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Hole Sweet Hole

Chris Ward
Fisting Central (from Raging Stallion Studios)  
Adam Faust , Andreas Stich , , , , Josh Adams , Mario Cruz , Sean Harris , Sean Storm , Taurus
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Hole Sweet Hole

Francois Sagat falls into a fisting fest.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The eye catching logo for Hole Sweet Hole is built in blocks of 1980s computer style ASCII characters, little X's. ASCII (pronounced ass - key) may actually be relevant because this movie is about exactly that: asses and the keys which unlock them.

Watch five hot guys get their doors opened wide in the action packed film. This is Raging Stallion's most accessible fisting video since Probe. The reason: a cast full of well known, attractive models.

Some people may or may not like to see their dream man engaging in fisting; well, perhaps curiosity might warrant a peek. (and a poke)

The first scene is a riveting outdoor duet beginning with boxcover model Francois Sagat and porn star Sean Harris kissing by a nighttime campfire. This location was also used in Hard as Wood, which also featured both models.

Their tide of passion soon flows into waves of intense joy as Sagat stands tall sinking his gloved hand into Harris's hole. Harris has one beautiful ass, appearing perfectly rounded as he arches his backside up to take in his buddy's thrusts.

Sagat, a very sexy man, stays in full control, ultimately jacking out an eye popping load after fully pleasuring bottomboy Harris.

After this, it seems that the grand house of hispanic pleasure from Passport to Paradise enjoyed even more goings on than first revealed. Here Taurus, another sex crazed Frenchmen (Pokin' in the Boys Room), gets to show off his topman skills with Panamanian hunk Mario Cruz.

What a treat! We've always wanted to see Taurus on top!

In a vanilla segment he uses his cock to explore Cruz's Panama Canal Zone. After dropping their moneyshots, megabottomboy Josh Adams hops in between them and spreads his legs to 180 degrees apart.

Having flagged his friends that he's ready, Taurus works his hole over slowly and with rhythm. Cruz plays the role of the voyeur, watching their action until he jacks off. At this point, Cruz exits and Sean Storm joins them.

This is Storm's first foray into the genre, and he dives in fist first. Taurus walks Storm through a session of Hide the Hand using Adams's upturned ass as laboratory.

The result is very nice, and enjoyable to watch, especially to those viewers who do not engage in this activity often. Director Chris Ward acknowledges that the pleasure of watching fisting also contains a large portion of viewer curiosity, more than anything.

Adams ultimately cums with Taurus's fist inside him. Storm eats Taurus's hot load.

Fisting Carlos Morales

Over in another part of the compound, Latin action continues with New York City chulos Carlos Morales and Enrico Vega getting down and going deep by a noisy water fountain.

This scenes marks another fine opportunity to see Morales's amazing ass in action. Vega, who took a vacation from Raging Stallion for a few years, returns with svelte machismo and smooth gusto. (As opposed to exhibiting not so much machismo in the kooky, zany Wet Dreams of Genie)

Unlike the other bottoms whose ass capacity is enough to swallow the kitchen sink, Morales takes hands up to and around the wrist. But fisting is not necessarily a sport to see how far to go. With a body like his, it is also a study of remarkable curves and lines, such as the sweet visual of Morales on his back, legs spread to reveal his inner thighs and open hole.

Another sweet moment: watching Vega suck Morales's hard, thick cock while working over his hole.

And here's something worth the price of admission alone: Morales eats Vega's cumload.

Fisting Andreas Stich

The final scene of the movie shows red headed Adam Faust taking a heavy handed stroll through the insides of German import Andreas Stich. This appears to have been filmed during Hot Properties.

Faust is German for fist, by the way. What is it with these Germans anyway? Perhaps generations of Prussian militarism simply have them now conditioned to very heavy assplay.

Stich's cock, a long beauty with a PA poking out from the heavy foreskin hangs enticingly as Faust works his ass over. When done, Faust pulls apart Stich's anus revealing a very wild hole.

Fisting has a very dedicated group of fans. With its accessible cast and its range of sexual activity beyond just the heavy assplay, Hole Sweet Hole is sure to recruit more into its growing ranks.

Hole Sweet Hole Photos:

Fisting Andreas Stich Watch on
Adam Faust explores Andreas Stich
Sean Harris and Francois Sagat Watch on
Sean Harris above Francois Sagat
Sean Storm and Taurus fist Joshua Adams Watch on
Sean Storm and Taurus peer up at Joshua Adams

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