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Grease Guns 2

John Travis
Studio 2000  
Brad King , Carl Erik , Cole Tucker , Drew Andrews , Jeff White , Jordan West B , Kevin Cobain , Kurt Stefano , Marc Pierce , Peter Wilder , Rickey Price , Steve O'Donnell
HunksGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Grease Guns 2

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Jeff White's in Grease Guns 2

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Studio 2000's Grease Guns sexually shook the world when it was released in 1994. Many wondered whether it could be followed up by an equal. Fortunately, Grease Guns 2 scored as high or higher with its randy, jaw-dropping cast, their over-sized dicks, and eye-popping loads. (We score it higher by including it in our list of favorite Studio 2000 movies.)

This is a video that deserves multiple viewing to take it all in.

Drew Andrews manages a auto repair shop, where the employees are in a constant state of arousal. The script actually writes a distinct personality into all the employees, making their sex seem logical and more interesting. All this is captured with the all-seeing camera of director John Travis.

Employee Marc Pierce is sent to the home of Steve O'Donnell to make a house call on his vehicle. Once arrived, O'Donnell is instantly naked and servicing Pierce's uncut rod. Pierce returns the attention by examining O'Donell's lean body, who treats the mechanic to a side-saddle slam capped by a geyser of a money shot.

Next is a great menage with mechanics Peter Wilder, Ricky Price and the lanky Kevin Cobain (Uncle Jack). They all frolic around the body of an old truck in the garage, using it to stage their sexual movements. Wilder rims and tops Price's hairy hole. After this sandwich, they all deliver a great set of money shots. Unfinished, Price and Cobain take turns on Wilder's rear. This is followed by additional white foam shooting on their faces.

Next we meet the cute boy-next-door Jeff White interviewing for a job with Andrews. The naturally blond White started his too-brief career in this movie, and it was sensational. Their sex is romantic, rowdy and versatile. Kissing leads to White getting on his knees to service Andrews. The most memorable part is where Andrews turns White upside-down, initiating a standing sixty-nine which has to be seen to be believed.

Their scene finishes on a glass-top table, which allows for some amazing camera angles. They suck, rim and sweat up a storm before firing big loads. Unfinished, White takes his turn on Andrews, who delivers a powerful, mind-blowing pounding to his new boss. Obviously he gets the job.

Later, Cole Tucker and Brad King arrange to meet Jordan West (One Hot Summer) after work. With Tucker around, its clear that before long there will be asses raised high in the air. Everyone takes a turn at sucking, rimming and a first-volley of money shots. Tucker keeps the action going afterwards by lubing their asses up with a grease gun, and fingering and slapping them.

After dildo-play, he uses his real cock on them. Tucker's shot is so powerful, King recoils from the blast.

Carl Eric grease guns Kurt Stafano

The final scene is a conventional, but top-notch pairing of beer-can dicked Carl Eric with one of the best glamour-bottom boy's of the time, porn star Kurt Stefano (Sure Thing). Stefano's bubble butt never looked more appetizing. Eric aims and fires his weapon of destruction right inside the butch boy. There sex takes them all around the room in many positions.

This makes a wonderful conclusion to one of the finest garage mechanic themes movies made. Studio 2000 produces remarkable movies all the time. This sequel to the Grease Guns series is no exception.

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Drew Andrews and Jeff WhiteWatch Now
Drew Andrews behind Jeff White

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