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Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HH086
Landon Conrad , , Marcus Ruhl , Johnny Ryder , Trenton Ducati , Angel Rock , Brandon Jones ,
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Heatstroke Boxcover

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Summer will be here soon, so don't overlook this highly enjoyable pool side soiree from Hot House. Heatstroke is a four episode all-sex video from director Christian Owen.

It's a video whose combination of potent ingredients effortlessly mix together, all under the broiler, to cook a beautiful soufflé.

First up in our al fresco frolic is a rousing episode between two perfect male specimens: the scruffy blond Landon Conrad and the always deliciously dark-haired Jimmy Durano. Sweet kissing and nuzzling leads to Conrad giving Durano a first-class blowjob. Then, Durano gets on his knees to worship Conrad, who's standing right against the sunlight so it appears that God Himself is blessing this union.

Durano does all his usual moves. He's an expert top, fucking Conrad in several positions.

Jimmy Durano and Landon ConradWatch on - Watch VOD
Landon Conrad sucks Jimmy Durano

A Beautiful Day...In Your Ass

After that, dirty blond Johnny Ryder emerges from the pool invigorated and refreshed. Drying off, he finds Brandon Jones asleep in bed, naked with his magnificent supple ass staring us square in the eye. "It's a beautiful day out!" calls Ryder.

I want you to fuck me, baby! Jones seems to feel like the best way to spend the day is getting fucked. Soon he's is sucking on Ryder's cock, making his eyes roll up in his head. Ryder returns the favor. Perched on his fours, Jones receives his friend's erection, sliding in, sliding out, in rutting thrusts.

Everyone's happy. Jones moves to laying on his back, where Ryder proceeds to pump him until he cums. The bottom explodes all over himself, quickly followed by Ryder's own raining money shot.

Johnny Ryder tops Brandon JonesWatch on - Watch VOD
Johnny Ryder tops Brandon Jones
Next, things stay heated when we find Trenton Ducati and Connor Kline playing in the pool like two happy little fishes. Kline lifts himself up out of the water, clad in a great-looking baby blue/black stripe swim trunk that shows off his ass. Ducati buries him face in his friend's wet bum.

Kline turns out to be an extremely hot bottom. In fact, during their oral foreplay, Ducati appears like he wants to really fuck Kline's ass. Ducati tops Kline doggie style with him standing in the shallow side of the pool. Isn't being on your knees on that concrete walk at all uncomfortable?

Perhaps it's that, or Ducati's big dick, but something is making Kline's face contort through many emotions. The bottom's own big cock stays hard, bouncing around to the motion of Ducati's thrusts. "You gonna make me come!" announces Ducati right before he pulls out, tears off the condom, and rains his seed onto Kline's delicious backside. Kline's hefty money shot looks like thick white sugar, enough to glaze a cinnamon roll.

Latin Shower

But wait! Heatstroke isn't finished yet. Angel Rock checks out Marcus Ruhl while showering. And who could possibly resist that hunk of man's cruising? Ruhl shows off impressive deep throat skills, taking charge going down all the way on Rock's giant cock.

"I want you to fuck me, baby," says Ruhl, who turns around presenting his barge-like ass. Rock slides on in throwing him a most satisfying fuck.

After topping the bigger Ruhl on the bathroom floor, the bottom cums, followed by Rock shooting his cream on the other's leg.

Heatstroke is a first rate video from Hot House. It's doesn't miss a note, and will have viewers working up a sweat.

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Heatstroke Photos:

Jimmy Durano behind Landon Conrad Watch on - Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano behind Landon Conrad
Trenton Ducati behind Connor Kline Watch on - Watch VOD
Trenton Ducati behind Connor Kline
Angel Rock sucks Marcus RuhlWatch on - Watch VOD
Angel Rock sucks Marcus Ruhl
Angel Rock and Marcus RuhlWatch on - Watch VOD
Angel Rock tops Marcus Ruhl

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