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Going Under

Andrew Rosen
Jet Set Men  
, Clint Teak , Derek Cruz , Ivan Andros , Kent Larson , Park Wiley , Shane Collins , Travis Carlson , , Tyler Stuart
Bathhouse / Sex ClubOral SexScience Fiction/SurrealHunks

Going Under

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Sometimes a Cigar Is Not a Cigar.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cute newcomer Derek Cruz visits hypnotherapist Kent Larson for help on quitting smoking. He discovers a devious doctor who takes advantage of his patients using the power of suggestion. Out of this introduction naturally flows a hot sex movie based on a funny script. Jet Set Productions' Going Under from director Andrew Rosen is a surprisingly effective movie on many levels.

Larson is impressive as the amoral doctor, delivering his sinister lines well. The cast augmented by a number of fresh, new faces to the cinema. Cruz is a real cutie, walking around in a black tank top. Larson suggests that Cruz's cigarette cravings be replaced with an insatiable desire to suck cocks.

Travis Carlson in Going UnderWatch Now
Travis Carlson
Cruz picks up Trevor Knight in a park, who happens to be finishing a cigarette. Back at Knight's place, Cruz falls on his knees in no time to jawbone Knight's long dipstick. Fans of oral action will enjoy Cruz licking and swallowing Knight's cock, illuminated from behind by a azure blue backdrop.

After this, however, Cruz's new neuro-programming causes him to turn into a freaky trick. After five blowjobs, and insisting on more, an irritated Knight throws him out of his apartment.

Meanwhile, at the gym, porn star Bobby Williams hits on Jet Set newcomer Travis Carlson. Apparently Williams has morphed into a total top (one of the fresh, new elements Rosen coaxes from his stars). Carlson is also a top. So, Williams gives him Dr. Larson's phone number for hypnotherapy reprogramming.

Carlson goes to Larson's office in order to increase his weight training stamina. Sure enough, Larson also programs him to be a total bottom.

Such is the humor of this witty script: Smoking cigarettes is often compared to penis substitutes, and everyone knows that gym guys are all total bottoms.

Travis Carlson's Mind-Fuck

Later that evening, Carlson is home alone, so he pops in a porno movie, which is an outdoor coupling between newcomer Shane Collins and Park Wiley from Hard Studies.

Their hot scene begins with Collins plowing Wiley in several positions. Wiley is a feisty little sparkplug, and Collins with his brushed back hair and muscular chest, is very studly. Using some effective editing, Carlson begins imaging himself in Wiley's place.

This effectively presents Collins fucking two different guys for two separate, hot scenes. This is a nice mind-fuck reminiscent of the well done, but little seen Technical Ecstasy.

After Collins pile drives both of them, the porn viewer Carlson jacks big creamy load onto his belly.

Dazed and confused, Cruz wanders the streets His newfound urges propel him into a sex club where he jumps right into a suckfest with Ivan Andros, Tyler Stuart and attractive foundling Clint Teak.

At one point, the guys line up for Cruz to blow each of them. Andros, typically a muscle bottom (Party in the Rear), looks fantastic here playing a muscle top. After an extended oral sequence, Cruz and Andros take turns topping Stuart and Teak doggie style.

Teak, who bears a striking resemblance to Jeremy Penn is one of the new blond boys to watch for future releases. After this sex club play, the guys stand shoulder to shoulder and shoot their money shots, with Andros and Stuart squirting eye popping buckets.

That night, Cruz returns to Knight's apartment and admits that he thinks Dr. Larson screwed with his head.

The next day, the now insatiable bottom Carlson hooks up with Williams at the gym. Williams drills him in several positions around the weight equipment. (this apparently being de rigueur at L.A. gyms) Williams tops him in several positions.

By this time, all the guys begin comparing notes. Knight visits him in an attempt to catch him, but instead Larson programs the blond to fall in love with him.

Ultimately, Larson and Knight have a steamy flip-flop in the doctor's office. In another ono of Going Under's treats, Knight bottoms. After Larson plows Knight, they swith to their more common, preferred roles with Larson easily handling Knight's cudgel up his ass. After plowing Larson over his desk, they both come.

Going Under wraps up effectively, thanks to good script writing from Jack Rabbit. Jet Set has been pretty quiet lately, since The Hole and Wet Palms. Watching Going Under may psychologically trigger many future rounds of fun entertainment.

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Going Under Photos:

Tyler Stuart and Derek CruzWatch Now
Tyler Stuart and Derek Cruz
Trevor Knight and Kent LarsonWatch Now
Trevor Knight explores Kent Larson
Travis Carlson and Bobby WilliamsWatch Now
Travis Carlson and Bobby Williams

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