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Hole Patrol (Tommy Ritter)

Chi Chi LaRue
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Hole Patrol (Tommy Ritter)

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Tommy Ritter's caught in the Hole Patrol

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Planning on spending a little time in solitary confinement? Most of us would gladly break the law if we knew that sex god Arpad Miklos would be one of the wardens on duty. Sure enough, the handsome models in the Chi Chi's cop flick, Hole Patrol, gladly do time in the long as Arpad's holding the keys.

For Owen Hawk and his buddies Shane Rollins and Tommy Ritter, a seemingly routine traffic stop quickly descends into something much more sinister. Law enforcement officers Jason Ridge and Fredrick Ford are looking to make trouble, and Owen's smarmy attitude gives these cops an excuse to haul all three in for more detailed questioning.

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Down at the station house, Deputy Arpad already has a cellblock filled with mischief - Mr. Johnny Hazard - a tattooed bad-ass to rival all bad-asses. The trouble really begins when the Warden, an unlikely Eddie Stone, orders the new arrivals be split up for questioning.

Handsome Jason Ridge sequesters Tommy Ritter. And in an interrogation room straight out of an old true crime movie, complete with the single lightbulb hanging above the table, Ridge puts the screws to Ritter.

Ridge pulls out a menacing-looking nightstick (which Chi Chi LaRue is cleverly marketing as tie-in with Hole Patrol, available at all fine retail establishments) and works over Ritter's most obvious orifice - his mouth.

Jason doesn't find contraband, but he does catch a whiff of Ritter's asshole. Seating himself across the table, the two engage in a little mutual masturbation. The scene is very dimly lit, but we can still see Tommy cross to Jason, drop to his knees and blow his captor. Jason's even polite enough to return the favor, crouching over Tommy's cock and soaking it in cop spit. Jason is even more eager to jam in tongue in the crack of Tommy's ass, furiously burying his face. Inspired, Tommy rims Jason, then watches with a great deal of interest as Jason inserts one end of the nightstick in his own ass. And then, with his puckerhole probably loosened with the most unlikely of objects, Jason opens up for Tommy's cock. This is a tabletop fuck that really puts the furniture through the paces, wood creaking and table legs shimmying. Both men cum hard on Jason's lower belly. Now that's what I call interrogation!

Humpy Shane Rollins, at the Warden's request, submits to a thorough medical exam by the physician on-staff at the prison, Dr. Schmidt (Nick Capra). On the surface, Shane is the picture of health. But Nick probes deeper, manhandling his 'patient' until both are poppin' wood. While blowing Shane, Nick slips on a pair of rubber gloves and goes exploring, fingering Shane's hole. The end result is one of the hottest, nastiest rim jobs that Chi Chi has ever filmed. Shane is obviously loving it, completely exposing his asshole by turning half on his side, providing Nick the maximum sphincter area for lickin'.

Nick's scrubs go flying and both doc and patient are buck naked, swapping blow jobs on the examining table. Nick is particularly verbal during their sex play, especially when his own hole is being serviced by Shane's tongue. He jerks off like a madman, spewing verbal obscenities and instructions. Leave it to Shane Rollins to have the skill for a one-legged fuck. That's just how Nick bangs him, Shane's movement considerably restricted. Ms. LaRue places a camera on the floor, directly underneath her models, expertly capturing the fuck. And no insult intended, but Shane has a lot of forehead, making facials all the more appealing. Nick comes through with a gusher, rivers of cream which he immediately eats back up. Not to be outdone, Shane bends himself in half and cum in his mouth. Doctor Nick gives Shane a clean bill of health, then sends him on his way.

Escaping from the Hole Patrol

Back in the holding cells, Hawk makes friendly with Johnny Hazard, trying to hatch an escape plan. Johnny's an expert at manipulating whichever officer is on duty, and gives Owen a little demo. Johnny's come-on to officer Miklos is deliberate; Miklos quickly unlocks Johnny's cell door and puts his piece in Johnny's mouth. Owen, separated from the pair by a row of iron bars, can only play voyeur, stroking his cock openly while watching Johnny and Arpad fuck around on the tiny cot.

This is without a doubt the smokiest pairing in Hole Patrol, but then again, has Arpad Miklos ever really given a bad on-screen performance? From the way these guys kiss and grope, you wouldn't suspect that one was a criminal, the other his captor. Arpad's uniform and gun belt get tossed aside as he makes Johnny his bottom boy. Johnny spends some delicious moments gnawing on Arpad's hairy chest, Owen looking on with envy.

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Frederick Ford sucks Tommy Ritter
The scene picks up speed once Arpad has found Johnny's pink hole, digging into it with his fingers. When fingers aren't enough, he signals for his little buddy to come sit on his face. This is one of the film's highlights, watching Arpad lick and suck on Johnny's hole. Johnny keeps his boots on for this fuck. He lies close to Arpad, back to chest, making for a very intimate coupling. With one of his free hands, Arpad cranks on Johnny's steel-stiff rod while he pummels, urged on by Johnny's cries. Arpad blows his load spectacularly, creaming Johnny's exposed asshole. He quickly scoots down and eats his own seed. Poor Owen jerks off onto the cement floor, but he comes away with a clue how to free himself from his unfortunate jailing. (Funny thing, years later Johnny Hazzard lands back in prison.)

After a brief throwaway scene, a threeway between our off-duty officers (Jason Ridge, Fredrick Ford and Arpad Miklos), the trio of detainees is finally brought face-to-face with Warden Eddie Stone. It's difficult to take Stone seriously as an authority figure, especially with his plump lips and pretentious acting, but there he is, holding court. As the Warden, he offers limited leeway to any stud willing to suck him off, and in a flash, Tommy Ritter is on his knees. Our man in charge isn't shy about asking for what he wants, and with a subtle nod to Deputy Fredrick Ford, Shane and Owen present their erect dicks to the Warden. Being in a position of power has its privileges. For the moment, co-conspirator Ford is content merely to watch, pumping his cock and raking his fingers over incredible abs.

Eventually the five come together in a cluster of sexual heat-kissing, rimming, sucking-whatever it takes to get off. That big 'ole nightstick makes a second appearance (apparently sex toys are standard patrolman issue), winding its way among the models. They suck the ends of it, poke and prod with it, almost using it to the point where the nightstick is a sixth character. If you've come to expect an orgy from Chi Chi LaRue, she delivers here in spades. But without a doubt, Shane Rollins is the volcanic center of activity, the place where fingers, tongues and cocks eventually migrate. Eddie Stone has a grand time rimming Shane's perfect ass, almost bringing everything else going on to an abrupt halt.

Then, Chi Chi's little jailhouse drama takes an unexpected turn. Not one to spoil the surprise, I'll only note that Johnny Hazard joins the action while one of the original orgy five is laid out cold on the floor of the Warden's office. The conclusion of Hole Patrol is a gangbanger's delight.

The plot is none too subtle here, but its tongue-in-cheek delivery will make you forgive the writers and hunker down for the sex. And between Arpad's stunning good looks and Shane Rollins' balls-to-the-wall sex appeal, who cares about character development? In Hole Patrol, Chi Chi LaRue delivers a consistent, steamy product, this one well over two hours in length. It's filmed and packaged expertly and even includes some cute bonus DVD extras. And while Hole Patrol isn't quite on par with the classic jailhouse tale Powertool, spending serious time in the slammer with Arpad Miklos is a stiff sentence most of us wouldn't mind getting.

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Johnny Hazzard opens for Arpad Miklos
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Hot orgy with Tommy Ritter, Owen Hawk, Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard
(Shane Rollins standing back)

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