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John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP108
Aaron Brandt , Adam Wilde , Adriano Marquez , Brad Michaels , Bryan Williams , Buck Philips , Dan Brewer , Derek Cameron , Hawk McAllistar , James West , Jeff Palmer , Logan Reed , Steve ODonnell , Tom Chase
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A Love Song for Logan Reed

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Don't be misled here by the boxcover image of Jeff Palmer, which may have just been added at the last minute. Heatwave is a love song for Logan Reed (Restless), whose talent shines brightly throughout the film. Napping on a rubber raft in a swimming pool, the camera follows his packed swimsuit and powerful angular face. Reed opens his bedroom eyes, starting the film's storyline.

We next see Reed in bed with his boyfriend Steve O'Donnell (Grease Guns 2), who is still asleep. O'Donnell nudges his man with his crotch, causing Logan's bedroom eyes to reopen. He sighs in annoyance, I can feel that. I certainly hope so, O'Donnell replies. Reed pouts claiming to his lover that he's not ready yet. What more inspiration does Reed need? Finding it becomes the point of every subsequent scene of Heatwave.

Logan Reed tops Steve O'DonnellWatch on or Watch VOD
Logan Reed tops Steve O'Donnell
Frustrated, O'Donnell devises some schemes to pull Logan's cheeks apart. First, he leads Logan blindfolded in a lawnchair. The blindfold is removed, and he sees the film's first action scene - a grand anal opening of papichulo Adriano Marquez by California King Tom Chase. Reed is obviously aroused, and all three come by jacking off.

Reed needs more inspiration. Time to try Plan B, which is a hot tub three way. O'Donnell has arranged blond bottom Derek Cameron to give up his smooth hole for both of them in the swirling water.

Reed sucks Cameron as he gets hammered by O'Donnell's cudgel.

Then they switch sides so that Reed can hop in the saddle. Unfortunately Plan B also fails, forcing O'Donnell to quench his lust in between the pages of the Joy of Gay Sex. Reed retreats to floating his rubber raft in the swimming pool where he can snooze comfortably. (Does he think he's Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate?)

Logan Reed daydreams a nine-man orgy

Reed dreams of volleyball players. Nine horny studs cavort in a now-famous orgy of sexual delight. Featured here are brand spanking new (at the time) Jeff Palmer, Brad Michaels, Buck Phillips, Dan Brewer, Bryan Williams, Adam Wilde, James West and Hawk McAllister. The guys frolic both in and out of the pool.

The action includes lots of close up penetration and quick cutaways. The scene's underwater footage is hot, including several notable water money shots.

Reed finally awakens from this with a raging erection. He strolls from the pool to O'Donnell with his pointed erection as a divining rod. He awakens his lover by brushing his shaft against his sleeping lover's lips. O'Donnell sucks it, while fingering Reed muscular ass. One of Reed's qualities is that he is of such stature that he looks fine as both a top and a bottom.

After opening the anus with his prying fingers, O'Donnell delivers a magical rimming scene in and around the pouty opening.

After this wonderful preparation, O'Donnell delivers a fantastic screwing that is completely worthy of the wait. They hump in a variety of positions, including a notable climb up a staircase, step by step with that big cock buried in Reed's ass.

This fine coupling still holds its own after the years and many viewings. It has a minor excuse for a plot, but nevertheless Falcon's Heatwave delivers a fine show that is clearly the work of John Rutherford - solid work, packed with great guys and sex.

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Heatwave Photos:

Steve O'Donnell tops Logan ReedWatch on or Watch VOD
Steve O'Donnell tops Logan Reed
The Heatwave Nine-Man OrgyWatch on or Watch VOD
The Nine-Man Orgy

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