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Tales from The Compound with Bo Knight

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Straight from the rings of Hell comes this hard and rough cut diamond from J.D. Slater and the Raging Stallion guys. The viewer taken to a place only known as The Compound, an area where the purest sexhogs go to train and experience new levels of sexual freedom. The slogans of these guys are "Own your own sexuality" and "Take or Be Taken.", peeling away their masculine layers with cock and tongue to reveal the personal inner pig inside.

These motorssexual men frolic in a darkly lit dungeon/sexclub atmosphere, a place where one can go and be not bothered with any disturbances from the outside world. The men here seethe with testosterone, muscle and drive. First up is a riveting sequence where bald badass Lance Gear puts musclebear Steve Parker through a long set of intense paces. Gear acts like a drill sargent pushing Parker's buttons through flogging, nipple clamps and more off the chart energy.

The Wall of Cock Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The Wall of Cock
After taking him to these eye opening limits, Gear shoots his hot jockstrapped ass out so Parker can screw him. Their doggie fuck is intense. When the Australian musclehunk Brendan Austen appears, the energy rises even higher. Seeing exactly what he wants, Austen strips out of his clothes and pushes Gear over, sticking his own hot ass into position so Parker can slam away on him. After this cock-to-butt invasion, Parker pulls out a dildo that more resembles an extremely oversized screw from a hardware store. The goldenboy receives a lengthy butt opening with this device, filmed in an entrancing style that is impossible to turn away from.

Next is a slowly paced sex sequence between Tony Serrano and Dillon Press. Both guys are well hung. They seem to relish this exploration of each other's bodies. The two move through a very intense flip flip fuck that fully shows both of their versatility. (This is the first time we've seen Serrano take it up the ass on screen --- and it's gooooooooooood)

Sex Pigs Gather Together

After these two scenes, the sex pigs gather into larger groups. Boxcover porn star pig Bo Knight, muscular black J.C. Carter and Parker form a trinity of kissing, oral and anal action. It is a sea of hard, ripped flesh, constantly moving to a chorus of grunts and growls, slurping and huffing. Knight's musclebutt is pilloried by Parker and Carter. Next they stand side to side and pull out the penis pumps.

Each one tries out their own pump on their cock. It is a learning experience for all. After removing the devices, they suck each other's elongated cocks. Then the three finish this sequence by lining up along a table and jacking out their loads of white spooge.

The next scene, called Maneuvers, starts with the hunky Carter fondling his thick erection while seated in a chair. Dillon Press appears in this dimly lit area, standing above Carter. He pushs his cock down into Carter's mouth. (The props and sets here are wonderfully imaginative and useful).

After Knight joins them, their attention soon turns to a wall of cocks jutting out of glory holes. This wall of camouflage netting comes to life, literally. A number of unidentified performers on the other side are eventually taken care of. The men on the visible side of the wall suck, as well as screw each other. The result is a memorable orgy of cocks all erupting a soup of seed that our blue-ribbons sexpigs are happy to wallow in.

The final scene demonstrates why Knight was placed on the box cover. In an epic of debauchery, he perches up on the chair of honor to get his jockstrapped bubbleass drilled by everyone else. These men have no room for shame or regret. Kudos to J.D. Slater for delivering a product that illustrates new dimensions into pure male sexuality, delivered with the deepest satisfaction.

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Hardsex Photos:

Tony Serrano and Bo Knight in Hardsex Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tony Serrano, Bo Knight, J.C. Adams | Dillon Press, Steve Parker (back)
Lance Gear behind Steve Parker Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Lance Gear behind Steve Parker

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