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William Higgins Class Reunion

William Higgins
Laguna Pacific  
Aaron Gage , Blade Robert , Brett Simms , Brian Jeffreys , Cory Adams , David Grayson , Davin McNeil , Derrick Stanton , Giorgio Canali , Lance Whitman , Lee Stern , Leo Ford , Michael Christopher , Mike Dean , Paul Michaels , Ron Howe , Ryan Andrews , Score , Tim Richards
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William Higgins Class Reunion

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Class Reunion's Epic Pool Orgy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

William Higgins' Class Reunion is one of the first and still one of the most memorable orgy films of all time. This 1983 flick (now on DVD) unites twenty-one of his California boy-men types for an afternoon of fun and games in an ideal pool setting.

The waterplay is an ideal background for the display of tanned flesh and the paler goodies below the tan lines. There is not any setup as the guests assemble at a private mansion. Everyone heads down to the pool, stripping along the way.

Fans of the early eighties movies will recognize many familiar faces here. The camera fluidly moves from one grouping to another, however it does linger on a select few. Camera hungry star Leo Ford (Leo and Lance) gets lots of camera time here.

Others are Giorgio Canali, Michael Christopher, Mike Dean, all from The Best Little Warehouse in L.A., as well as Brian Thompson and Derrick Stanton (Class of 84, Part 1.

The boywatching camera gets a free reign here. The master shot which is lensed from high above the pool is very effective. There is also the moving camera which strolls through the varieties of stunning close-ups, and dick sucking, which are signatures from all of his films.

It is clear that the actors are there to mainly have a good time. They do not even seem to have awareness they are being filmed. Everyone more or less just helps himself to the nearest appendage, and they all grow easily to instant erection.

The action in Class Reunion appears spontaneous, the cameras race from one end of the activity to the other, as if in fear of missing something. At several points, what might be more interesting as a developed sex scene ends up being small snippets, which can frustrate the viewer.

Also, in the rush to capture the cream-filled cocks gushing their climax, the camera often forgets to show the face of its owner.

These quibbles aside, the movie is a dazzling display of gleaming flesh against the shimmering pool water. Images are studded throughout the film:

Christopher, his hair lightened by the sun or the bottle, brings attention as the first to start ass pumping in a sea of oral foreplay. Canali and Thompson are glued to each other from the beginning of the film to the end when Canali covers the other's face with his load. Ford's final action money shot, moving in slow motion. Stanton's volcanic eruption that pierces the air high above his head.

Daisy Chain Sucking

The most memorable image of the film - and the one everyone still talks about - is the twenty-one man daisy chain. The men arrange themselves around the pool, each simultaneously sucking and getting sucked.

Another wide pans gives another look at the full review, as if Busby Berkeley has passed out Viagra, and filmed the results.

Many orgy movies have subsequently appeared, but they still have yet to take such simple, effective points to the level first shown here. The film winds down and someone suggests Let's do it again! We wonder if there is a hidden, forgotten sequel buried in a filmcan somewhere... just a fancy thought.

This film has now been released on DVD. It has been digitally mastered and includes a photo gallery.

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William Higgins Class Reunion Photos:

Leo Ford in the orgyWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Leo Ford (Left) observes the orgy
Class Reunion FuckingWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Fucking around the pool
Daisy Chain SuckingWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Classic shot: the cast sucks around the pool

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