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Grindass House

Mike Donner
Dirty Bird Pictures  
Andy Kirra , Bradley Christopher , Brant Moore , Damon Phoenix , Elijah , Hans Ebson , Ryan Thompson , Shane , Tristan Mathews
Interracial SexOral SexHorsehungParody / Spoof

Grindass House

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There have been gay porn parodies before, but never like this. Grindass House from Dirty Bird Pictures misses no opportunity at spoofing everything from 1980s William Higgins porn to Hollywood B movies that were meant purely for a discount night at the drive inn movie theater. (Nowadays such work enjoys the dreaded label direct to dvd).

The movie works along the lines of the mainstream Hollywood film Grind House, a very high minded venture that ultimately failed at the box office because it ran too long. So how does Grind Ass House fare? Sitting in the back row, we came up with this run-down:

The DVD's first "feature", Ranger Wood and the Pizza Boy sends up two classic Higgins films from the early 1980s: Sailor in the Wild and the unforgettable Pizza Boy: He Delivers.

Handsome brunet Brant Moore is the film's Brian Thompson, a wondering park ranger seemingly turned on by his body fed by the humming energy of the free spirited woods. Moore treats the viewer to a nice solo. After taking off his clothes, he plops down and strokes his long cock for the camera. He uses his other hand to finger his hole, which as of this writing still has not been devirginized.

Damon Phoenix and Shane
Damon Phoenix sucks Shane
Moore's hair is shorter than in the Dicks of Hazzard, another enjoyable porn parody. His cum shot is filmed in old-fashioned Higgins style --- in slow motion! Moore produces an impressive money shot highlighted by a geyser like squirt that flies high into the air.

The film's rollicking action begins when Tristan Matthews delivers a pizza to Bradley Christopher. Matthews is a hot, dark haired number, who delivers the pizza on roller skates. And how does any "Roller Girl" end up? Butt up getting fucked, of course.

Christopher is a newcomer who proves to be pretty hot top. He pumps Matthews hard over the couch, after he takes a bite of pizza, of course.

Naturally, Matthews keeps his roller skates on throughout. Christopher shoots a very nice money as well.

Scene three is the final episode of the first feature, and it's great. Moore, still playing park Ranger Wood, interrupts muscle boy Damon Phoenix (Bar Trade) and military jock Shane, who are enjoying a tasty round of cock-sucking. Shane, a denizen of Active Duty's hot bareback films, looks fucking fantastic with his towering cock and wild tattoos along his arms. (Shane fans should not miss the must see Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War)

Shane and Moore get their turn on Phoenix's sweet ass. A very surprising moment comes when Moore bottoms on-screen, the first we have ever seen, when the guys form a love train with Phoenix, Moore (in the middle) and Shane. Their session features lots of hot underside close-ups as well.

Following a quirky intermission, as well as some goofy movie previews for films like The Sucked and the Sucking and Palm Springs Trucking Company (hat tip to Kansas City Trucking Co.), the second feature begins: Route 69.

Here again, the title is an inside joke on Higgins' movie Route 69, a great movie which to our knowledge has not escaped from the black hole of Catalina Video to make it onto DVD. This featurette looks back at the whimsical seventies, to varying degrees of success.

Scene one shows Andy Kirra hooking up with newcomer Ryan Thompson. They hook up on the road and go back to Kirra's place, where they proceed to have sex in the kitchen. Thompson proceeds to top Kirra, although their pairing lacks spark. Kirra does have a hot ass, however.

His bootie gets put to much better use in the following scene, in which he, Hans Ebson and Elijah (another denizen of Active Duty's bareback military line) get it on in a hot three-way.

The guys all perform enthusiastically here, including Ebson, who has matured very nicely from his first days. (Devil Is A Bottom). Elijah first tops both Kirra and Ebson. Then they form another of the film's love trains, where Ebson tops Elijah, who gives it to a legs up Kirra.

All in all a nice ending to the double feature.

Grindass House plants tongue firmly in cheek to send up some now classic gay porn. Despite some weak links, there are a lot of hot moments, especially when the Active Duty dudes Shane and Elijah come out of the closet for some hot fucking.

It also makes us think back, and long for David Ashfield's hot cock and Steve Henson's supple frame.


Grindass House Three way
Grindass House three way
Damon Phoenix, Brant Moore, Shane
Andy Kirra and Hans Ebson
Elija, Andy Kirra, Hans Ebson
Pizza Boy Tristan Matthews
The Pizza Boy Tristan Matthews delivers to Bradley Christopher (right)

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