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Tom Bradford
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Attila Rajnay , Daniel Kilmer , David Barthory , Fabrice Felder , Gabor Bacso , Igor Viard , Ivan Gregorovich , Jeremy Sheldon , Pavel Nemec , Peter Tomanek , Rob Parker , , Stefan Toth , Tamas Eszterhazy , Zoltan Erdey
Euro-Muscle GuysWrestlingHunksMystery/Thriller


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Roberto Giorgio Catches the Computer Hackers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Flying in under the radar, Sarava Production's Hangar is not only an elaborate, well edited thriller filmed on location, but also a true bonanza of hot sex from the finest possible male specimens from Hungary.

Admittedly. the story is a little awkward, and further complicated by some odd subtitling, but plots about tracking hacker criminals is always fun. Also Igor Viard's unforgettable coupling with studmuffin Roberto Giorgio is the movie's high point, which by itself if worth the price of admission alone.

The movie's six sex scenes are all true scorchers, deftly edited by director Tom Bradford, who is clearly one of the bright new directors to watch nowadays. One thing we feel important to say: producers really hobble themselves by pinning their own unique names onto their models. Many of these guys are true star quality, and it is often almost impossible for a fan to follow them when the have a brand new moniker affixed to them every go-round.

Case in point: Igor Viard, a true five star stud who has acted under four separate names this year. (Steve Jennings for Bel Ami, Jerry O'Connor, Alexander Steel) Imagine aggregating all that up into one superstar name who pulls one supersized draw.

Enough on things beyond our control. Hanger opens with a team of criminals using planes to smuggle discs of computer codes into the Ukraine. Fortunately the ex-Soviet republic is getting a better handle on the rule of law. The police successfully infiltrate this ring with moles, who ultimately stop their criminal activity.

The leader of the cops is Peter Tomanek (who acted for years as Rezso Farkas for Kristen Bjorn [Hungary for Men]) He briefs his team on their mission, surrounded by stacked boxes of Chiquita bananas. Sensing bad attitudes, he punches up their motivation by instigating a steamy four-way. It is here that Hanger takes off and never stops for the next one hundred and twenty minutes.

He takes Tamas Eszterhazy (Black n' Blue), Zoltan Erdey and Jeremy Sheldon on naked fits of cock sucking and ass eating, arousingly illustrating the pleasures of foreplay. The four dirty blonds then engage in several rounds of screwing. The star of the show is the versatile Eszterhazy. The big boss shows off some hot topman skills by giving it to Eszterhazy and the nipple-ringed Erdy. When Shelson screws Erdy, Tomanek stands behind him grabbing the top's round buns, smacking them. Sheldon and Erdy finish the exercise with some copious cumshots.

Meanwhile, the code hackers find little success in their data mining. So they take a break from their tasks by forming a hot, sweaty man pile in the office. A great looking Rob Parker (aka Antonio Armani) gets his beefy, blond musclebutt drilled double time by Daniel Kilmer and Pavel Nemec. Nemec, a Bang of Brothers refugee, performs double duty both topping and bottoming.

Next the action moves to the gym where the guys are getting down on the wrestling mat. Director Bradford seems to enjoy returning to his Fight Club-style interests as displayed in Legion of Vengeance. Fabrice Felder and Gabor Bacso spar with Eszterhazy on the gym mat. In a high moment, Felder slams his pole down into Bacso's buns. This highly arousing bottom gets drilled additionally by Eszterhazy. And Eszterhazy gets hammered by the other two.

After moving through many fun body combinations, Felder uncorks a long flowing river of cum onto Eszterhazy. Eezterhazy then shoots his own juicy goo out of his deep-purple cockhead.

Later at the gym, the criminal ring leader Igor Viard exercises with his buddies, as another mole, Roberto Giorgio makes a crucial break in the investigation: they will meet for a dinner date that evening. After Giorgio leaves, Attila Rajnay confides into Viard his issues about being old, forgotten manmeat on the team, he is no longer the Hottie de Jour.

Pavel Nemec tops Daniel Kilmer Watch Now
Pavel Nemec tops Daniel Kilmer. Rob Parker underneath.
Viard soothes these fears by having sex with the rippling newcomer in the gym. This activity draws the attention of the nearby David Bathory (Parashooter). Rajney is yet another amazing bottom, which Bradford seems to be an expert in casting for his films. Rajney's upturned, melon shaped butt cheecks bounce when Bathory drills him. Knowing a great cock and body when he sees one, Viard sits down and grinds his hunky frame onto Rajney. Finally, Bathory and Rajney shoot big money shots onto their boss.

After this, Daniel Kilmer delivers the vital disc to Ivan Gregorovich and bald henchman Steve Toth, which combusts into another fantastic multi-combination three way. Gregorovich takes on both of their asses with dildos, only after a rousing round of kissing, sucking and ass eating. Toth gets reamed by both of their cocks, trading off between the two. Next it is Kilmer's turn to get alternately hammered by two erections. Gregorovich and Kilmer finish by squeezing out their big cumloads onto Toth's chest.

Roberto Giorgio and Igor Viard's Loving Climax

Hanger finishes with its best scene of all for last. The coupling of Roberto Giorgio and Igor Viard can be seriously considered for this year's movie awards. The two musclestuds begin their arousing tussle clad in tight white underwear. They proceed to devour every inch of their bodies with their mouths. After this, Viard works over a moaning Girogio missionary and doggie style.

Next comes a truly hot flip flop with Giorgio burying his hot cock into Viard, who holds his muscular legs high in the air, creating an unforgettable show of when musclebottoms collide. Getting through this scene completely in one sitting is near impossible.

Hats off to director Bradford for producting one more must-see for Giorgio fans. Viard emerges out of his Bel Ami's beginnings into a full-fledged star who will enjoy long career. Hangar houses massive stockpiles of sex and a bevy of Hungarian beauties who come wrapped in a catchy dramatic envelope.

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Hangar Photos:

David Barthory tops Attila Rajnay Watch Now
David Barthory tops Attila Rajnay. Igor Viard observes.
Roberto Giorgio tops Igor Viard Watch Now
The Final Scene: Roberto Giorgio tops Igor Viard

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