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Hazzard Zone

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1144
Aron Ridge , Brodie Newport , Jason Longh , Johnny Hazzard , Josh West , Vin Costes ,
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Hazzard Zone

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Johnny Hazzard slips into The Zone sex club

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For years, Hot House has held the monopoly on the best movies that catalog long sexual excursions deep into the recesses of dark sex clubs (Resurrection is still one of the best). Rascal Video and Chi Chi LaRue give those guys a run for their money with Hazzard Zone, which chronicles their rock star famous exclusive model Johnny Hazzard's trip to the Zone, where time stands still, the world seems far away, and a sea of insatiable men stand ready to fuck.

Interestingly, one of our first glimpses of Hazzard was five years ago in What Men Do, where Hazzard plays the top in a sling sequence of a sex club. Now, things have come full circle. Hazzard pigs out at the Zone giving up his tattooed ass to the sweaty, horned-up guys. Moody, dark lighting creates an atmospheric landscape for this cast of men, all putting in sexual performances that drip with sweat and the musk of testosterone.

Hazzard arrives, wandering the halls with other men, looking for love. Leaning up against the wall wearing full jock strap regalia stands the scruffy Geoffrey Paine. Paine leans back watching the guys walk by, jacking his cock and playing with his hairy balls.

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The equally hairy latino Jason Longh stops in front of him, and the two unleash their pent up desires, clawing and slobbering like animals in the hallway. Eventually Long turns around and assumes the position. Paine eases his hard cock in, fucking him bent over doggie style in a superb opening scene.

Longh was an equally hot bottom in the murder mystery thriller Sharp. His submissive romp with Paine is a better study in sexual chemistry, living animalistic urges to the fullest. At one point, Longh gets down on the dirty club floor, bends up his ass directly up into the air, so that Paine can ram down into it from above.

Longh cums by creaming the side of the top's hairy face.

The temperature at the Zone rises to boiling point when Vin Costes and Josh West (King Size) hook up in a dungeon area. Wearing their blue jeans, Costas feels a mammoth hunk of meat stretching out from between West's legs.

West carries one of the hottest shaped phalluses we have seen in a long time, thick and slightly curved. Costas' enthusiastic worship of West's meat drawn the attention of Hazzard, who steps up gingerly.

The guys collect him into their circle, where a cock sucking and ass-eating frenzy ensues.

Costas in particular loves to have his ass eaten. And he certainly enjoys getting first crack at screwing Hazzard's hole. During this, West keeps Hazzard's mouth stuffed with his meat, until its time for the two to trade around and swap positions on the bottom. West pounds Hazzard until the seat runs down his back.

Next, we see Brodie Newport bent over, his ass speaking loudly and directly to buff black man Aron Ridge (Black Balled 5: Star Fucker). Newport clearly has something very powerful to say up there. Ridge speaks back to him in a lengthy session of intense ass rimming. After this, Ridge proceeds to fuck Newport's ass, the bottom tightly coiled in a constant state of ecstasy while the top delivers a signature, focused butt fucking.

Fans of black on white sex will have trouble getting through this scene in a single sitting. A great top, hopefully Ridge will appear in more movies.

Johnny Hazzard Bags His Prize

Hazzard's visit is not over yet. Looking for seconds, he discovers ex-Hot House hunk Vinnie D'Angelo watching him from the top of a long stairwell. They silently move closer together, coming together in an embrace of big, muscular hugs, kissing and armpit licking.

Wow! Has LaRue ever so carefully filmed the choreography of two men joining together in sexual dance?

The one-on-one between Hazzard and D'Angelo is a shining example of some perfect casting. Hazzard drinks in the man that is Vinnie D'Angelo. Pulling down his pants, Hazzard smells and licks his cock through his jock strap. D'Angelo clearly seems to push all of Hazzard's joy buttons during this scene.

After more intense oral sucking, D'Angelo fucks Hazzard right there on the stairs, often with one leg raised up high, hooked into the webbed netting along the walls. Kudos to D'Angelo for genuinely taking Hazzard to a new high point in his career. We've never seen his brains fucked out like this.

Chad Hunt conducts an interesting interview with Hazzard in the behind the scenes portion of the DVD. Hazzard always has lots of new things going on in his life, so it is always interesting to listen to his latest news.

A barrage of man sex, sweat and bathhouse formal wear pepper this journey into the depths of the Zone sex club. Stepping into the sexual sanctuary often is so enveloping, it is difficult to escape. Hazzard finishes, leaving everyone's hunger satiated for now.

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Jason Longh and Geoffrey Paine Geoffrey Paine and Jason Longh
Jason Longh below Geoffrey Paine
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Brodie Newport's ass talks to Aron Ridge
Hazzard Zone Three-Way Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Josh West, Johnny Hazzard, Vin Costas
Johnny Hazzard visits the Hazzard Zone
Johnny Hazzard in Hazzard Zone
Johnny Hazzard enjoys his visit to the Zone
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