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GRUNTS: Misconduct

Chris Ward Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Aaron Summers , Brodie Sinclair , Dominic Pacifico , Jake Deckard , Jay Mack , Luciano Haas , , Max Schutler , , Ricky Sinz , Roman Ragazzi , Trey Casteel
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GRUNTS: Misconduct

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Grunts Max Schutler and Dominic Pacifico get pinned down by their associates.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

GRUNTS: Misconduct is the most traditional of the trilogy - lots and lots of sex bookended by relatively simple setups. In some ways, Misconduct is the most enjoyable. Ample camera time focuses on the sexual antics of the recruits, such as the studio's stunning sex machines Max Schutler and Luke Hass.

Misconduct also features straight boy Brodie Sinclair, who gets gets a piece of Schutler's ass. Plus, brunet beauty Dominic Pacifico makes his on-screen appearance.

Dominic Pacifico Sandwich Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar, Dominic
Pacifico, Luke Hass
The GRUNTS Trilogy
Pacifico spreads his beautiful ass apart for Sergeant Ricky Sinz, who takes the opportunity to fuck him bent over the door of a jeep. Wearing his dog tags, Sinz goes to town on Pacifico's great looking ass. In a hot moment, Pacific rides Sinz's lap, his hard-on flapping around to the gyration of his hips. In an eye-popping finish, Pacifico bends up and shoots a long arc of his cum into his own mouth.

Pacifico has appeared in several random movies over the past couple of years, notably Bareback Pick-Up. GRUNTS is Pacifico's best show so far, and it would be wonderful if he'd appear more regularly.

Brodie Sinclair fucks a GRUNT

A day of dreary exercises leads to another evening of the guy's letting off some steam. Schutler returns from Grunts: The New Recruits to spread his legs for Brodie Sinclair, a handsome straight model who spends lots of time boasting about his sexual conquests with the chicks. Along with his total trade attitude, Sinclair boasts a fat dick and nice tatts inked on his upper body.

Schutler is more then happy to suck Sinclair's dick and eat his ass. Sinclair plows the stunning bottom with his legs up on a wooden table. After flipping Schutler around and rear ending him, Sinclair pulls out and cums.

Sinclair's looks and attitude will make him a film favorite for many of the viewers.

Their sex draws the attention of Luke Hass, a Raging Stallion regular who seems to initially get turned on by watching guys having sex from afar (Trouser Trout). First, Schutler sticks his ass out, which Hass reams nicely. They switch to Schutler riding atop Hass, fucking himself on the top's long pole.

Hass is a top-notch fucker, and one of the real treats in GRUNTS. He blows a hot creamy load onto the bottom's underside.

After this comes a great white-on-black sex scene starring Aaron Summers and Jay Mack. Summers pounds Mack's glistening ass with his thick dick. Mack appears to be in ecstasy, moaning and groaning, twisting around in lots of positions.

Finally, Mack lays on his stomach getting pummeled until they both shoot big loads.

The tops keep Dominic Pacifico's fore and aft holes busy. One of the hottest scene of the entire series comes when Pacifico decides to play some cards with Hass and Rafael Alencar. Pacifico's mouth and ass get stretched to the limit in their hook-up, the only real three-way of the entire movie. Pacifico shows some impressive oral skills here as well.

The tops do a good job at keeping both of Pacifico's fore and aft orifices filled with meat throughout the scene. Hass takes the first turn on Pacifico's ass. Alencar follows up, throwing him one of his signature fucks that shows off the size and beauty of his uncut tool. These expert tops move through several rounds and positions with the bottom.

Roman Ragazzi Catches Grunt Asleep

Next, GRUNTS takes its last look at Hass and Roman Ragazzi (Tailpipes), when they meet in a storage tent. Ragazzi discovers Hass snoozing on the job. Some verbal back and forth from Sergeant Ragazzi down to Private Hass leads to the higher ranked solider getting his dick sucked.

Ragazzi naturally cannot resist Hass' many stunning assets. On his knees, Ragazzi blows Hass' remarkable cock. Then Hass slides his sausage up the brawny Italian screwing him in numerous positions.

Ragazzi looks his best on his back, showing off his arms and hairy abs. Hass screws him in this position at length. Ragazzi cums all over himself while getting plowed, and Hass pulls out to shoot his seed landing right next to the bottom's hairy hole.

Grunts ends essentially where it began - the oversexed, commandeering officers fucking the Hell out of the trainees. For the final episode, Sinz walks in on Deckard as he brutally pummels Trey Casteel's hole. Deckard and Sinz take their turns hammering Casteel, who spends much of the time face down, ass up receiving endless waves of reaming mixed in with verbal orders.

As with the officer/grunt pair ups, there is lots of trash talk, spit and sweat. Sinz finishes GRUNTS riding the out of control rocket that he rode in on. A swaggering figure of indefatigable energy, GRUNTS could not have been made without him.

Jake Deckard's Super Finish

Deckard, as the Sergeant Houle character, closes the film magnificently as well, putting in one of the hottest manfucks yet seen right at the movie's tail end. Coming off days of barking orders, the character's own constant need for admiration and respect has manifested itself into the bundle of neuroses that is Sergeant Houle.

The closing moments of the film show Deckard, as he sits alone in his tent, holding a shot of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other, silently weeping. GRUNTS: Misconduct goes all out of the sex as the final DVD installment of the GRUNTS trilogy. The cast and production values will constantly impress the viewer's attention, as will the impressive contents of interviews and background video in the DVD extras, expertly produced by the fun loving porn kings at Naked Sword.

GRUNTS presents a nuclear proliferation of military men at never before seen intensities. Yes, it's a man's life in the army.

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GRUNTS: Misconduct Photos:

Max Schutler and Luke Hass Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Max Schutler rides Luke Hass
Grunt Aaron Summers fucks Jay Mack Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Grunt Aaron Summers fucks Jay Mack
Grunts: Misconduct Military Porn Three-Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jake Deckard and Ricky Sinz bookend Trey Casteel in military porn three-way classic
Brodie Sinclair fucks Max Schutler Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Brodie Sinclair tops Max Schutler
Dominic Pacifico and Ricky Sinz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dominic Pacifico rides Ricky Sinz

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