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Hard Riders

Vlado Iresch
Beau Mec Entertainment  
Bill Brown , Brad Kern , , Gerry O'Connel , , Jim Lee , Joe Page , Johan Volny , Josiph Trento , Justin Kimbrl , Kip Carlton , Michael Smith , Nicolas Santos , Patrik Dorsy , Richard Said , Samuel Dolce
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Hard Riders

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The Best Brokeback Mountain Gay Porn Satire

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After the mainstream film Brokeback Mountain received unexpected attention and profits, countless porn producers rushed to cash in. We received countless DVDs with variations of the word Brokeback in the title, as well as others which took a solid crack at making porn in the Western genre.

Unfortunately, many of these films spoofed Brokeback in name only. Many were simple bareback films that were already in the can, but re-titled with a new label which distributors would sell or rent.

Johan VolnyWatch VOD
Confused Cowboy - Johan Volny
Eurocreme chose a much classier approach. Their new studio line Beau Mec sports solid budgets and production investments that set it apart from the movies that look "cheap." It is with extreme pleasure to announce that their premiere DVD, Hard Riders is easily the finest Brokeback Mountain spin-off of all.

Along with its memorable cast, the producers have dressed everyone in fashionable boots and other Western wear. The sets include authentic barns complete with saddles and horses, and other common items one might expect in a Western.

The script does not get too goofy or silly. Cameron Jackson's vehicle breaks down out in the middle of nowhere. Finding overnight refuge in a barn, he finds an old, forgotten diary buried in a stack of hay. Written in 1972, its nineteen-year old author describes his discovery of forbidden love on that isolated farm. Intrigued, Jackson reads on, the diary entries making up all but the last of the movie's sexual scenes via flashback.

The first diary entry shows the writer (played by the tall, lean Johan Volny) catching the well-oiled and buff Brad Kern enjoying a private moment of self-pleasure after a long day's work on the ranch. Kern removes his hat, peeling himself out of tight blue jeans. Kern, who has never appeared any anything else (gay at least) puts on a stellar solo for everybody, giving a fine display of his muscled inner thighs and fabulous erection. It's little wonder that this performance essentially made Johan Volny gay.

Later, Volny describes his observation of the lovemaking by two new ranch hands, boxcoverboy Nicolas Santos and Justin Kimbrl. This episode provides arguably the most memorable visual of the entire film: Santos planted firmly down on Kimbrl, facing the camera, his own rigid cock pointing directly up to the sky.

Santon wears his cowboy boots as Kimbrl screwing him saddle, pulling out and squirting a big money shot over the bottom's pubes.

The following scene is another flashback, and another fine episode. Michael Smith and Jay Renfro enjoy a roll in the hay, when Uncle Samuel Dolce suddenly catches them in the act. Musclebottom Smith is one of the hottest bottoms to hit the screens this year, appearing in the unforgettable finale to Bareback Twink Street 2.

Renfro takes a welcome turn here feasting and groping Smith assets, ultimately plugging him. Dolce, stripping out of his ranch wear proves the powerhouse top. At one point, they form a love train where Dolce screws Renfro, and Renfro screws Smith.

Dolce, who as Joseph Ther plowed Renfro in his travel journal documentary Sex & the Tourist, makes hay of Renfro's curvy bootie. And the rare opportunity to watch Renfro top such a hot bottomboy adds to the scene's heat. To finish, Dolce and Smith stand over Renfro and cream his face and mouth. Then, Smith drives his tongue deep into Renfro's hole causing him to shoot his cum directly into his own mouth.

Cameron Jackson bottoms for Patrik Dorsy

The film does not slow down. Next, Jackson decides to "jump into" the diary, where he has a steamy sexathon with sultry blond Patrik Dorsy in which Jackson bottoms. Dorsy lovingly blows Jackson's erection. After some side-by-side smooching and sucking, Jackosn rides Dorsy. The hottest visual shows Jackson with his legs back and dick rock hard as Dorsy pumps him, ultimately squirting streams of goo onto his own abs.

The diary's author, like so many men of his generation, never gets the courage to act on his homosexual urges. The next episode chronicles a three way from which he walked away. What was he thinking? Bodacious bottomboy Michael Smith returns for an encore performance with Bill Brown ( Bareback Twink Pack) and the quietly magnetic Joe Page.

Smith easily accommodates his friends inside his warm, friendly ass. In a hot finish, Smith sucks happily on Page's big cock after he cums. Combined with their kissing and sucking, as well as the variety of positions Smith gets plowed, this scene is yet another which should give the viewer trouble finishing in one sitting.

Ultimately, the diary's author succumbs. Played by Volny, the lanky blond Richard Said is too much for him. The kiss and suck, culminating with Volny topping him in several hot positions. A horse observes them, Volny's long pole driving in and out of Said's ass. And they both leave their boots on.

The movie ends on a great note. Back in the present day, Jackson is discovered by a contemporary Volny, a ranchhand on his father's ranch. They trade blowjobs on their beautiful cocks. This is followed with another surprise: Volny bottoming for Jackson. Volny, a topboy until now, looks very hot on his fours. After Jackson devirginizes him, they flip flop with more great footage of Jackson taking Volny's long cock.

Jackson finishes shooting yet another copious load onto his stomach.

The film closes on a sad note: After discovering Jackson in his barn, reading his lost diary, the present day author is shown sitting at campfire, feeding its secret pages into the flames.

To reiterate, this impressive film from Beau Mec is clearly the finest Brokeback Mountain allegory we've seen. Special marks go for taking the extra time to dress the models in authentic Western wear and placing them in a legitimate bucolic setting.

And Jay Renfro topping? Cameron Jackson bottoming? Johan Volny bottoming? What a crazy cowboy world this is!

Cameron Jackson bottoms in not one, but two scenes in Hard Riders. Just that should be worth the price of admission alone.

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Justin Kimbr licks Nicolas Santos
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Johan Volny tops
Cameron Jackson
Johan Volny and Cameron JacksonWatch Now
Johan Volny sucks Cameron Jackson
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Nicolas Santos and Justin Kimbr

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