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Hard Studies

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Adam Dexter , Alex Chandler , Alex Cobel , Brian Hansen , Brock Hatcher , Danny Roddick , Diego De LaHoya , Hank Dutch , , Ken Browning , Park Wiley
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Hard Studies

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I am Brian Hansen.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions immortalizes American college life through the eyes of boxcovermodel Brian Hansen, an Australian co-ed who seeks a higher education. Filled with cruising and hot tricking, the movie explores the desires of horny gay college guys in today's broadband, Internet connected world.

Students need no longer to spend long nights buried in the library stacks. Once tedious research is accomplished in minutes online, freeing up resources to locate hot tricks who show up at your place eager to please.

Real Life in Today's Colleges

Insatiable horndog Park Wiley's unending parade of loverboys moves so fast, he cannot even keep inventory of all of his condoms. His roommate Hansen, first seen in Big Rig, seems used to this. He sits unfazed when Wiley springs into the living room, buck naked, looking for latex. Wiley finds what he needs in time so his tryst with Josh Weston has no time to cool. In fact, their raucous flip-flop sex begins the movie on the highest possible note.

For Hard Studies, Weston returns tanned, rested and ready after a vacation from Falcon Studios. Weston's cover billing reads Buckshot Man, and what a difference a little maturity brings! Weston's legion of fans will not be disappointed. He and Wiley are a perfect match, literally throwing each other into preferred positions where they mutually suck cock, eat ass and fuck.

These cocksure, brave new gayboys fittingly do it underneath a gigantic poster of the counterculture industrial rock band KMFDM (English translation No Pity for the Majority)

Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick
Hard Studies snapshot Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Danny Roddick on Alex Chandler
The noisy fucking from his roomie's bedroom inspires boxcoverboy Hansen to pop a Colt movie into his laptop's DVD player and jack off to his favorite man: Adam Dexter. (He's watching Muscle Up.)

Meet Brian

The story ultimately focuses on Hansen and his decision to eschew tricking in order to wait for his dream man. Hansen easily carries his role. His golden boy, everyman looks have actual moviestar quality. The scene of him masturbating in his desk chair, shirt and pants unbuttoned, eyes fixated on his screen is picture perfect. It is one more situation many viewers can easily identify with.

Later that day, Wiley meets Hansen for a drink at a bar. Hansen pours out his hopes to meet Mr. Right. Immediately afterwards, Wiley repairs to the back room where he inserts himself into a hot four way with powertop Diego de la Hoya, beefy bottom Ken Browning and Alex Cobel. De la Hoya (Night Shift) wildly tops the jockstrap wearing Browning, followed with Wiley sliding in for sloppy seconds. In a high moment, Browning, Wiley and De la Hoya form a love train.

Wiley saw fit to wear his cockring out to the bar, too.

Three's A Crowd

Later, Hansen turns down an telephone offer to join Alex Chandler for a three way with his new friend Danny Roddick (Boot Black Blues). Hansen is shooting blanks here, because he would have enjoyed Roddick's round ass of death with Chandler and the rest of the viewers.

Chandler and Roddick, lovers during the time of this filming, enjoy a sensuous sex session in an immaculate San Francisco hilltop home. They trade blowjobs, taking extra time for impressive deep throating. Chandler then eats Roddick's butt, ultimately throwing him a hot fuck on his back. At one point, Roddick sits in the top's lap, gyrating so that his hard dick bounces wildly. From the back, the camera captures beautiful views of the bottom's buns sinking onto Chandler's erection.

They cum while kissing.

Hard Studies snapshot Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Josh Weston and Park Wiley
Later, Hansen gets snubbed by some brickhouse built Colt models. Bald Brock Hatcher is totally engrossed with his pick-up, the equally muscular Hank Dutch. After some man-smooching, Hatcher rims Dutch's treat, and then he fucks it. It is a strong doggie style screw filled with tough talk and nipple pinching.

The two next switch off, with Hatcher bending over to take Dutch up his ass. They finish by blowing some of the nicest money shots of they film.

Gym Cruising

In the final scene, a rejected Hansen ends up at the gym, trying to melt away some stress and pounds on the running machine. In a nicely done sequence Hanen realizes that the guy exercising next to him is his man, Adam Dexter. Dexter poses around him, and disappears. Cruising for sex is a mostly non-verbal, tense affair. Director Kris Weston captures these moments, cleverly including a running spoken commentary of Hansen's thoughts describing his feelings.

They unite in the deserted locker room of the gym. After lots of pawing and kissing, Hansen lays on his stomach stuffing Dexter's huge cock in his mouth. After this remarkable display of oral skills, Hansen proceeds to display his anal skills, taking Dexter's battering ram deep inside his buns while sprawled over a gigantic exercise ball.

In a display if muscle strength, Dexter lifts Hansen high from his legs to suck his cock, and he lifts the Australian in his strapping arms while screwing him.

Hansen blows a his load while getting fucked, and Dexter drops a big one on the bottom's belly.

Is setting your goals high worthwhile and reachable? Should one sacrifice in the short term to achieve what they seek in the long term? And since when did college become a constant festival of mansex?

Hats off to Buckshot Productions for making this enjoyable look at college life, as well as showcasing a hot black guy like Adam Dexter in steamy interracion sex with Brian Hansen.

Hard Studies passes with an A.

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Hard Studies Photos:

Adam Dexter and Brian Hansen Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Adam Dexter and Brian Hansen
Diega de la Hoya and Ken Browning Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Diega de la Hoya and Ken Browning

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