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Hollywood Sex Club

Andrew Rosen
Jet Set Men  
Aaron James , Cam Kurtz , Cooper Neumann , Jason Reddick , , Luke Riley , Sean Preston , , T.J. Young ,
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Hollywood Sex Club

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Straight buddies venture into a gay sex club.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Movies have been filmed before at The Zone, but none as well as Jet Set's Hollywood Sex Club.

Perhaps taking inspiration from Hot House's Resurrection, where Trent Atkins descends into the bowels of a sex club, this time it is about two straight buddies. Jason Reddick plays the crafty one, who pursuades his drunken friend (gay for pay porn star Aaron James) into visiting The Zone, an actual sex club in L.A.

They buy their memberships and enter. They have definitely visited on a "cute night." Inside are all the Jet Set Exclusives, and friends, who are taking in, or jumping into various sexual action. The film depicts very well the strutting, the mini-dramas and the sexual spontaneity that actually goes on at these kinds of places.

Jason Reddick in Hollywood Sex ClubWatch Now
Jason Reddick - Crafty Heterosexual
Our daring straight heroes end up staggering around the place for a while, ultimately reaching some couches in an open locker / changing room. They get their bearings by the end of the film. But until then, sex sessions seems to be breaking out all over the facility.

Over in the bathroom, Cam Kurtz and Luke Riley (Road Trip 1: Russian River) silently make eyes to each other. Riley pees into a urinal, quickly blossoming to a full erection once finished. Silent tension leads to spontaneous interplay. Kurtz gets on his knees and starts worshiping Riley's attractive dick. This begins the first of the movie's very arousing oral scenes.

Jonathan Lowe gets with Tyler Saint

While Kurtz and Riley get it on, elsewhere in the club sweetie pie Jonathan Lowe (On Fire!) hits the jackpot. Sitting waiting for him in a dark nook sits strong man Tyler Saint, who seems delighted as Lowe submits to his every desire. Lowe starts by giving Saint a most excited blowjob. This oral action clearly is one of the year's on-screen best.

In a fabulous show, they move through all the paces culminating with Lowe getting his boybutt fucked. Showing visible mutual lust, Lowe sits on Saint's love missile, working his ass up and down its length. If this is not enough, Saint's sweaty topping of Lowe doggie style, all to the sound of each other's coaxing moans, practically blows the roof off the place.

Lowe unfortunately got eclipsed by bombshell bottom Jesse Santana in the newcomer buzz. With dimples on his face just like Mario Lopez's, he's adorable to watch. And this is arguably Saint's most exciting pairing yet, mainly because of the chemistry.

And this is just the first sex scene!

Meanwhile, back in the lavatory, Kurtz and Riley are joined by the horny Sebastian Young, who quickly slinks in, whips his big cock out of his pants, and starts jacking. Riley turns in to a total cock slut, sucking both their dicks. Not to be outdone, Kurtz works himself into a frenzy working on both of their cocks simultaneously.

Actually, Kurtz and Young enjoy another three way in last year's Code Violators from Jet Set. Perhaps when you run into old tricks at the sex club, there's nothing really to say except just go for seconds.

Suddenly Riley loses attention and departs, leaving Young alone to suck on Kurtz's huge cock one-on-one for awhile. After this, they decide to go walk around and check out what's going down around the club.

Kurtz quickly finds himself naked and bent over, getting a rim job from T.J. Young. Young, who has appeared in a handful of movies recently, mostly for Rascal Video, excels here. The dark haired hottie looks great taking charge, ordering Kurtz out of his clothes, and having his way with him.

Young also throws a very hot fuck into Kurtz. Their rutting is so hot, it eventually attracts the attention of Sebastian Young and Riley, who buzz over like excited insects, following the call of the bright light. All this additional verbal encouragement from other guys puts Kurtz over the top, jacking out a hot load on his belly as Riley gingerly kisses his face.

Without losing a beat, T.J. Young watches as Sebastian Young slides his cock into Riley's tight hole. Young screws him without abandon, plowing him doggie style as the bottom deep throat's T.J. Young's erection. The guys leave Riley covered in their cum.

Once done, Young gives a quick slap to the guy he just fucked, and wordlessly disappears. Sebastian Young is one of the hottest tops to come along in years. Hopefully he will turn up in future movies.

Aaron James Passes Out, Gets Fucked

Fuck Aaron James. He won't mind. The movie finishes with what surely must have been someone's long-standing fantasy, now to be realized on film. Straight boys James and Reddick seem to have landed in the sitting area, and drunk boy James has passed out.

Sean Preston approaches, telling Reddick that he thinks his friend is cute. Reddick responds by telling him to suck James' dick. "He won't mind," assures Reddick.

What follows is riveting: Partially stripped, Preston sucks James' cock while Reddick takes cell phone pictures for future proof. Preston asks Reddick if his unconscious friend likes his ass eaten. "Sure, let me get his shirt off." What are friends for?

Completely undressed and ass up, Preston spreads apart James' ass cheeks for some long licks. "Oh baby, you've never done that before." mutters James.

Preston and Reddick mutually agree that James would like to get fucked. So they pick him up, lay him out on the high arm of the couch, ass in the air. Preston screws his butt while Reddick watches.

Reddick also gets coaxed into Preston sucking his dick, which he verbally comments on the amazingly wonderful feeling. Reddick only watches his friend get serviced and fucked, ultimately shooting his load.

Preston cums easily after topping James' hot ass. The movie concludes with James and Reddick dressed, and Reddick helping his still boozed up friend out of the club.

Straight guys often find their way into sex clubs. Hollywood Sex Club expertly captures the kinds of amorous adventures and fluid exchanges which can make these places so exciting. With guys like Aaron James and Jonathan Lowe, plus a raft of newly minted superstars, Jet Set is where all the action is at this year.

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Hollywood Sex Club Photos:

Aaron James passed out below Sean PrestonWatch Now
Aaron James passed out
Aaron James bottoms at the Hollywood Sex ClubWatch Now
Aaron James bottoms
Jonathan Lowe holds Tyler SaintWatch Now
Jonathan Lowe holds Tyler Saint
T.J. Knight tops Kam KurtzWatch Now
T.J. Knight tops Kam Kurtz

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