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GRUNTS: The New Recruits

Chris Ward Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Jake Deckard , Justin Christopher , Kamrun , Mason Garet , Max Schutler , , Ricky Sinz , River Fiasco , Roman Ragazzi ,
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GRUNTS: The New Recruits

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Three Army sergeants put a squad of new recruits through their paces.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The New Recruits marshalls the GRUNTS trilogy by introducing the film's characters, a squad of new army recruits and the drill sargeants who put them through the paces of basic training. The resulting film is an impressive mix of rigorous daytime exercizes, spontaneous solos and a night long orgy.

Filmed in an outdoor, remote location, Raging Stallion clearly has taken this film project on very seriously. The drill sergeants are Ricky Sinz, Jake Deckard (Mirage) and Roman Ragazzi, who give all out performances for this release.

Ricky Sinz fucks Roman Ragazzi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ricky Sinz behind Roman Ragazzi

The GRUNTS Trilogy
As for the sex, it is ample and scorching. The New Recruits includes six sexual episodes and three solo performances in the DVD's near three hour duration.

After a long day of exercises, Sinz hooks up with fellow sergeant Roman Ragazzi (Tailpipes). It is at this point that we first hear the amazing mouth of Ricky Sinz.

"Want to see my privates, private? Put that dick at ease, Sarge." and tons more witticisms stream endlessly in a raunch rap. After a blowjob, Sinz decides that he was to fuck Ragazzi. Holding the Italian's legs up in the air, Sinz fucks him with the intensity of a jackrabbit.

Their coupling is the opening salvo to what will be many performances by both models in the series, Sinz for The New Recruits in particular.

After this comes the first solo performance of the movie. Now, a well filmed solo engages the viewer to one specific model in some great ways. If the guy is hot, the show becomes a study on his best features, and Max Schutler is worth an entire course of study.

First popping up in the Monster Bang movie Bang That Ass, Schutler's star shines in GRUNTS. The quiet German is the perfect, slim bottom. His foreskin stays permanently wrapped around the entire length of his cock. After cumming, Schutler hooks up with the hirsute sensation Steve Cruz. Of course, this episode could be subtitled "when bottoms meet bottoms", because they both classically are.

That evening, the guys are relaxing and playing cards, When the party breaks up, Cruz and Schutler stay behind to create their own action. What to do when stuck out on a remote army base? Schutler decides to shove a glass beer bottle up Cruz's ass.

Schutler replaces the bottle with his cock, topping the hairy hunk on his back until they both cum.

Five guys start fucking in the barracks. After this begins the first of the film's mass sex scenes. It is nighttime, and the boys in the barracks turn some horseplay into sexplay. Latin hunk Justin Christopher leads Kamrun, Mason Garet, River Fiasco and newcomer R.J. Danvers on a fest of cocksucking.

The guys break up into smaller groups for the anal action. Christopher pumps his big log into Kamrun's black bootie, while Fiasco watches. Christopher always put on a fine show. However it is Kamrun's sexy body and versatile skills that are one of the movie's real surprises.

He takes Christopher's cock on his fours until the top cums.

Ricky Sinz Goes on His Long, Wild Tear

In a technique used for the entire film series, Christopher departs leaving the still horny Kamrun to get with the fellow watching from the sidelines. Here, the brawny Garet sucks him off. Then they are interrupted by Sinz, who dismisses Kamrun so that he can personally ream cadet Garet for insubordination.

Sinz cusses him, pointing out some real gems, until he pulls down his fatigues so that Garet can suck his dick. After slurping him hungrily, Sinz plows Garet on his back in another rapid fire ass plowing. They finish, and Sinz grabs another private to fuck. This time it is the cute latino newcomer River Fiasco.

Ricky Sinz ends his sexual frenzy by fucking R.J. Danvers. River Fiasco rises up like a river Phoenix, riding atop Sinz's dick while stroking his own. Fiasco cums while fucking himself like this on his army sargeant.

Sinz still is not done. For his finishing fuck, he sinks his claws into R.J. Danvers.

"I'm gonna smoke that hole like a Black & Mild, baby," announces Sinz. So begins passing around of Danvers, a gripping bottom who clearly appears to relish getting fucked on film. He is one of Raging Stallion's most exciting discovery's in the past year, and he passed all around the films of GRUNTS. They both leave their loads on Danvers' hairy belly.

Meanwhile, Christopher has gotten his second wind, which he takes out by filling Fiasco's butt. After both guys shoot, Christopher decides to do a finishing round on Danvers' ass. Powertop Christopher meets a match with powerbottom Danvers., and their breathless screwing rings to the clink of the dog tags around their necks. Christopher shoots his load into Danver's thirsty mouth.

Finally, Sinz, still awake, closes his evening by hopping into an open jeep and getting off with an AK-47 machine gun. My God, so that's just one night in the barracks? How do they have energy to work all day?

Roman Ragazzi's Sudden Inspection

The next morning, after RJ Danvers releases a morning load by himself, drill sergeants Deckard and Ragazzi tear though the camp in an inspection. Afterwards, Deckard and Ragazzi retreat to finish off The New Recruits with a strong man-fuck.

The two men give their all as Deckard drills Ragazzi over a jeep. Deckard, last year's Raging Stallion Man of the Year, throws everything into Ragazzi, who is this year's standard bearer. So, consider this to be the studio's on-screen passing of the torch.

The first installment of GRUNTS introduces the players, highlights the ups and downs of life in basic training, as well as showing off lots of hot military sex. Ricky Sinz clearly cannot be stopped. Justin Christopher only appears in The New Recruits, so it is nice that he gets lots of screen time strutting his top man skills.

After this comes part two of GRUNTS, Brothers in Arms.

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GRUNTS: The New Recruits Photos:

R.J. Danvers and Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
R.J. Danvers rides Justin Christopher
Justin Christopher fucks River Fiasco Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Justin Christopher tops River Fiasco
Ricky Sinz fucks River Fiasco Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ricky Sinz tops River Fiasco
Jake Deckard fucks Roman Ragazzi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jake Deckard inside Roman Ragazzi

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