnerable. Even after he gets his nut he ignores the cameras, massaging the cream into his upper body.

Nathan Brooks Solo

Watching a pair of Citiboyz frolic on his desktop computer, Nathan Brooks (Beyond Imagination) just can't help but unbutton his jeans and release his aching throbber. His eyes are glued to the monitor, and while one hand strokes, the other hand does all the mouse clicking. Nathan is the most traditionally beautiful model in HBHR, blessed with sensuous facial features and serious eyes. His cock ain't bad either, a hearty, thick piece that juts towards his belly button. Using an overhanded twist and pull motion, Nathan's stroke technique is fantastically erotic. Thankfully he gets buck-ass naked in his computer chair, keeping pace with the guys in the streaming video. The camera is smartly perched right below his plump hairless balls and completely shaved cockbush. Nate ups the ante for the viewer by sticking a finger or two into his tender hole while he stokes. All it takes is that wee bit of digital stimulation and he explodes directly on the camera lens, sharing his spunk with the guys at home. Not one to ignore a mess he's made, he scoops up his own cream and laps it off his fingers.

The guys over at Citiboyz did save the best for last.well, second to last. Meet Sam Jacobsen (Sports Buddies), a doe-eyed hottie with a cute face and scorching hot cock. He's completely engaged with some nasty gay porn playing on the TV, and while he watches, he hauls out the biggest uncut prick we've seen in Hot Bods, Hard Rods. Given that his hands are all over it, it's hard to gauge its true size. I'm guessing 9" with a slight curve to the left. And can this kid shoot! His hose ends up splashing the chair he's sitting in with jizz. When all is said and done, Sam indulges in a little cumplay, aggressively squeezing his cock from the base to tip to drain every single drop, firmly pinching the folds of foreskin tight so that the white gold starts to dribble.

Each of the eleven twinks featured in Hot Bods, Hard Rods did their part to help the producing staff at Citiboyz garner their coveted GayVN nomination. It's interesting how diverse twinks can be and they certainly run the gamut here. For fans of uncomplicated solo films and of nicely endowed smooth twinks, it's going to be hard to beat this film come awards time.

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Hot Bods Hard Rods (Citiboyz Vol. 38) Photos:

Alex Lynn
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Alex Lynn
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Brent Lawson

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