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GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms

Chris Ward Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Aaron Summers , , Billy Berlin , Jake Deckard , Kamrun , , Orlando Toro , , Ricky Sinz , , Trey Casteel , Victor Steele
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GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms

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Brother after inhaling a secret Army gas.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The plot device for Brothers in Arms, the second installment of GRUNTS, ultimately centers around the use of a secret chemical gas called hypospastic nitrate. Apparently this particular nitrate turns all guys into seething, overhorned homosexuals. And as the United States Army sometimes allegedly does, they test their new devices out on unwilling participants.

When Raging Stallion cast for the movie, they unwittingly realized that Steve Cruz bears a family resemblance to Spanish stallion Orlando Toro. Both are sizzling sex machines, who ultimately mate near the end of the film.

Brothers Steve Cruz and Orlando Toro Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Brothers: Steve Cruz and Orlando Toro

The GRUNTS Trilogy
The film starts with Jake Deckard (Lords of the Jungle) letting private Victor Steele in on the plans for the use of the secret Gay Bomb. After this comes the famous bark "Have you ever been fucked in the ass, private?" Upon which Steele does get fucked in the ass, quite thoroughly by Deckard. This is actually Deckard's hottest coupling, probably because the bigger, older Deckard takes good care of the smaller, cute Steele from beginning to end.

Deckard shoots a copious load of mancream all over the Steele's hot ass.

After a session of combat training in the field, separate solo scenes introduce Steve Cruz (Mirage) and Orlando Toro. Cruz finds a convenient water jet, spraying like a geyser so that he can wet down his body for the camera. Plopping in a metal washtub of water, he strokes himself to orgasm. Meanwhile in the showers indoors, Toro lathers his body up with soap to the point that he mostly ends up concentrating on his erection.

Both solos highlight the reality that these two guys really do resemble each other. Is there like a mint somewhere we don't know about? Maybe in a sequel Deckard might happen upon some kind of secret clone army?

In any case, Toro looks fucking hot pinching his nipple has he works over his cock. He stretches out on the ground to cum on his belly.

Secret Gas Pushes Recruits into Gay Sex Orgy

The next day, a group goes out to the field: Steele, Cruz and Toro, as well as Trey Casteel, Antonio Biaggi, Kamrun, Luke Hass and R.J. Danvers. Night falls as the guys start to relax. Then, the secret nitrate gas is released to remarkable effect, and the much of the rest of the movie depicts all the subsequent fucking between the unwitting grunts.

First comes a suckfest, in which the focus gravitates to the amazing horse cock wielded by Biaggi. With a shaved head, Biaggi stands like a full stallion, his heavy balls hanging low underneath his eleven inch prick.

Danvers seems to be the biggest cock hound this side of Fort Hood. Cruz and Casteel (Brawlers) peel off to the side for a verbal, aggressive one-on-one. They stand shoulder to shoulder to blow their loads.

Next, Toro gores Kamrun in his beautiful ass. They move through several positions until the top sprays his fountainhead load all over his buddy.

Meanwhile, Hass pins down Danvers in another corner. Danvers seems very willing and accommodating to Hass' hammering, making lots of little moans and grunts throughout. Hass is a powerful little fucker, ramming the spread Danvers with joy. After Hass finishes, Steele steps in to fill Danvers' open hole.

Steele screws will a strong focus. He's a focused top! Peering intently at his sliding meat.

Next up, the devoted a golden half hour to the top man skills of Antonio Biaggi. Biaggi carries some of the looks as Dominican giant Ricky Martinez. His cock doesn't spread out to beer can width at the base, which probably mean higher pleasures for both parties.

Orlando Toro fucks his military brother in his hairy ass. Biaggi strokes himself in a brief solo until Aaron Summers interrupts him. They kiss before Summers works Biaggi's cock with his mouth. After some oral, Biaggi turns into a fucking machine similar to Sinz in The New Recruits.

He plows Summers' round little butt. The heat rises as Casteel appears to pound Billy Berlin's ass, whose mouth stays filled with Biaggi's cock. Berlin, who can't seen to get enough, lastly gets topped by Cruz.

Viewers will appreciate the careful attention to editing in these orgy scenes. Typically couples get mixed up, and things get very difficult to follow in the frenzy. Not here. The camera systematically moves through the couplings, making it very easy to see and enjoy.

The Grunts Brothers Do It

Everything culminates with the brothers, Cruz and Toro, hooking up together. Toro rims Cruz's hole before he slides his cock inside. The hump together in harmony, Cruz gyrating back to meet Toro's thrusts. By the time Cruz cums, everyone, including the viewer, is totally exhausted.

The closing episode of Brothers in Arms shows Sinz back to his usual antics. Using his position as a superior, he gets private Kamrun to strip, show off his ass, and bend over for him.

In between barking lots of orders, Kamrun gives his standing sergeant a lengthy blowjob. After this, Sinz drills him in several positions in his signature jackrabbit top style. Sinz blows an impressive money shot, followed by Kamrun's own heavy gobs of white goo.

So was the army's test of hypospastic nitrate a success? The results were inconclusive. Perhaps one day in the near future they will market it as VCR head cleaner.

After this comes part three, GRUNTS: Misconduct.

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GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms Photos:

Grunts Eight Man Orgy Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The Eight Man Orgy
Jake Deckard fucks Victor Steele Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jake Deckard tops Victor Steele
Ricky Sinz fucks Kamrun Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ricky Sinz behind Kamrun
Brothers in Arms Three-Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Lucas Hass, R.J. Danvers, Victor Steele

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