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Heartbreak Hotel

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films  
Anthony Spell , Christophe Blanc , David Chelsea , Felix Groth , Kai Marsden , Marco Rochelle , Mats Riem , Maxl Schneider , Norbert Thorm , Peer Nagel , Tony Vella
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Heartbreak Hotel

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Peer Nagel and Mats Riem Play Musical Beds

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With same sex marriage dominating today's headlines, Cazzo Films releases, Heartbreak Hotel, bringing a continental perspective to the issue. Director Jörg Andreas has built up a large following of fans who expect movies full of pasty, white Germans, big dicks and all-out versatility. This movie illustrates all these elements while even venturing into some new territory.

Four couples declare their vows in formal ceremonies. Peer Nagel and Mats Riem make their committments at a church, whereupon they leave to the cheers and confetti thrown by their friends. They drive off with tin cans tied to the back of their car. Meanwhile, newlywed couple Felix Groth and Marsden are ready to consummate their new vows. They head to a bucolic glade with tall yellow wildflowers blooming everywhere.

It is in this idyllic setting that their passions explode. After kissing and sucking, the blond Groth drills his partner on the hood of their car. This is a nice bit of outdoor photography. Andreas gets lots of shots showing Groth's moving ass with the sunflower yellow flora shimmering around him. They also picked a day with there is not a cloud in the azure blue sky.

As fate would have it this couple, like three others, have all picked the Heartbreak Hotel for their honeymoons. This vacation spot unfortunately is not a place to visit if one is interested in monogomy. Nagel and Riem arrive and check into their upstairs room. Their room is located on a floor that echoes from all corners with the sounds of sex, all coming from the guests in all the adjoining rooms.

Mats Riem and Christophe Blanc Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Mats Riem and Christophe Blanc

Calling Room Service!

In their bed, the two decide a need for room service, or in other words they need a third guy to join them. Desk attendant Max Schneider (Full Tilt) happily brings them a bottle of champagne, which he uncorks to the popping of the guests' big erections. When Schneider bends down between Riem's legs, one thing becomes very clear. Riem has one of the biggest, hottest uncut cocks to grace the widescreen.

This is one pink, fleshy beauty! Schneider eagerly gets to pleasing the endowed guests with long and deep sucking. Nagel has a nice, downturned cock between his legs, also noteworthy. Their foreplay entices the viewer to eagerly anticipate how Schneider is going to take these things in his ass.

Suspense ends whem the navel-pierced brunet is drilled on his back with his feet held aloft. Horsehung Riem makes the first pitch. Schneider takes the meat all the way to its shaved base. Meanwhile, Nagel stuffed the bottom's mouth with his own curved cock. Then the two tops switch positions. Nagel shoots his glistening money shot, which runs down the bottom's hole and asscheeks.

The next two scenes tell the tale of two other newlywed couples who end up swinging discretely. Anthony Spell awakens in the night with David Chelsea snoozing next to him. Spell, a sexy black guy with pierced nipples, gingerly steps out to go poke around downstairs. As he finds a drink at the closed bar, he notices Norbert Thom sitting in the dark smoking a cigarette.

Without a word, the two guys come together and start kissing. They blow each other's dicks, spraying their loads on their faces. Then the adjourn to the kitchen so they can be a little louder and kick the energy up a notch. Quick cut to the lit kitchen, and Spell is bent over a counter getting his brains screwed out by Thom.

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

These are two hot, down and dirty fuckers who always keep an eye open for opportunities for sweaty sex, no matter where or with whom. They finish by shooting out second set of gooey money shots. Meanwhile, Chelsea awakens in the room, finding his husband absent.

He goes out to the hall, finding Christophe Blanc on the stairs. Blanc tells him (in English) that his new husband (Norbert Thom) is conspicuously missing. What to do? Hit it, of course. Chelsea has become a recent favorite bottom pig in movies. Fans note him for his on-screen bottom sessions because his big, thickly foreskinned dick always stays hard.

Chelsea pulls Blanc's cock out of his Adidas shorts and sucks it. Blanc reciprocates, and the two blow money shots onto their chests. Then the movie cuts to Chelsea on the stairs, taking Blanc up his ass. Blanc pumps it in hard, up to his wagging balls. Close ups of Chelsea's face shows him loving every minute of it.

Gripping to the stairrails, Blanc grips the back of the bottom's shoulders, screwing away. Chelsea flips, and he shoots while getting drilled. Blanc pulls out to give a cum facial. Then, the four guys all tip-toe back to bed surreptitiously.

The next morning everyone awakens for showers and continental breakfast. Tony Vella is washing when he is joined in the common shower area by Groth. The two cruise each other as their cocks stiffen. As they start screwing, Groth's husband, Marsden, is having breakfast and checking his watch.

Meanwhile Vella's hot butt gets plowed from behind by Groth. Then they are joined by Blanc and Riem, who have arrived for their morning showers. This all turns into a nicely choreographed group session. Groth gets on his knees to alternately blow Blanc and Riem. In a fine show of versatility, the humongous Riem bends his ass over to get plowed by Groth and Blanc.

There is more footage of pale skin and big uncut cocks pumping. Riem's long hot dog visibly swings around in circles as he's banged from behind. And his face and chest end up getting caked with cum.

Pajama Games

Unfortunately sexual lust turns to chaos as the couples all realize their mass infidelity. A furious Nagel orders Riem to get his shit out, throwing him out. Also the two couples from earlier are going through a similar revelation. Thorm carries out his suitcase, and so does Spell. The two simply switch to their new playmate's adjacent rooms.

In the final action scene, Marsden had waited long enough for his husband to come down to breakfast. He steals off with another hotel guest, the delectable Marco Rochelle. They have a nice sexual encounter in bed, which is filled with mutual kissing, dick sucking and a hot sixty nine. Their sixty nine causes them to both unload. However, since this film is produced by Sarava Productions, once is never enough.

Rochelle sticks his tongue deep into Marsden's ass. He holds open both cheeks to stick it up in there. Then the sexy brunet plows Marsden doggie style. He rams hard, and their body slaps ring out. Rochelle tops him in three great positions until the bottom shoots while his ass is still impaled. Afterwards, Groth returns to his room. Fresh from shagging, he finds his husband in bed with another guy. More indignant quarrelling breaks out, and they all end up rooms again. A cute end to a clever story.

The movie also has a pleasant original soundtrack from Erlandas. A mellow, electronic score, it's not a dance beat, nor riffs of unremarkable chimes. Good music is always a beneficial touch to a sexflick. That is just one of many details that lifts up a porn. Heartbreak Hotel has six action scenes wrapped in a cute story. Sarava has brought a worthy German import to the States.

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Heartbreak Hotel Photos:

Kai Marsden and Felix Groth Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Kai Marsden slurps Felix Groth
Max Schneider in Heartbreak Hotel Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Mats Riem and Peer Nagel demand attention from Max Schneider

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