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COLT films in the Aloha state.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Featuring a nicely assembled cast just aching to get lei-ed, Hawai'i might inspire Colt fans to re-book their yearly vacation to the islands. Having never been, the views provided by Max Phillips, the film's videographer, capture the imagination in a way that other porn flicks filmed in similar locales have not.

Phillips is nominated for a 2008 GayVN award for Best Videographer, and his work here showcases his sizeable skill behind the camera, capturing gorgeous Colt men making love in lush, tropical vistas. The four vignettes that make up Hawai'i are not rough and tumble sessions, nor are they fueled by a plotline. Instead, each showcases physical beauty - two men making love - with Hawaii's natural setting as a backdrop.

Gage Weston snapshot
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Gage Weston
The opening frames of the first scene (Gage Weston with Mitch Branson) show an expansive grey sky. Either a storm is approaching or the sun has just set; the models fill only a small portion of the frame, both bathing in an outdoor pool filled with water that's equally murky. All that lovely scenery vanishes into the background when the camera drops in close, Weston popping Branson's prick out of his snug swimsuit to suck on.

Branson may not be particularly hung, but there's no shortage of other muscle to focus on, not the least of which are his powerful delts, triceps, and chiseled obliques. Branson receives the lion's share of attention, the water-soaked fun coming to a head when Branson scoots down and sits his lovely hole atop Weston's eager tongue. The butt-fucking (Branson topping Weston) pales next to the deep rimming footage.

Luke Garrett and Darin Hawk Hawaii Vacation

Luke Garrett (Wide Strokes) and Darin Hawk also come together outdoors, their session filmed on an expansive green lawn, the island coastline stretching out behind them. Hawk, a leaner, meaner Colt Man, is new face, one that Garrett just can't help but put his lips on.

Again, the action starts achingly slow, each man judging the contours of the other with only the palms of his hands. The petting is a huge turn-on (despite Garrett's obvious lack of wood) the perfect warm-up for the blowjobs and fucking that follow. Maybe it's because Hawk is unfamiliar eye candy, but checking out his perfectly sculpted armpits, hot man bush, and fuzzy hole kept this Frisky Fan busy for the duration of the encounter.

Luke Garrett and Carlo Masi are deliciously huge
And Garrett has the right idea, bending Hawk every which way to get an lick here, a lick there. Again, when all is said and done, all that syrupy sweet foreplay makes for better viewing than the eventual fucking.

Director John Rutherford was lucky to finally get some sun when it came time to film Gage Weston, Adam Champ (Naked Muscles 2: The New Breed), and Eric Valentin's muscle-bound threeway. The trio wastes little time with tender introductions; it's a heated stroke-fest from the moment the viewer joins the party.

The men get less hairy as you move down the line, Champ a furry gorilla compared to Valentin's pale, almost completely hairless body. Valentin's origins are hard to parse out (Russian? Czech?) his hefty uncut prick the only clue that he's undoubtedly European. He's a lovely complement to his more seasoned partners, sucking cock with the best of them. The men blow one another so long, the light changes, Phillips filming the men as the sun sets somewhere on the island.

Director John Rutherford must have been panicked by the fading light as the sex seems to accelerate, Champ chowing down furiously on Weston's ass before Valentin fucks it. Later, Valentin makes an equally interesting bottom, held captive between his two co-stars while they tag team fuck.

For the finale, Rutherford/Phillips send Luke Garrett and Carlo Masi (Waterbucks 2) out into the rocky surf…barefoot (ouch). While trading blowjobs, balance becomes paramount; one slip and these models are in for some serious hurt.

Rutherford must have sensed the unease he was creating for the viewers at home, so he changes his shot, filming from below. The bonus here is that Masi and Garrett are deliciously huge, in your face while they give one another head.

Eventually, the production crew abandons shooting sex in the surf altogether and brings the men ashore to finish on the gritty sand, Masi predictably topping a very happy Garrett, and bringing a this beautifully filmed offering to a close.

Enjoy weekly live shows with your favoite COLT men, plus tons of photos from the movie on the ColtStudio website.

Hawai'i Photos:

Luke Garrett sucks Carlo Masi Watch on COLT
Luke Garrett sucks Carlo Masi
Luke Garrett fondles Darin Hawk Watch on COLT
Luke Garrett fondles Darin Hawk
Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett Watch on COLT
Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett
Gage Weston rides Mitch Branson Watch on COLT
Gage Weston rides Mitch Branson

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