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Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick visits with the hostiles.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The 2005 Hollywood horror movie Hostel arguably cast a pall over American tourists visiting the Eastern European youth hostels. The International Youth Hostel Association should have similar concerns regarding the gay porn production Hostile, an ultimately dark story about gay Americans visiting Europe seeking wild sexual adventure.

COLT Studio Group has revived their Olympus movie line with a hot adventure that nicely combines storyline and parody. The result is a union of American-born Buckshot Men with Hungarian muscle hunks. These elements have not been so well combined by a studio since Falcon produced Out of Athens in 2000, which also included John Rutherford and Roland Dane on that team.

In the four episode film, Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler (Boot Black Blues) play American tourists visiting the well acquainted city of Amsterdam. At a bar, they get snookered by well dressed businessman Roland Dane (the film's writer and director, appearing in a non-sexual role) to drop everything and go to Budapest. Upon their arrical, the Americans realize that they are not in Kansas anymore.

After an unexpectedly long train ride, they ride in a rickety, noisy taxi to a small hotel, where a buxom female beauty books them into an already occupied room. They open the door to discover that their new roommates are Lucio Maverick and Matt Stephan, who they catch In flagrante delicto.

A scorching four-way immediately develops.

Roddick kneels on the floor as Maverick pop off his towel, revealing the first of Hungarian cocks, all of which are of gargantuan proportions. After mutual cock sucking, the scene continues with couples Maverick and Chandler, and Roddick and Stephan screwing side by side on the bed.

Roddick is an impressive top here. Maverick, as always, knows how to use his big, uncut dick, throwing a very hot fuck to Chandler after fingering his ass.

Alex Chandler rides Lucio Maverick Watch on COLT
Alex Chandler rides Lucio Maverick
Danny Roddick sucks Lucio Maverick Watch on COLT
Danny Roddick sucks Lucio Maverick (fore)
Alex Chandler sucks Matt Stephan
The excitement grows when the guys start switching positions. Chandler gets a crack at the hairy Stephen's hole, as does Maverick. They finish with Chandler sitting back down on Maverick's dick while Stephen tops Roddick immediately adjacent to them. Roddick shoots a fountain of cum, followed by Maverick coating Chandler's smooth chest with hot seed.

As they lay together in post-orgasm glow, Stephen and Maverick invite the Americans out to a disco. Kudos to director Dane and crew for filming in a real techno-club, and casting an impressive number of extras to fill up the dance floor.

Perched up on a box next to the dancing are two go-go boys (Fredy Costa [Twin Devils] and Mario McGabe). Their dancing reveals full boners in their shorts, quickly leading to stark naked fucking on and around the dance pole. The crowd eggs on their action as the dancers suck each other's hefty cocks.

McCabe has a smooth body and a baby face. He looks picture perfect taking Costa's long schlong up his ass.

Costa screws him on his side, causing the bottom to cum. This doesn't stop either of them though, Costa continues topping him in three additional positions. McCabe shoots a second copious money shot, followed with Costa's own hot orgasm on his shoulder.

The second half of Hostile is the darker side. Roddick is abducted from the bar and taken to an abandoned warehouse where he awakens bound naked to a chair. A video camera mounted on a tripod points to him, its recording light on.

Three strapping Hungarians (Julian Vincenzo, Giovanni Florretto and Akos Piros) appear and they proceed fuck the Hell out of him. Chandler's ass skills are stretched to the absolute limit here with these guys' dicks. Floretto, aka Ted Colunga / Fred Fele, is famous as a humongously endowed power-bottom. Wearing his ripped, hairy abs, he is 100% top here.

Fredy Costa and Mario McCabe Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Fredy Costa enters Mario McCabe
Vincenzo puts in a very hot performance, hammering Chandler rapid fire, gripping him with both hands, slapping his ass and spitting on his hole. Piros screws Chandler from above, pointing his dick directly down into his awaiting hole. The three guys fuck Chandler hard and pass him around rapidly. The tops all cum on him.

Later, Chandler lays naked on the warehouse floor. Time has passed.

The camera shows a fully clothed Piros walking up to Chandler, awakening him and putting a gun to his head.

Danny Roddick Fights Back

The final episode of the movie shows Roddick going to the warehouse in another one of the country's rickety taxis. Walking into the warehouse, he gets taken by the same three tops: Floretto, Vincenzo and Piros. The guys all perform a similar round of rough sex on Roddick.

Roddick impressively takes all their cocks in an around the world sequence of positions. Does Roddick survive? What are the sinister plans of businessman Roland Dane, and will be succeed? Viewers will certainly pause a bit after watching the movie's ending.

A thirty-five minute behind the scenes episode documents Roddick and Chandler's visit to Budapest, filming on the set and interaction with the models. Fans of Roddick and Chandler will appreciate watching this candid footage that captures their personalities in spontaneous situations.

The movie contains several familiar names and faces either as extras or in the production credits. Blond power top James Jordan aka Garcia Udulo is billed as a production assistant, and Janos Volt appears as a patron at the discotheque. Perhaps Dane has developed an exciting gay adult film operation, truly putting the excellent talent we have watched for years to good use.

Hostile delivers results of truly Olympian proportions.

Hostile Photos:

Julian Vincenzo drills Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Julian Vincenzo drills Danny Roddick
Alex Chandler rides Giovanni Floretto Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Alex Chandler rides Giovanni Floretto
Akos Piros (left), Julian Vincenzo (right)

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