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Good Fellows

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
Daren Dune , Drago Lembeck , Fredy Costa , Gamal Simon , Geoffrey Garcia , Irving Hunter , , Jose Scott , Joseph Lewis , , , , Zeb Kelly
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Good Fellows

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Julian Veneziano Runs a Crime Family

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Once upon a time in Hungary, comes the tale of mafia boss Julian Veneziano and his crime family who rule their turf in a frenzy of gay sexual displays. Good Fellows is a cute depiction of gay porn a la The Sopranos, shows that if you want to join the family, you have to do it Vencenzo's way.

The film begins with Vincenzo, Fredy Costa and Irving Hunter cheating at a card game, which ultimately leads them to plowing the unwitting players Gamal Simon and Geoffrey Garcia.

This opener is a torrent of fat, thrusting cocks and receiving bottoms gripping the table in ecstasy. Simon in particular is a really hot number with a sweet looking ass. His hole visibly throbs after the guys remove their thick dicks. Kudos to taking the cocks of Vincenzo, Costa and Hunter; there's not too many people around who can attest to that.

Gamal Simon and Irving Hunter Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Gamal Simon sucks
Irving Hunter

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
After this, blond Daren Dune (widely known as Dion Phillips) plays a homeless guy, who stumbles into a hideaway for rest. He runs into fellow vagabond Zeb Kelly (Fly Boys) amidst the rubbish. After some lengthy cock sucking, Dune rams it to Kelly, a hot bottom with muscular round ass cheeks.

Dune thrusts in and out at high speed, culminating with both boys shooting their hot loads.

It turns out that this area is used by the mafia for initiation rituals.

Indoctrinating Drago Lembeck

Vincenzo and Lucio Maverick take Drago Lembeck to their secret hideout for further indoctrination. Upon wider view, the place seems to be a little used auto garage (sort reminiscent of the gang bang garage in Underground). Here Lembeck formally meets Michael Kozec (Robert Driveman) and Jose Scott, whilst wearing a plastic bag over his head.

Whilst wearing the bag, he sucks their cocks. Eventually the bag is removed, and the very cute Lembeck gets passed around by the other four, getting banged long and hard.

Vincenzo enjoys much of the guys' action by chomping on a cigar. At one point, he spots Dune watching their action from the shadows. He moves over to him, and handing him his card, essentially nods him into their secret club.

Kozec and Maverick give Lembeck particularly hard driving, hot ass-plowings, and they all cum on him. Lembeck is a hot little number, who hopefully appears in future productions.

Another favorite spot of initiation for Vincenzo's gang is at, little wonder, the gym. The movie's arguably hottest scene shows Vincenzo's workout interrupted by the presentation of youthful Jack Black, a smooth cute studpup, who the Boss fucks with abandon. Black is a hot little number, who hails from Eurocreme's hit Bare Encounters.

The manly Vincenzo takes full control of his little booty, ultimately showering a big mafioso load on Black's chest. Black however shoots like a fire hydrant making his money shot a real joy to watch.

The movie ends on a great note: Maverick takes associates Dune and Joseph Lewis into his own lair for special attention. In front of a roaring fireplace, they all strip and start sucking.

Julian Vincenzo Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Julian Vincenzo
Lucio Maverick Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Lucio Maverick
Lewis, a reliable bottom for High Octane pays his dues here. He sticks his ass up in the air, drawing cocks into him within moments. Maverick's big cock stretches him out doggie style, using his trademark high powered fucking on the bottom's ass. Dune, always the top, enjoys sloppy seconds. (Note: Viewers will also enjoy a little seen, hot film with Lewis under the name Ronno Lenoa titled Czech Boys Exposed).

Director Herve Handsome has lighted the scenes of Good Fellows with blue and red hues, as well as dark corners. It is actually a big departure from the typical what you see is what you get stark lighting of typical films. Some may find the look atmospheric, but others may reach to turn up the brightness controls.

It's a life of sexual assertion, gym life and poker. These Good Fellas lead some pretty good lives.

The twenty-two minute behind the scenes extra shows the models posing for still photographs and rehearsing for the takes of their sex scenes.

Good Fellows Photos:

Julien Vencenzo and Jack Black Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Julien Vencenzo behind Jack Black
Jose Scott and Drago Lembeck Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Jose Scott tops Drago Lembeck

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