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John Travis
Studio 2000  
Andrew Rubio , David Scott , Ivan Andros , Kent Larson , Mario Ortiz , , Rafael Carreras , Rick Gonzales , Tico Martin , Trey Rexx


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Rafael Alencar Plays A Matador Maximo with Rafael Carreras

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Studio 2000 always produces great movies, and with Gored, the California studio doesn't miss a single beat. Arguably one of the hottest latino-themed movies produced, including this on our list of favorite Studio 2000 movies is a no-brainer. Here, director John Travis casts this tour de force with two of the hottest stallions making movies today, Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras. These horsedicked latinos posses total star power that carries the film through from beginning to end.

The solemn and pensive Alencar is a bull-fighting matador, whose brother (Carreras) pushes him into ever more dangerous fights. Even dressed in full uniform the two make a striking pair, with Alencar in full colorful regalia, and Carreras wearing a tux. They pull up to a palatial Spanish-style mansion along with assistant Mario Ortiz and reporter David Scott.

Scott goes off with Carreras for an interview, while Alencar and Ortiz head upstairs to get undressed for the fight. The first scene pits the two superhung beauties together for one incredible opening scene. As Ortiz slowly undresses he sees the bullfighters big meat lifting out of his shorts.

They begin a boiling deep throating session with Ortiz never seeming to get enough. Ortiz endures this foreplay-torture until Alencar slides his fingers into Ortiz's mouth. This paves the way for lots of chest and armpit licking. Ortiz raises his legs high in the air, as Alencar laps away at his hot pink hole. Ortiz grunts and writes begging for Alencar to implant his thick sword deep inside.

Rafael Alencar and Mario OrtizWatch Now
Rafael Alencar behind
Mario Ortiz
Alencar slams his cock right into Ortiz, delivering a hard driving screw, banging him mercilessly. Not only does Ortiz have a big cock of his own, he usually tops in movies. Watching this big dicked top get his brains screwed out by the humongous Alencar has to be seen to be believed. And in a fine finish, Alencar leaves his friend's hot ass dripping with hot cockjuice.

Meanwhile, downstairs Carraras sees fit to spend the interview with Scott bathing in a fountain completely naked. Perhaps since the interviewer is a cute white boy, Carreras likes having his big, soft dick wagging around like a third party. Scott is an attractive brown-haired guy with an endlessly appetizing full body. Carreras announces I'm going to show you Mexican passion, and begins a lengthy dick suck that has the Mexican tugging at his own cock and nipples.

They switch positions with Scott going down on Carreras' beautiful cock, tugging at his smooth balls. Anticipation ends, and a fully erect Scott sits his smooth ass down on the hispanic from above. Carreras makes love to him, screwing him with the bottom turned away and towards him. Scott pulls his cheeks apart to get asa much inside him as he can.

Then in a hot moment, Carreras picks up his friend, and carries him over to the couch, whereupon he pounds away on him some more. Their intensity heightens, and finally Scott releases his own load with Carreras still inside him. After this relentless powerbanging, Carreras hoses down Scott's cheeks with a copious load.

Meanwhile, down at the local bar, the locals gossip about matador Alencar. Hairy blond is criticizing Alencar to his friend Trey Rexx, calling him a Mexican clown. This loose talk draws the attention of Tico Martin, Rick Gonzales and Ivan Andros who intend to prove them wrong. They test the gringos to see if they are as big as they think they are.

Larson gets a mouthful of Andros' cock, and an orgy ensues. They all gets their dicks in their throats by going down on each other. Then they all line up sitting on the bar. Each one takes turns going down the line, sucking the other guys. After this dicklicious line-up, Andros gets his fine muscular ass hammered by Rexx. Meanwhile, Larson, a consummate butch bottom, takes some serious thrusting from Martin.

Martin slams deeper as Larson starts trash talking. Rexx practically hangs from the roofbeams as he drills Andros. This all out orgy sequence ends with hot loads from everyone.

Confessing to Andrew Rubio

Finally, Alencar takes his doubts to his priest, who happens to be the dark-haired, handsome Andrew Rubio. Rubio has burst onto the scene this year as a superlative latino bottom. This is probably a difficult combination for those who are men of the cloth. Alencar pleads, Help me, father, and they pull together for a deep kiss.

Alencar frees Rubio's cock and wraps his lips around it. He swallows it, as Rubio's hot ass becomes visible. Alencar first screws Rubio's face, who wraps his rosary beads around this titantic Brazilian tool. Soon the matador is shoving his cock deep into Rubio, who urges him on with That's it, my son.

Rubio is a first class bottom, so Alencar slams on home up to his boiling balls. Rubio eventually seats himself firmly on Alencar's pole, rotating his cheeks so he gets into every corner of his hole. This priest is a very verbal bottom.

Moaning and with his asslips flared from Alencar's dick, Rubio drenches his own chest and much of the room with cum. Alencar continues pumping for awhile, eventually turning out an even greater sized load, nearly hitting the camera. Gored is true to its name! This is a fine showcase for everyone involved, but it particularly throws some hefty pieces of red meat at Rafael Alencar fans.

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Gored Photos:

Mario Ortiz and Rafael AlencarWatch Now
Mario Ortiz and Rafael Alencar

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