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Grand Opening

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Bobby Brandt , Cameron Sage , Cody Cash , Joey Landis , Justin Wells , Marcus Allen , Matt Van Dorn , Nico Reeves , Ryan Alexander ,
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Grand Opening

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Cody Cash Bottoms During Photo Shoot

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

When we received our review copy of this movie, and saw that it was titled Grand Opening. We falsely concluded that somehow we would get to see the grand deflowering of its top billed star Ryan Alexander.

Sadly, Alexander's fans must keep waiting for an on-screen bottoming. Alexander does spend a lot of the first scene prancing around, rubbing his big, long dick and flashing his muscular buns around, so there is lots to appreciate. Over four hot scenes, the movie is a fun-filled joyride. It spills forth with cum-filled, plucky all-American boys screwing their brains out at a relaxing Palm Springs, California resort, the La Posada.

The models are all working for a photo shoot, which is choreographed by blond photographer Cameron Sage (The Apprentice 2). The interesting catch is that everyone involved in this project must be completely nude all day and night. And with these Studio 2000 guys, this stipulation provokes numerous spontaneous sexual frenzies, beginning with a rousing three way with Alexander, and two bodacious dishwater blonds, Cody Cash and newcomer Bobby Brandt.

Trevor Knight fucks Cody CashWatch Now
Trevor Knight pounds Cody Cash
After playing with hot dogs and paper plates poolside, Alenander entices them with his own jumbo frank. After some frisky oral, he slides his armoured hot dog into cuddly Cash's snug butt. Alexander struts his topman stuff standing doggie, and in a nice surprise Brandt jumps into Cash's saddle. Brandt and Cash then show their versatility, as they flip flop. In a high point, Alexander drives into Brandt, who is humping Cash; a nice daisy chain.

Alexander shoots his hot seed onto Cash's cheeks, who is still buried inside Brandt. Then other two finish by drenching each other in cock juice. Hot and juicy, this first scene is just an appitizer.

The next sequence starts with Studio 2000 studmuffin Trevor Knight (Camp Out) horsing around in the pool with Cash. They leave to their room so they can turn the heat up a few degrees. After sucking each other's tongues, Cash kneels to worship Knight's hefty cock and lovely balls. Returning the favor, Knight starts prowling around Cash's very friendly hole.

This welcome spot gets stuffed full with Knight's hot dick for a powerhouse missionary screw. They switch to doggie. Here Cash reveals that he is a greedy bottom, bucking back repeatedly onto Knight's pole. In this hot position, he literally screws Knight's brains out, culminating in big blasts of cum all over themselves.

Marcus Allen Guns Matt Van Dorn

Speaking of greedy bottoms, the next scene features blond Studio 2000 boy Matt Van Dorn, who finally gets to hit it with brunet jock Marcus Allen (Ace in the Hole). Van Dorn lies down next to his prey, who is relaxing nude in a charming garden. The blonde wastes no time by giving Allen a long, expert blowjob. After expertly eating Allen's big meat, he let's him open his tight hole up with his fingers.

Allen works his cock into Van Dorn, which turns into a relentless al fresco asspumping. They finish by going inside for more sex in the missionary position. The dark haired / light haired, top / bottom chemistry works well here. Allen is very sexy, and a perfect match for the puckish South African.

This duet climaxes with the two guys literally hosing each other down in their creamy spooge.

The photo shoot finished, Sage and his assistents blow off some steam together before departing. This scene is weaker then the others, everyone looks like they were just thrown in together at the last minute to finish. Joey Landis and cute Asian Nico Reeves walk in on Justin Wells giving Sage a blowjob.

They all blow each other in different positions on the bed with lots of attention given to Sage's big cut cock. After the oral sequence, Landis and Reeves move over to the adjacent bed so that Reeves can top Landis while Sage tops Wells.

Landis and Reeves get it over pretty quick. After they exit, Sage snaps back into full sexual animal mode, pulling Wells up so that he can deliver a hard pounding screw from behind. They finish with Wells on his back getting hosed down with cum.

Grand Opening has lots of hot moments, employing all the great standards that viewers expect from Derek Kent and Studio 2000. It is a nice intoduction to Cody Cash's bottomboy talents, plus there is the sweet introduction of Bobby Brandt. The on-location photography at the La Posada Resort is very nice. The DVD contains a nice blooper sequence too showing the bubbly cast in some extemporaneous moments.

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Grand Opening Photos:

Marcus Allen and Matt Van DornWatch Now
Marcus Allen and Matt Van Dorn
Ryan Alexander, Cody Cash and Bobby BrandtWatch Now
Ryan Alexander, Cody Cash and Bobby Brandt

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