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Hard at Work

Derrick Knowles , Jessy Karson , Leo Lafonce , Marc Laroche , Olivier Rowling , Sascha Vistos , Symon Boisdur
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Hard at Work

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Plumbers rescue Jessy Karson

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Here's a twink gem that's dropped out of Heaven. Montreal-based VideoBoys takes their website talents and harnesses it into a modest movie about dedicated plumbers who save the day for their customers. Everyone in this movie carries a big pipe, and all are eager to blow and clean these instruments, which fully enjoy the attention.

The models are all new faces, unless you've been subscribing to Québécois pornsites. Smiling and giggling in French, they are a breath of fresh air.

The film's plumber heroes first must rescue the adorable Jessy Karson from his bathtub, who, like Marylin Monroe in the Seven Year Itch, seems to have lodged his big toe in the little bitty drain.

In an excellent build-up, Symon Boisdur and Derrick Knowles answer his 911 emergency call and begin to get to work. Boisdur hops in the tub and tries to pull him from behind. All this succeeds in doing is giving everyone erections.

Fortunately, Karson frees himself, and just in time because otherwise he would have been bottoming for both plumbers with his toe in the drain. They all suck each other's big cocks. Karson wields the biggest pipe, who stays hard throughout, making him one of the hottest big dicked bottomed we've seen year. They finish with the tops cumming on the kneeling Karson, who relishes licking up their post-orgasm erections.

Jessy Karson calls for help Watch VOD | Watch on
Jessy Karson calls up Symon Boisdur and Derrick Knowles for help
All three do all their plowing and ejaculating in the shower, making everything intimate. The director somehow captures it all without the look seeming too cramped or forced. An outstanding opener!

Sascha Vistos tends to the kitchen sink

The next episode introduces two new models. Like the others, these young lads have pale white skin, big dicks and penchants for tattoos and glasses. Olivier Rowling (who actually does look Harry Potteresque) arrives home and switches on the television, looking really bored. He hears noises from the bathroom, where he discovers boxcoverboy Sascha Vistos fixing the sink.

He lubes his ass and rides Sascha Vistos. Rowling, with his black underwear hanging down 30 percent of the way down his buns, easily sweet talks Vistos into screwing. Vistos is another of the movie's big dicked tops, and he plows the Rowling after a nice gamut of french kissing and sucking.

The director marvelously shows each other hanging hard-ons and puckered holes while they are jawboning. Rowling lubes up his own ass and wildly rides Vistos, bucking his hips, sliding down to the max. In a hot ending, Vistos pulls out and quickly shoots hot spooge on the the bottom's backside.

The third episode keeps things moving. The long haired Boisdur, from scene one, returns, sharing a cigarette with coworker Marc Laroche. They attempt to work, but quickly evolve into having an afternoon delight with Boisdur on bottom. Laroche has one of the scene's more average looking faces, but that is easily compensated in the cock size department - it's extra big, thick and uncut!

Boisdur gets extra points for taking this big python up his ass in several positions.

The movie ends on the highest possible note. Karson is relaxing with roommate Leo Lafonce trying to decide how to entertain themselves for the evening. They ponder ordering a pizza, but Karson instead decides to let his fingers do the walking and order the hung plumber boys from the agency who rescued out of the bathtub.

Quick thinking! Sure enough, Knowles and Boisdur arrive with boxcoverboy Vistos is tow. Out of their clothes, Karson and Lafonce perform some great oral work on this smorgasbord of sausage hanging before them. Once again, great camerawork captures these guys' magnificent penises.

Changing things up, Knowles and Boisdur perform their "sandwich the bottom" maneuver on blondie Lafonce, who looks really hot getting fucked.

The plumbers in Hard at Work Watch VOD | Watch on
The plumbers fuck the bottoms
In a high moment, Knowles and Vistos positions the bottoms on their backs getting pounded. And later, Lafonce tops his roommate and the rest of the guys rain their hot cum down on him. Karson ends up completely drenched and satisfied, just like the audience.

It is a delight to run across an unsuspecting title from a new studio that entertains so well. Hard at Work stands out from the many twink films produced today, about a far out as the protruding sizes of the big cocks of its cute cast. In another nice touch, the guys speak to each other in French, and it's not dubbed out or masked by crummy music, making things all the more arousing.

Videoboys continues producing really hot sex. They have a great website playing all of their sexy videos.

Hard at Work Photos:

Sascha Vistos tops Olivier Rowling Watch VOD | Watch on
Sascha Vistos tops Olivier Rowling
Marc Laroche tops Symon Boisdur Watch VOD | Watch on
Marc Laroche tops Symon Boisdur

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