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Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Andreas Mouskouri , Davy Paxton , Elias Kudrow , Hans Klee , Henri Gaudin , Jerome Reynolds , Josh Elliot , Justin Boyd , Kevin Elola , Kurt Diesel , Luke Hamill , Paul Valery , Trevor Yates
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Paul Valery and Trevor Yates paint the town

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami's take on bad boys spending their day marking up the block with spray paints is a uniquely soft European version. In Graffiti, the guys are not tagging up bridges and walls of buildings. Rather, these guys are participating in an art class with a palate of remarkably colorful paints using paintbrushes.

In all the scenes, the guys turn their joyous, free spirits on each other, painting up the studio wall, and ultimately marking up each other with body paints. All painted up, some look like they could be auditioning for a Broadway revival of Hair (if you overlook their twink haircuts.) The result is a six scene bubble gum boy flick showing off Bel Ami's best in show.

Davy Paxton and Andreas MouskouriWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Davy Paxton sucks Andreas Mouskouri
Each scene starts with a segment showing off the models playing with their paints, which are filmed impressively through a lens that augments the rich colors. But soon they guys turn on each other. Graffiti starts with a rollicking four way in which blondie Justin Boyd gets gangbanged.

In this stellar opening episode, Luke Hamil (aka Julian Benet), Josh Eliot and Elias Kudrow have the time of their life fucking their friend. Boyd looks perfectly happy bent over on his fours, sharing with all of his friends.

Hamil, who appeared in early films several years ago (A+), returns from his hiatus looking cute as ever, and with a beautiful boner ready to sink into his Bel Ami buds. Eliot, the veteran of the group, is the de facto teacher making sure everyone has a good time.

Kudrow is a very cute new face: cropped brunet hair and trim, yummy body. The guys all pile over each other on one couch, where they ultimately jack off until all of their loads get sprayed onto the grinning bottom.

After this, Kurt Diesel and Hans Klee promise to the camera a fantastic painting session. Stripping nude, they have a jolly time marking up the wall and themselves.

Diesel's dick is immensely thick. Klee soon drops to his knees to deep throat him as much as possible, however it is so large, his little mouth cannot take much. After cumming, Diesel reciprocates. Their first round of loads leads to Klee on his back, his long legs flayed wide apart getting fucked.

The thickly proportioned Diesel is the perfect match to the limber and lean Klee, his boyish face constantly expressive. Bel Ami's blond on blond boy action is consistently top of the line, and this is no exception. Diesel spits a thick torrent of cream, painting Klee's inner thigh with a copious load.

Andreas Mouskouri and Davy Paxton spray grafitti

Director Marty Stevens next puts two impressive newcomers together, both brunets: the heavily hung Andreas Mouskouri and the youthful sparkplug Davy Paxton. Both of their beautiful, uncut cocks shine during their mutual oral work. After sucking, Pacton shoots an eye popping money shot that flys up to land on his chest. Mouskouri's heavy load just ends up running everywhere around the base of his cock.

They enjoy a white hot one on one in which Paxton drives his long dick into Mouskouri missionary. Remarkably clear, perfect lighting allows the viewer to enjoy every beautiful detail of their bucking regions.

Mouskouri turns out to be an extremely hot guy to watch get fucked, no matter the position. Paxton ultimately pulls out and shoots, drenching Mouskouri's smooth ass in cum.

Next, Hamil returns to strut his topman stuff with another buoyant bottomboy, Kevin Elola. Hamil continues to shine as a hot top with low hanging balls swinging everywhere while pumping. In an inspired touch, Elola gets fucked while wearing a baby blue t-shirt for most of their session. Hamil paints his own thick wad of oil onto Elola's inner leg.

Graffiti closes with four stellar models joining forces to paint up the town, and ultimately split into two separate pairs in different rooms for rousing sex. Henri Gaudin spends his time blowing Trevor Yates' hefty meat on a graffiti laden stairwell, ultimately taking his friend's load directly in his mouth.

This inspires the other pair to mimic them. Sexy rebel boy Paul Valery receives a standing suck from Jerome Reynolds. Impressively, Valery returns the favor also getting his mouth creamed.

Yates, who looks a lot like a cousin of Bel Ami veteran Dano Sulik, limits his play to his oral session with Gaudin. However, some spectacular fucking gets saved to the very last when Valery rams the full length of his cock up Raynolds' backside.

The visual of Reynolds leaning against the wall, ass sticking out taking Valery's thrusts is arguably one of the film's high points.

Remarkable in looks and attitude, Valery is a very hot stud, who should enjoy lots more screen time moving through Bel Ami's bottomboy stable.

The colorful graffiti / paint sessions look nice, but this movie's weight rests on the six powerhouse sex scenes. Bel Ami's new gallery of guys like Paul Valery, Justin Boyd and Jerome Reynolds continue the fine tradition of this leading European studio.

Graffiti Photos:

The guys of GraffitiWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Luke Hamil, Andreas Mouskouri, Justin Boyd, Josh Elliot (standing)
Josh Elliot and Justin BoydWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot atop Justin Boyd
The Bel Ami boys of GraffitiWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Andres Mouskouri tops Justin Boyd
Luke Hamil and Josh Elliot stand right
Henri Gaudin and Paul ValeryWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Henri Gaudin peers
down onto Paul Valery

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