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Heaven to Hell

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP160
Brad Patton , , , , Joe Sport , , Kane O'Farrell , , , Tristan Adonis
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Heaven to Hell

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Brad Patton falls into the Abyss, discovers Dean Monroe is Satan

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chi Chi LaRue is twisted. Only a director so wonderfully perverted would dare dream up the complex and visually stunning film that is Heaven to Hell. Plow deeper than the odd costumes and over-the-top makeup, and what you're left with is LaRue's artistic commentary on gay sex, an underworld teeming with the most thrilling debauchery imaginable. It is LaRue's final voyage with Falcon Studios as a director, abd this time she has created a film that cannot be missed.

The mansex featured here is so delicious that even Heaven's frilly angels have to fall from grace to sneak a taste. Brad Patton (Falcon Studio's ManMade) plays a very adult-looking cherub, decked out in white wings, glitter and feathers. Shot down from the upper stratospheres then hand-delivered to the devil (Dean Monroe), it's unlikely that Patton will be returning to the skies anytime soon, especially after he gets a taste of Josh Weston's ass. Weston's gorgeous shitter and meaty triceps would no doubt turn Mother Teresa into an archangel.

Erik Rhodes above Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Erik Rhodes & Matthew Rush in Hell
To say this film is stylized is a gross understatement. From the menacing horns sprouting from the models' heads to the jewel-covered skulls, LaRue has pulled out every stop to make the film memorable. Add to the mix the current porn royalty such as porn star Matthew Rush, Roman Heart and Josh Weston are success is all but guaranteed.

The film isn't what you'd consider plot-heavy; most of the story seems to focus on Patton's journey from light to dark. In the first opening sex sequence, Patton's wounds are healed under Weston's loving touch. Who knew that angels were so incredibly hung? Weston frees Patton's trademark monster from a high couture glitter g-string, and eagerly stuffs his mouth. With his wings arched perkily, Patton zeroes in on Weston's hole, and the viewer is treated to an extensive rimming sequence.

The scene seemed destined to finished in typical, formulaic fashion, with Weston assuming his usual bottom role. But when another of Satan's henchmen, Aussie Joe Sport arrives, all bets are off. It's a pleasant change of pace watching Patton get boned by both Sport and Weston in quick succession. Ultimately with all traces of "goodness" erased, and in a flurry of feathers, Weston aggressively tears apart Patton's wings. Perhaps it's that he's been bathed in spunk or it's all that nasty fucking, but the next time we see Patton, he's stripped of every last vestige of purity. His pageboy haircut even changes from gold to a bottle-dyed black.

Looks like the Devil is STILL a bottom

Down in Hell, it's a non-stop orgy. The devilish Monroe has three "dog boys" doomed into eternal service (Colby Taylor, Roman Heart and Tristan Adonis). Dog boys indeed - these guys barely get off their hands and knees. Taylor and Heart looked humpy decked out in black and chainmail jockstraps, but throughout Heaven to Hell, Adonis looks somewhat out of place. No matter - the primary focus of the scene is Monroe himself. Not since Blake Harper in Devil is a Bottom has the Prince of Darkness been portrayed with such campy glee.

It's impossible to tire of Colby Taylor's long and perfectly shaped cock. His legion of fans are still trumpeting Taylor's big return to porn, and let's hope he's here to stay. Here, he sidles up alongside Adonis and makes sure Heart's open maw stays stuffed with cock. Heart enthusiastically tries to orally tame both pricks simultaneously, the camera zooming in to capture some mouthwatering close-ups. Monroe also takes what he wants, commanding his three pups to line up and present their rods for sucking. Monroe's asshole is nearly as luscious as Weston's, and his dog boys practically beg to lick it before fucking it. The best top by far is Taylor, whose eyes come alive whenever his cock is buried in ass.

Seeing pumped and stacked models like beefcake Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush behaving like slutty pussy-boys is still shocking. After swapping masculine fucks in Falcon's last two-part epic, Cross Country, Rhodes and Rush are at it again, teasing the viewer and one another with their substantial muscle. Neither one is particularly adept at dialogue and should leave the acting to the pros. But after catching revealing glimpses on the bonus disc of their off-set personalities, fuel is only added to the fantasy, and you can't help but forgive their acting missteps. There's nothing particularly new about the sex in this segment, other than the horns.

Matthew Rush and Erik RhodesWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush chews Erik Rhodes
As in many Falcon ventures, the grand finale is a mind-blowing pile-on. Irish phenomenon Kane O'Farrell (Born 2B Bad) is the only new model to join the party, adding his two cents along with every model we've seen so far. The sex is already in full swing when Patton reemerges, sporting coal black wings and a bad-ass attitude. Patton is determined to take his sweet revenge on Weston, fucking him within an inch of his life while the other models fuck and suck around them. There are entirely too many incredible moments to catalogue in a single review, but some of the best showcase Kane O'Farrell slobbering over Colby Taylor's prick, Monroe ordering up a rim chain where model after model line up to ride the Devil's tongue, and Patton forcing open Weston's asshole while Monroe bounces on Weston's stiffie, creating layer after layer of nastiness.

I'm guessing the camera was on a dolly for this sequence. It glides effortlessly around the furious action, Falcon once again raising the bar as far as production values. The final sequence is unquestionably the finest one. The sex is achingly beautiful to watch, each model having several moments to shine on film. And with nearly a half-hour's worth of sensual cocksucking, rimming of hairy holes, muscle worship and hardcore fucking, Chi Chi has started a blaze burning hotter than the fires of Hell.

Damned for All Time

The 2-disc version of Heaven to Hell offers a goodly amount of bonus content, the most tantalizing of which is the behind-the-scenes footage. Replete with fluffing, photo shoots, and interviews with the models alone and in groups, the extra material brings Falcon Studios in line with competitors like Titan. The footage is at times erotic, funny, and informative and only adds to the overall experience that is Heaven to Hell.

Some of the most rod-stiffening snapshots are those private moments that the camera just happened to capture, like Colby Taylor and Dean Monroe enjoying a friendly sex warm-up or Erik Rhodes greedily sucking another model's cock during a break in filming, completely unaware that he's being filmed. The bonus disc is a fantastic viewing experience all on its own.

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Heaven to Hell Photos:

Heaven to Hell SexWatch on or Watch VOD
Dean Monroe bottoming in the Heaven to Hell orgy
Brad Patton speads for Josh WestonWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Patton speads for Josh Weston
Roman Heart tastes Tristan AdonisWatch on or Watch VOD
Roman Heart tastes Tristan Adonis

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