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Hollywood Marine

Mike Donner
Dirty Bird Pictures  
Adam , Anthony Carl , Hans Ebson , Hops , J.T. Harris , Trent Atkins , Tyler Riggz
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Hollywood Marine

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Hops Plays the Hollywood Marine

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Youngling production studio Dirty Bird Pictures has a sure fire hit with Hollywood Marine. The movie combines an interesting script with a great mix of models to make a movie that should appeal beyond those who like movies with military themes, no matter the quality. Also, unlike some jarhead movies, it is more of a military film than straight recruits jacking off on a dirty couch. Hollywood Marine explores some of life's characters, some of which may hit close to home.

The credits explain that Marines who graduate from San Diego Recruit Depot receive a pair of sunglasses and the dubious title of Hollywood Marine. To this, the movie's "Hollywood Marine" is Hops, a perfect screen presence for this film. In his interesting interview on the DVD Extras, Hops relaxes with a lit cigarette, answering questions about being straight and his experience in making gay porn movies.

He is an interesting figure who impressively handles carrying the movie's script and dialogue.

Hollywood Marine's script is intersting to watch unfold:

Hops snapshot
Hops: The Hollywood Marine
Upon graduation, the freshly minted Marine, Hops, gets a lift up to West Hollywood. Once there he proceeds to spend his free weekend systematically finding gay guys who take him into their homes, con them with his looks, all to rob and steal from them.

Movies that explore aspects of life's lessons are one hallmark touch of director Mike Donner, for example in his enjoyable 1998 movie A Lesson Learned.

For this film, viewers will need to watch until the end as to whether Hops gets his comeuppance.

Hops immediately gets taken in by lovers Tyler Riggz (Delinquents) and J.T. Harris. Harris is a pleasant new face with a plump, highly fuckable smooth ass.

After showing Hops the spare bedroom, the two adjourn to their own master suite for an enjoyable session of lovemaking. The strong, big Riggz is in full form, strutting his top man stuff on Harris in several positions.

During this, we also see Hops in bed, in the adjacent room, listening to the couple's sex. His eyes are closed as he jacks off to their sounds. This brings up another interesting point of the movie - is the marine gay? Or is he just posing as gay to fleece these gullible guys? Or perhaps he doesn't consider himself queer, but showing him secretly jacking off to gay sex in the next room shows a side of himself he cannot yet face, which manifests itself in taking advantage of gay guys by stealing from them.

Nevertheless, Riggz delivers some hot ass-pumping to Harris doggie style, often reaching around and kissing his partner on the lips. Harris cums in happy squirts while riding Riggz. Hops gets off listening to Riggz jack out his own money shot.

The next day, Hops throws himself onto Harris, who obviously does not want to cheat on his boyfriend. Still his defenses are weak. Hops easily crosses the Maginot Line, tossing him on his bed. Naked, they suck each other's cocks.

Hops screws Harris on his stomach, fucking him in his boyfriend's bed. It is also during this time the viewer can begin reading the many interesting tattoos Hops has inked all over his body. As before, Harris easily cums while getting plugged. Hops pulls out and shoots.

In their post orgasm glow, Harris begins fretting about cheating on Riggz. Hops responds that he'll never know, depending on how much "your relationship is worth to you."

Following this successful bribery, as well as after stealing lots the cash and pawnable goods that he grabs out of the furniture drawers, Hops skips out of the house. He meets another cute couple, Trent Atkins and Hans Ebson (Devil Is A Bottom), who take him into their house. Unlike Riggz and Harris, Atkins and Ebson have no hang-ups with bringing a third person into their sexual relationship.

Atkins and Ebson, both veteran performers, look great. Ebson takes his time eating out Atkins' perfect ass. Then the lovers mutually share sucking on Hops' dick. And then, Hops fucks both of them.

Hops shoots a really nice load of cum onto Atkins' swimmer's body. After Atkins and Ebson doze off, Hops quietly steals away with the cash, wallets and pawnables from their drawers.

That evening, Hops gets picked up by Anthony Carl in his sports car, telling him if he comes home with him, he will richly compensate him. At Carl's well appointed home, he tosses cash at Hops, persuading him to stay a couple of days. Another mono named marine, Adam, joins them for several hot sessions of three way sex.

Carl likes to bark orders during sex, which Hops responds to while fucking Adam. There are two complete episodes of Hops topping Adam, all to Carl's orders. Both scenes are very enjoyable. Hops ends up not only getting the promised cash, but also gets off with a laptop and other pricey goods.

Does Hops get away with his criminal activity? Will the Marine Corp tolerate a thief in their midst? The film wraps up the story nicely. With its strong cast and interesting script, the film will appeal to viewers beyond those specifically into the military niche.

Hollywood Marine gets very high marks. It's a very good movie, that shows Mike Donner is one of the industry's more underrated directors.

Hollywood Marine Photos:

Hollywood Marine snapshot
J.T. Harris blows Hops
Hollywood Marine snapshot
Adam sucks Hops,
on orders from Anthony Carl

Hollywood Marine snapshot
Hans Ebson fingers Trent Atkins
Hollywood Marine snapshot
Trent Atkins (standing left), Hans Ebson, Hops

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