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Take One: Guys Like Us

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH003
Aaron Brandt , Adam Rom , Buck Philips , Cody Whiler , , Dave Russell , Kyle Hunter , Matt Bradshaw , Rick Mathews , Talvin DeMachio ,
HunksModel Interviews

Take One: Guys Like Us

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Inventing the gay porn model interview

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Steven Scarborough used the technique of the interview film in his first Hot House films, where the models are interviewed before their sex scenes. Take One: Guys Like Us takes this to a higher level. There are no interviews here, just clips of comments here and there, and various revelations as the actors prepare for the shoot.

They discuss their workday, backgrounds, fantasies and also the differences between sex on versus off-screen. By the time the performances start, we feel like we totally know who they are, which heightens the enjoyment of the explicit action.

Matt Bradshaw's Like Us

Matt BradshawWatch on - Watch VOD
Porn star Matt Bradshaw
The movie consists of five scenes, and the star of the film is the boxcover model Matt Bradshaw. Bradshaw comes across as charming, strong and a sexual dynamo. (Several years later he continued this display as the corrupt prison guard in At Large) He is a perfect match for the youthful, baby-faced Aaron Brandt. Bradshaw simply starts by calling to Brandt to C'mere!

Brandt obeys, and the two give and receive oral service, culminating in the exquisite mounting of Brandt by Bradshaw in multi-positions. They finish with great money shots. [Blog: Aaron Brandt and Matt Bradshaw Do It]

Bradshaw drives the second scene as well, this time a threeway with two lovers. Bradshaw engages them simultaneously with kissing, rimming, sucking and anal. Bradshaw tops both of them in a great performance, They all deliver several money shots.

Next we see Damien Ford from Hardline and Rick Matthews meeting for the first time on the set. The shake hands properly, and afterwards Ford says, He smells good too. Matthews is a lean, compact, hairy bottomboy. Ford kisses Matthews passionately, rims him, and delivers a powerhouse humping. Mathews matches him every step of the way, and the two finish with great money shots.

Adam Rom's Voracious Butt

In the fourth scene, wearing arousing, tight pairs of white underwear, Dave Russell and Adam Rom are suds it up in a outdoor bathtub. After getting totally wet, Rom displays his voracious bottom skills by squatting on Russell, bouncing to climax.

In the final scene, Buck Phillips is the centerpiece of a three-way with Talvin Demachio (Bang!) and the jockstrap-wearing Cody Whiler, a older goateed sexpig. Not as hot compared to the beginning scenes, it just goes to show how important placement is for the scenes in some of these movies.

Buck Phillips becomes the center of a three way. Guys Like Us is an intriguing look at some of the hot men in gay porn. Scarborough clearly knows how to make a good show.

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Take One: Guys Like Us Photos:

Matt Bradshaw and Aaron BrandtWatch on - Watch VOD
Matt Bradshaw and Aaron Brandt
Buck Phillips, Talvin Demachio, Cody WhilerWatch on - Watch VOD
Buck Phillips, Talvin Demachio, Cody Whiler

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